Rose Testing & Display

The conditions for growing roses in the ground at our nursery are far from ideal. The soil is rocky and poor in organic matter, the sun is intense with almost no shade, the wind is fierce and dessicating and our water is severely restricted. Some roses have only been watered 5 or 6 times a year. And the rabbits eat the young shoots. However we love roses and are growing many varieties. We do fertilize once or twice a year with a good organic/alfalfa fertilizer, and we usually mulch them. And we manage weeds and pests when necessary. It is our intention to water all the roses every two weeks, and perhaps increase the frequency to every 10 days if necessary. Most of the roses we sell should thrive with once a week watering and reasonable care. We think that roses, like most garden plants, should be sustainable. Of course we can make some exceptions.

These roses are growing in the ground at Harlequin’s Gardens:

“Alabama Banshee”

“Broadway Perpetual”

“Columbine Double Spinosissima”

“Dark Red Rambler”

“Erna’s Northern Pink”

“Fairmount Flouncy Pink”

“Fairmount Proserpine”

“Fairmount Red”

“Fragrant Louie”

“John Brown Double Pink”

“John Toot’s Pink Moss”

“Lososso Pink Primula”

“Michelle’s Fragrant”

“Petite Rouge”

“Pioneer Globe”

“Rose By The Gate”

“Scott’s Oklahoma Crimson”

“The Yarmouth Rambler”

“Theresa’s Mystery Climber”

“Vivien’s Mystery”


Annie of Tharau


Austrian Copper Rose

Baltimore Belle

Burgundian Rose

Cardinal de Richelieu


Climbing American Beauty


Constance Spry

Cramoisi Picote

Darlow’s Enigma

Earth Song

Eddie’s Crimson

Eddie’s Jewel


Fantin Latour

Felicite Parmentier

Francis E. Lester


Geschwind’s Northern Rambler

Geschwind’s Orden

Golden Celebration

Great Western

Harison’s Yellow

Henri Martin

Henry Kelsey

Home Run

Hope For Humanity

Isabella Skinner


John Cabot

John Davis

Kaitlyn Ainsley


Kordes Magenta

Lawrence Johnston

Linda Campbell

Long John Silver

Louis Jolliet

Madame Hardy


Marie Victorin


Morden Snowbeauty

Morden Sunrise

Mrs. Herbert Stevens

Nearly Wild

New Dawn

Nuits de Young


Parkdirektor Riggers

Paul’s Himalayan Musk

Pink Peace

Pompom Blanc Parfait

Prairie Flower

Prairie Maid

Prairie StarSummer Wind


Ramblin’ Red

Red Coat

Red Max Graf


Rosa arkansana

Rosa arvensis

Rosa eglanteria

Rosa glauca

Rosa nutkana

Rosa spinosissima

Rosa virginiana

Rosa woodsii

Tuscany Superb

Venusta Pendula

Victorian Memory

Rose de Rescht

Rose du Roi


Royal Edward


Scarlet Moss

Scarlet Ranger


Sleeping Beauty

Soupert et Notting

Stanwell Perpetual


The Alexandra Rose

The Fairy

The Gift


White Mountains

William Baffin

William Booth

William Lobb