Note: Some varieties on our list are available in very limited quantities.  Also, varieties become available at different points through the season, and some will sell out.  Roses marked as NEW are either offered for the first time or brought back after an absence of a year or more. We may also have varieties not on this list but available as individual specimens or close-outs.  Please inquire.  Sorry, we cannot ship plants.  See the key to abbreviations and symbols at the end of this list.

Abraham Darby(Sh-Aus) apricot-pink**,rAdelaide Hoodless(Sh-Can) red,r

Alba Semi-Plena (A) white*

Alba Suaveolens (A) white*

Alchymist(LCl) apricot yellow*

Alexander Mackenzie(Sh-Can) red-pink,

Anne Boleyn(Sh-Aus) soft pink* r

Applejack (Sh-Buck) pink, r

Austrian Copper (HSp) orange/gold

Autumn Sunset (Sh) apricot-gold*, r

Awakening (LCl) blush pink*, r

Ballerina (Hmsk) dp pink/white eye, r 

Baltimore Belle (HSp) lt. pink

Banshee, High Country (Sh) pink**

Baronne Prevost (HP) pink*, r

Belinda’s Dream (Sh) Medium Pink *, r

Belle de Crecy (G) mauve* thornless

Belle Story (Sh-Aus) pink*, r

Benjamin Britten (Sh/Cl-Aus) or/red, r

Bill Reid (Sh-Can) yellow*, r NEW

Blaze, Improved (LCl)lt.red, r

Blush Damask (D) blush pink*

Bonica (Sh) pink, r

Bright Eyes (F) red/white eye, r

Burgundy Iceberg (F) burgundy*, r

Campfire (Sh-Can) pink/yell.blend*, r NEW

Cape Diamond (Hyb Kor) pink*, r

Cardinal de Richelieu (G) purple

Carding Mill (Sh) Apricot/Yellow **, , ?? r

Carefree Beauty (Sh-Buck) pink, r

Carefree Celebration (Sh) orange* r

Carefree Delight (Sh) pink/white, r

Carefree Sunshine (Sh) yellow, r

Champlain (Sh-Can) red, r

Charles Albanel (Sh-Can)pink*, r

Chloris (A) blush pink

Cinco de Mayo (F)burnt orange blend, r

Claire Rose (Sh-Aus) pink* r

Cl. American Beauty (LCl) dp pink**, r

Climbing Iceberg (Cl F) white*, r

Complicata (G) pink

Constance Spry (Sh-Aus) pink**

Coral Drift (Sh) coral pink, r

Cramoisi Picotee (G) mauve

Cream Veranda (Sh) cream, r  

Darcey Bussell (Sh) Deep Pink/Red *, ?? r

Darlow’s Enigma (HMsk R) white*, r

Deja Blue (Sh) lavender/mauve,** r  NEW

Dentelle de Bruges (HMsk) white* r

Desiree Parmentier (G) pink*

Dick Koster (Pol) hot pink*, r

Distant Drums (Sh-Buck)tan/mauve, r

Dortmund (Kor-Cl) red/white eye, r

Double Knockout (Sh) med red*, r

Ebb Tide (Sh) plum-purple**, r

Eglantyne (Sh-Aus) pink*, r

Emily Carr (Sh-Can) dp.red, r

Enchanted Autumn(Sh-Buck)orange blnd*, r

Evelyn (Sh-Aus) warm pink**, r

Fair Bianca (Sh-Aus) white*, r

‘Fairmount Proserpine’ (Fnd-Sh) dp pink**, r

Fantin Latour (C) pink*

Father Hugo’s (Sp-Sh) yellow*

Felix Leclerc (Sh/Cl-Can) brt. pink, r

Four Inch Heels (Sh) burgundy**

Fourth of July (LCl) red/white bicolor, r

Francis E. Lester (R) pink/white*

Fred Loads (Sh) orange-pink, r

Frontier Twirl (Sh-Buck) or/pink blend*, r

Gertrude Jekyll (Sh-Aus) pink**, r

Ghislaine de Feligonde (R) or/yel/cream, r

Glamis Castle (Sh-Aus) white* r

Goldbusch (Sh) apricot-yellow*, r

Golden Celebration (Sh-Aus) yellow*, r

Golden Halo (Mini) yellow, r

Golden Wings (Sh) lt yellow*, r

Gourmet Popcorn (Pol) white, r

Graham Thomas (Sh-Aus) deep yellow* r

Gruss an Aachen (F) apricot/cream*, r

Harison’s Yellow (Sp) bright yellow

Henry Kelsey (Kor-Can) med red, r

Home Run (Sh) red, r

Honey Sweet (Sh-Buck)or/pink* r

Hope for Humanity (Sh-Can) red, r

Hot Cocoa (F) burnt orange, r

Iceberg (F) white*, r

Innocencia Vigorosa (Sh-K) white*r  NEW

J.P. Connell (Sh-Can) white, r

Jean Kenneally (Mini) apricot blend, r NEW

Jeanne La Joie (Cl Mini) pink, r

JoAn’s Pink Perpetual (Sh) pink*, r

John Cabot (Sh-Can) orchid pink, r

John Davis (Sh-Can) pink*, r

Jude the Obscure (Sh-Aus) yel/crm/pink*, r

Julia Child  (F) butter yellow**, r

Kazanlik (D) pink**

Knock Out (Sh) light red*, r

Konigin von Danemark (A) pink**

Lady Elsie May(Sh) coral-pink, r

Lady Emma Hamilton (Sh) Orange Blend **, ?? r

Lambert Closse(Sh-Can) pink, r

Lawrence Johnston(LCl) lt. yellow*

Lemon Blush(A) cream*

Lemon Zen (Sh-Cl) yellow*, r NEW

Lions Fairy Tale(F) cream-white*, r

Lillian Gibson(Sh) pink, thornless NEW

Linda Campbell (HRg) red, r

Litchfield Angel (Sh) Cream w Blush Accent *,?? r

Louise Odier (B) pink**, r

Madame Hardy(D) white*

Madame Isaac Pereire(B) dp pink**, r

Maigold (Sh) apricot-yellow*

Margaret Merrill (F) white*, r

Margo Koster (Pol) salmon-orange, r

Marie Pavie (Pol) white**, r

Mary Rose (Sh-Aus) pink, r   NEW

Milano Kolorscape (Sh) bright red, r

Molineux (Sh-Aus) yellow*, r

Morden Blush (Sh-Can) blush pink, r

Morden Centennial (Sh-Can) pink, r

Morden Snowbeauty (Sh-Can) white, r

Morden Sunrise(Sh-Can)yel/pnk/or blend*, r

Nearly Wild (F) pink, wht eye, r

New Dawn (LCl) blush pink*, r

Night Owl (LCl) wine-purple*, r NEW

Old Port (Fl) mauve/purple**,r  NEW

Pat Austin (Sh-Aus) orange*, r

Peach Drift (Sh) peach, r

Peggy Martin’ (Fnd R)  pink, r

Pink Meidiland (Sh) pink, r

Pink Peace (HT) glowing pink**, r

Pompom Blanc Parfait (A) blush pink

Portmeirion (Sh-Aus) deep pink*, r

Prairie Sunrise (Sh-Buck) apricot blend*, r

Quadra (Sh-Can) magenta-red*, r

Rainbow’s End (Mini) yellow-red blend, r

Rainbow Knockout (Sh) pink/yell., r  NEW

Ralph Moore (Mini) med. red, r   NEW 

Red Cascade (Cl Mini) red, r

Red Drift (Sh) lt. red, r

Reine des Violettes (HP)mauve* thornless, r

Rise’n’Shine (Mini) yellow*, r  NEW

Robusta (Sh) red, r

Rosa arkansana (Sp) pink*, native

Rosa eglanteria (Sp) pink*red hips, frag. leaf

Rosa glauca (Sp) mauve; purp-gray leaf

Rosa moyes ‘Geranium’ (Sp)raspberry NEW

R. rugosa ‘Rubra’ (Rg)cerise*,ed.hips,r

Rosa spinosissima (Sp) white*, edib. hips

Rosa spinosissima repens (Sp) wht*

Rosa woodsii (Sp) pink*, native

Rosa Mundi (G) crimson/white striped*

Rosarium Uetersen (see Seminole Wind)

Rose de Rescht (P) magenta**, r

Ruby Voodoo (Sh) purple-pink** ~r NEW

Sachet (Mini) mauve-pink*, r

Sally Holmes (HMsk) white, r

Scabrosa (HybRug) mauve**, ~r NEW

Scarlet Meidiland (Sh) med. red, r

Scepter’d Isle (Sh-Aus) soft pink* r 

Seafoam (Sh) blush-white, r

Seminole Wind (LCl) coral-pink*, r

Sharifa Asma (Sh-Aus) shell pink**, r

Sophy’s Rose (Sh-Aus) lt red blend, r

Stanwell Perpetual (Sh) lt pink*, r

Sugar Moon (HT) white**, r

Sunrise Sunset (Sh) pink/apr blend, r

Sweet Chariot (Mini) mauve-purple*, r

Tess of the D’Urbervilles (Sh-Aus)red*, r

The Alexandra Rose (Sh-Aus)crm/pink, r

The Fairy (Pol) pink, r

The Fawn (Sh) pink, r

The Generous Gardener(Cl-Aus) pink*, r NEW

The Gift (Pol) white, r

The Prince (Sh-Aus) dp wine-red*, r

Therese Bugnet (HRg) pink*, r

Tradescant (Sh-Aus) deep red**, r

Tuscany Superb (G), burgundy/purp*

Twilight Zone (Sh) Deep Velvet Purple *, ?? r

Tyrelle (Mini CL) white, r

Victorian Memory (Sh) pink*, r

Wenlock (Sh-Aus) red*, r

Westerland (Sh) apricot-orange*, r

Wild Ginger (Sh-Buck) or/pink blend*, r

William Baffin (Sh-Can) deep pink, r

William Booth (Sh/Cl-Can)pink-red, r NEW

William Lobb (M) magenta-mauve*

Wm Shakespeare 2000(Sh-Aus)crimson*, r

Winchester Cathedral (Sh-Aus) white, r

Windrush (Sh-Aus) creamy yellow*, r

Winner’s Circle (LCl) dk red, r

Winnipeg Parks (Sh-Can) light red, r

Zephirine Drouhin (B) pink* thornless, r


“Broadway Perpetual” (Fnd-Sh) dp pink**r

“Erna’s Northern Pink” (Fnd-Sh) pink*

“Martin’s Pink Rambler” (Fnd-R) lt. pink,*

“Yarmouth Rambler” (Fnd R) mauve-purple


Variety          underlined roses can be grown as climbers

*                   asterix denotes significant fragrance

r                   denotes recurrent bloom

Rose Classifications:
A                 AlbaAus            Bred by David AustinB                BourbonBuck          Bred by Dr. Griffith BuckC                Centifolia

Can            Bred by Agriculture Canada

Cl               Climber

D                Damask

F                Floribunda

Fnd            Found

G               Gallica

HMsk         Hybrid Musk

HP             Hybrid Perpetual

HSp           Hybrid Species

HRg           Hybrid RugosaHT             Hybrid TeaKor            KordesiiLCl            Large-flowered ClimberMini           Miniature

M               Moss

Nois           Noisette

P                Portland

Pol             Polyantha

R                Rambler

Rg              Rugosa

Sh              Shrub

Sp              Species, wild