Home-Grown Fruits for the Front Range

One of our specialties is fruiting plants that are adapted to Colorado conditions. All the apples we carry are resistant to fireblight and good-tasting. And the cherries we sell are all proven successful in Colorado. Our grapes are the hardiest of any you will find and delicious fresh, in juice and a couple are good for wine. And we have strawberries, currants, gooseberries, raspberries, blackberries, elderberries, goji berries etc.

For a list of the fruit varieties we commonly carry, click here: FRUIT VARIETIES AVAILABLE IN 2019

Fruit Trees

All of our fruit trees are container-grown and have their entire root systems intact and ready to grow (unlike field-dug trees). Most of our fruit trees are grown on standard root stocks, and some are on semi-dwarf. None are on dwarf root stock.

A Note About Dwarfing Root-stocks:

You may be tempted to choose dwarf fruit trees, but before you make that decision, please read the following. Dwarfing root-stocks are used to make trees smaller.  A standard apple tree will grow to a height of 20 – 25′ tall, while the same apple variety on a semi-dwarf root-stock may only reach 12-16′ tall and on a dwarf root-stock only 8-10′ tall.  How does this happen?  It’s because dwarfing root-stocks make the trees weaker.  Aside from keeping them smaller, these root-stocks make trees more vulnerable to drought, diseases, winter dessication, and lean or poorly drained soils.  They also weaken the trees’ root-anchoring system and can make trees more prone to suckering.