Is a plant nursery specializing in healthy, native and Colorado-adapted plants grown without toxic pesticides.

Using our plants that are grown without neonicotinoids and other toxic pesticides means:

  • bees, pollinators beneficial insects, earthworms and birds that come in contact with the pollen, nectar, leaves and roots of our plants, will not be killed or weakened.
  • poisons will not be leached into our streams and groundwater
  • you will be supporting and participating in a 21st Century movement that is partnering with Life, rather than fighting life

Our specially crafted potting soil contains

both mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria; and a full spectrum of organic nutrients to feed the plants, for a vigorous root system and a strong immune system.

Because our plants are grown in a living soil mix, not a soilless mix, they know what to do when they are planted and are strong survivors.

Our plants are grown organically, but are not certified organic

Who qualifies to buy wholesale:

Only professionals

who make their living as landscapers, gardeners or nursery buyers and organizations and governments qualify for wholesale. Our plants are available in F32 quart, gallon, and 2 gallon sizes, depending on the plant.

A large purchase for a project by a non-professional does not qualify for wholesale prices.

If you love plants

you’ll love our retail side, Harlequin’s Gardens. Here plant professionals will receive a 10% discount only. With retail you get tremendous variety and hard-to-find plants.

We accept credit cards

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