Harlequin’s Gardens specializes in cold hardy roses on their own roots. We generally have about 220 varieties in stock which we have selected to be the most successful, best adapted rose varieties for Colorado. And we continue to test new and old varieties in our trial gardens. We only carry a few hybrid tea and floribunda roses, because they are generally lacking in cold-hardiness and disease-resistance. All of our roses are grown on their own roots, which means they are not grafted. There are many advantages to own root roses:

  1. More cold tolerant
  2. Stronger and more floriferous
  3. Far less prone to virus infections
  4. If they should die to the ground in a harsh winter, they will come up from the roots true to variety
  5. Longer lived.

Over 45 varieties of these roses are demonstrated at the Boulder-Dushanbe Teahouse and another 75 varieties have recently been planted at Harlequin’s Gardens. In addition to these excellent roses, we have an educated staff that will help you to choose the right roses for your particular locations.