Penstemons at Harlequin’s Gardens

Below is a list of many of the varieties of Penstemons that we usually have for sale at Harlequin’s Gardens. Penstemons are in general very well adapted to xeriscape gardens in Colorado. Many of them are regional natives and there are several that are native in Boulder County. In general, they like full sun and good drainage, however many can be grown in our clay soils if they are not overwatered. Some are 3′ tall, some are ground covers. Many are blue or purple, some are orange or red and there are a few whites. It is good to sow their own seeds in the fall to create sustaining populations. Try them; they are beautiful and fun AND nearly all LIKE hot and dry conditions, once established.

Penstemon alamosensis

Penstemon albertinus

Penstemon ambiguus

P. angustifolius

P. arenicola

P. aridus

P. auriberbis

P. barbatus

P. barbatus ‘Coccineus’

P. barbatus ‘Elfin Pink’

P. brandegei

P. palmeri

P. bucklei

P. caespitosus

P. californicus

P. cardinalis

P. clutei

P. cobaea

P. crandallii

P. cyananthus

P. davidsonii

P. digitalis ‘Husker Red’

P. strictus

P. eatonii

P. edithae

P. fruiticosus

P. glaber

P. gormanii

P. grandiflorus

P. hallii

P. havardii

P. nitidus

P. heterodoxus

P. hirsutus

P. humilis

P. jamesii

P. linarioides ssp. coloradoensis

P. mensarum

P. mexicali ‘Red Rocks’

P. mexicali ‘Pikes Peak Purple’

P. mexicali ‘Shadow Mountain’

P. pinifolius

P. pinifolius ‘Mercea Yellow’

P. procerus

P. pseudospectabilis

P. richardsonii

P. rostriflorus

P. secundiflorus

P. serrulatus

P. smallii

P. speciosus

P. strictus ‘Bandera’

P. superbus

P. teucroides

P. utahensis

P. versicolor

P. virens

P. virgatus asa-grayi

P. whippleanus