Speaking of Vegetables

Write a Vegetable Review

We want to invite you to report your evaluations of the vegetable and herb varieties you’re growing, especially the ones you purchased from us, but also the ones you love the best, even if they were obtained elsewhere.  Your evaluations will really help to guide us in our choices of which varieties to continue offering, which to drop, and which to add.  After all, there’s not much point in our continuing to offer a tomato variety that nobody likes, an eggplant that never ripens here, or a cucumber that always succumbs to disease.  Likewise, we want to make sure we know which varieties are your ‘can’t live without it’ favorites.
Please write veggie reviews here ONLY if you live within the Colorado Front Range, mountain or Eastern Colorado plains areas.

Please feel free to make as many entries as you like.  And thank you!

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