We call ourselves a “sustainable” nursery because since we began in 1992, we have been dedicated to sustainability. But what does “sustainability” mean in a plant nursery? In general it means providing plants that are well adapted to Colorado conditions so they will be successful with less water, fertilizers and pest management.

In particular:

SUSTAINABILITY IS planting and distributing natives grown from local and Colorado seed. At Harlequin’s Gardens, we love to grow and sell our local natives that support our local birds, bees and butterflies.

SUSTAINABILITY IS growing plants naturally, without pesticides and chemical fertilizers that are made from petroleum and pollute our ground water, streams and oceans. Harlequin’s Gardens specializes in organic fertilizers and pest management supplies. Our nursery has grown plants organically since 1992.

SUSTAINABILITY IS growing and distributing a wide selection of plants that grow with little water. Harlequin’s Gardens has specialized in Xeriscape since 1992. We test and offer hundreds of varieties of plants that are well adapted to Colorado’s arid conditions.

SUSTAINABILITY IS teaching people how to garden sustainably. At Harlequin’s Gardens we help you choose the right plants for your garden. We have demonstration gardens so people can learn by example, and we offer classes on many aspects of sustainable gardening.

SUSTAINABILITY IS heating greenhouses with solar and geothermal energy. Harlequin’s Gardens has no petroleum-heated greenhouses.

SUSTAINABILITY IS recycling. Harlequin’s Gardens has constructed 50% of our structures with recycled materials, we reuse and recycle nursery pots, and we make compost with our biodiesel tractor.

SUSTAINABILITY IS growing plants tough, not fluffed. Harlequin’s Gardens uses organic fertilizers and makes our own potting soils for growing healthy plants with strong root systems and tough tissues.

SUSTAINABILITY IS supporting local businesses, when possible. Harlequin’s Gardens is an independent, local business. We grow thousands of plants on site, and we mostly buy from locally owned suppliers including small specialty nurseries. This supports the local economy.

THIS MEANS that shopping with us saves water, reduces pollution and greenhouse gases, saves landfilling, supports biodiversity and increased populations of native plants, birds and butterflies. And you will be helping us to continue our mission of sustainability, xeriscape and organic while supporting our local business and our local suppliers.