Note: Some varieties on our list are available in very limited quantities.  Also, varieties become available at different points through the season, and some will sell out.  Roses marked as NEW are either offered for the first time or brought back after an absence of a year or more. We may also have varieties not on this list but available as individual specimens or close-outs.  Please inquire.  Sorry, we cannot ship plants.  See the key to abbreviations and symbols at the end of this list.

Abraham Darby (Sh-Aus) apricot-pink blend**, r

AC Navy Lady (Sh-Can) dk red*, r

Adelaide Hoodless (Sh-Can) cherry red, r

Alba Semi-Plena (A) white**

Alba Suaveolens (A) white**

Alchymist (LCl) apricot-yellow*

Alexander Mackenzie (Sh-Can) red-pink

All A Twitter (Mini) orange

Angel Face (F) mauve**, r

Anne Boleyn (Sh-Aus) soft pink*, r

Antique (Cl) pink/wh base**, r

Apothecary Rose(G) deep pink**

Applejack (Sh-Buck) pink, r

Austrian Copper (HSp) orange/gold

Autumn Damask (Sh) pink *, r

Autumn Sunset (CL) apricot-pink**, r

Awakening (LCl) blush pink*, r

Barn Dance (Sh) pink/coral*, r

Belinda’s Dream (Sh) Medium Pink *, r

Belle Story (Sh-Aus) pink, r

Benjamin Britten (Sh-Aus) coral-red/yellow**, r

Beulah Blakely (Fnd) Deep pink*

Bill Reid (Sh-Can) yellow*, r

Bonica (Sh) rich pink*, r

Bordeaux (Sh) deep red*, r

Boscobel (Sh-Aus), Rich salmon **, r

‘Broadway Perpetual’ (Sh-Fnd) pink**, r

Burgundy Iceberg (F) purple/burgundy**, r

Cape Diamond (Sh-Kor)**, r

Cardinal de Richelieu (G) purple

Carding Mill (Sh-Aus) apricot**, r

Carefree Beauty (Sh-Buck) pink, r

Carefree Delight (Sh) pink/white, r

Carmella Fairytale (Sh-Kor) apricot-yellow*, r

Champlain (Sh-Can) red, r

Charles Rennie Macintosh (Sh-Aus) lilac pink**, r

Charlotte (Sh-Aus) yellow**, r

Cheri Kolorscape (Patio) cherry pink *, r

Chloris (A) blush pink**

Cinco de Mayo (F) rusty-red/smoky lavender, r

Claire Rose (Sh-Aus) blush pink*, r

Cl. American Beauty (LCl) deep pink* r

Complicata (G) pink/white eye*

Constance Spry (Sh-Aus) rich pink**

Crown Princess Margareta (Sh-Aus) apricot**, r

Cuthbert Grant (Sh-Can) red, r

Dainty Bess (HT) rose pink*, r     

Darcey Bussell (Sh-Aus) red-pink, r  

Darlow’s Enigma (R HMsk) white**, r

Deja Blu (Mini-Kor) pink/mauve**, r

Desiree Parmentier (G) rich pink**

Diamond Eyes (Mini) dark purple/white eye 

Dick Koster (Sh) rose-pink, r

Distant Drums (Sh-Buck) tan/mauve, r

Doorenbos Selection (HSp) pink red**

Dortmund (Cl-Kor) red/white eye, r

Eddie’s Jewel (HMoy) red

Emily Carr (Sh-Can) deep red, r

Evelyn (Sh-Aus) apricot/pink/yellow blend**, r

‘Fairmont Eglanteria’ (Cl-Fnd) coral-pink*  

‘Fairmount Proserpine’ (Sh-Fnd) deep pink**, r

Falstaff (Sh-Aus) dk crimson**, r

Father Hugo (Sh Sp) soft yellow*

Felix Leclerc (Sh-Can) pink*, r

Fire Opal Kolorscape (F-Kor) cream/salmon-pink, r

First Crush (Sh-Kor) shell pink**, r

Fred Loads (Sh) bright vivid orange, r

Frühlingsgold (Sh) yellow

Ghislaine de Feligonde (R) peach/yellow/cream, r

Gertrude Jekyll (Sh-Aus) pink**, r

Goldbusch (Cl-Kor) yellow/peach**, r

Golden Celebration (Sh-Aus) yellow**, r

Golden Gate (Cl-Aus) medium yellow*, r

Golden Wings (Sh) yellow to cream**, r

Graham Thomas (Sh-Aus) butterscotch**, r 

Harison’s Yellow (Sh) yellow*

Harlow Carr (Sh-Aus) pink**, r

Henry Kelsey (Cl-Can) red-pink, r

Hope for Humanity (Sh-Can) deep velvety red, r

Hot Cocoa (F) burnt orange, r

Iceberg (F) white*, r

Icecap  (F) white, r

Innocencia Vigorosa (F-Kor) white*r

Janet (Sh-Aus) pink/yellow*, r

Jasmina (Cl-Kor) violet/pink*, r

Jeanne La Joie (Cl Mini) pink, r

JoAn’s Pink Perpetual (Sh-Fnd) rich pink**, r

John Cabot (Sh/Cl-Can) orchid pink, r

John Davis (Sh/Cl-Can) pink*, r

Jude the Obscure (Sh-Aus) peach/yellow/cream**, r

Kardinal Kolorscape  (F-Kor) red, r

Kazanlik (D) pink**

Knock Out (Sh) deep pink, r

La Marne (), Light pink/white eye

Lady Ashe (LCl) apricot-salmon**, r

Lady Elsie May (Sh) coral-pink*, r

Lady of Shallot (Sh-Aus) orange/yellow**, r

Laguna (Sh/Cl HT) orange-red**, r  

Lavender Veranda (Sh) lavender, r   

Lawrence Johnston (LCl) yellow*

Lemon Zen (Sh/Cl) bright cheery yellow*, r

Lillian Gibson (Sh) pink, thornless**

Linda Campbell (HRg) red, r

Little White Pet (Sh) white, r

Lions Fairytale (F) cream-white*, r

Louise Odier (B) orchid-pink**, r

Madame Hardy (D) white**

Marchesa Boccella (DP) soft pink**, r

Margo Koster (Pol) salmon-pink, r

Marie Pavie (Pol) white**, r

‘Martin’s Pink Rambler’ (R-Fnd) pink

Minnie Pearl (Mini) pink blend, r

Morden Belle (Sh) hot pink*, r

Morden Blush (Sh-Can) blush pink, r

Morden Centennial (Sh-Can) pink, r

Morden Snowbeauty (Sh-Can) white, r

Morden Sunrise(Sh-Can) yellow/apricot blend, r

Mountain Music(Sh) pink/yellow**, r

Munstead Wood(Sh-Aus) burgundy **, r

Nearly Wild (F) pink/white eye, r

New Dawn (LCl) blush pink*, r

Night Owl (LCl) wine-purple*, r

Paul Ricault (C) rich pink**  

Peach Drift (Sh) peach, r

Pink Drift (Sh) pink, r

Pink Meidiland (Sh) pink, r

Pink Peace (HT) glowing pink**, r

Pompom Blanc Parfait (A) blush pink/white**

Princess Alexandra of Kent (Sh-Aus) warm pink **, r

Quadra (Sh/CL-Can) magenta-red, r

Red Cascade (R Mini) deep velvety red, r

Red Ribbons (Sh-Kor) red, r

Rise ’n’ Shine (Mini) yellow*, r 

Robusta (Sh) red, r

  1. arkansana (Sp) pink*, native
  2. eglanteria (Sp) pink**, red hips, apple-scented foliage
  3. glauca (Sp) deep pink** w/purple-gray leaf

Rosa Mundi (G) red/white striped**

  1. spinosissima (Sp) white**, edible black hips
  2. spinosissima ‘Altaica’ (Sp) white**, black hips
  3. spinosissima repens (Sp) white
  4. woodsii (Sp) pink**, native

Rose de Rescht (P) magenta**, r

Roxanna Veranda (F) med.red, r

Sally Holmes (HMsk) white, r

Santana (Cl) dark red, r

Scarlet Fire (Cl) scarlet

Scarlet Meidiland (Sh) red, r

Scentimental  (F) red/white stripes**, r

Seafoam (Sh) blush to white, r

Seminole Wind (LCl) coral-pink*, r

Scepter’d Isle (Sh-Aus) soft pale pink**, r

Sharifa Asma (Sh-Aus) shell pink**, r

Sleeping Beauty (Sh) deep pink*, r

Solero Vigorosa (Sh) lemon yellow, r

Sophy’s Rose (Sh-Aus) deep pink

Spirit of Freedom (Sh-Aus) soft pink**, r

Stanwell Perpetual (HSpin) peachy-pink to white**, r

Strawberry Hill (Sh-Aus) shell pink*, r

Sunrise Sunset (Sh) pink/apricot blend, r

Sunsprite  (F-Kor) deep yellow**, r

Sweet Juliet (Sh-Aus) peach**, r      

Tess of the D’Urbervilles (Sh-Aus) red, r

The Alexandra Rose (Sh-Aus ) cream/pink, r

The Fairy (Pol) pink, r

The Fawn (Sh) pink, r

The Generous Gardener (Cl-Aus) blush-pink**, r

The Gift (Pol) white, r

The Prince (Sh-Aus) deep wine-red**, r

Therese Bugnet (HRg) orchid-pink**, r

Twilight Zone (Sh) Deep Velvet Purple *, r

Venusta Pendula (R) white   

Victorian Memory (Sh/Cl) pink**, r

Watercolors Home Run (F) pink- yellow, r

White Drift (Sh) white, r

William Baffin (Sh/Cl-Can) deep pink/white eye, r

William Booth (Sh/Cl-Can) deep pink, r

William Lobb (M) magenta-mauve**

Wm Shakespeare (Sh-Aus) crimson*

Windrush (Sh-Aus) creamy yellow*, r

Winnipeg Parks (Sh-Can) deep pink, r

Zephirine Drouhin (B) pink**, thornless, r


*                   asterix denotes significant fragrance

r                   denotes recurrent bloom

Rose Classifications:

A                 Alba
Aus            Bred by David Austin
B                BourbonBuck          Bred by Dr. Griffith Buck
C               Centifolia
Can            Bred by Agriculture Canada
Cl               Climber
D                Damask
F                Floribunda
Fnd            Found
G               Gallica
HMsk         Hybrid Musk
HP             Hybrid Perpetual
HSp           Hybrid Species
HRg           Hybrid Rugosa
HT             Hybrid Tea
Kor            Kordesii
LCl            Large-flowered Climber
Mini           Miniature
M               Moss
Nois           Noisette
P                Portland
Pol             Polyantha
R                Rambler
Rg              Rugosa
Sh              Shrub
Sp              Species, wild