Harlequin’s Gardens is dedicated to displaying, growing, promoting and selling native plants. When we say “natives” we mean regional natives that come from Colorado, neighboring states, and southwest and great plains states where water and growing conditions are similar to where we live here in Colorado. We do not include east coast natives, midwest natives, west coast natives, southern natives or areas with more water and warmer climates. Therefore the natives we grow and sell are ones that are well-adapted to our conditions, will require fewer inputs of water, fertilizer and sprays, will not need as much maintenance and will, in general, be more sustainable. Of course to be most successful, these plants should be grown in microclimates that are similar in sun, water and soil to where they thrive naturally. And like all plants, they will need to be pampered a little until they are well established in the soil, which should happen after one year. Also dead-heading at the end of the season and pruning will help them to look better than if they are let go. Besides being well adapted to our conditions, natives (most clearly Colorado natives) will support butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and birds and will likely be symbiotically supported by our local beneficial fungi and soil bacteria. See the long list of natives we have been growing in our demonstration gardens with very little watering, and feel free to wander through those gardens and acquaint yourself with those you have seen in nature or have never heard of before, but which thrive here.