Roses For Mountain Communities

Growing roses at higher elevations is not easy, however these varieties are very hardy and tough enough for the challenge. To give them their best chance, don’t let them get too dry, especially the first two years. Also, we recommend mulching, organic fertilizers which feed slowly over a long time, and planting roses on their own roots (not grafted) like the ones we offer for sale.

Adelaide Hoodless

Alba semiplena

Alexander MacKenzie



Felicite’ Parmentier


Fru Dagmar Hastrup

Harison’s Yellow

Henry Kelsey

Hope for Humanity


Jens Munk

John Cabot

John Davis

Konigen Von Danemark

Linda Campbell

Madame Plantier

Morden Blush

Morden Centennial

Morden Snowbeauty

Morden Sunrise

Prairie Joy


Rosa acicularis (Arctic Rose)

Rosa eglanteria (Sweet Briar)

Rosa glauca (Redleaf Rose)

Rosa nutkana

Rosa spinosissima (Scotch Rose)

Rosa woodsii (Woods Rose)

Royal Edward

Simon Fraser

Theresa Bugnet


Victorian Memory

William Baffin

William Booth

Winnepeg Parks