Taste of Tomato 2017


23 Matt’s Wild Cherry
23 Green Doctors / Green Doctors Frosted, Grape
23 Sungold Cherry
14 Honeydrop Cherry
13 Coyote Currant
7 WOW Cherry
6 Jelly Bean Grape
6 Super Sweet 100 Cherry
5 Black Plum
4 Napa Chardonnay Cherry
3 Bumblebee Sunrise Cherry
3 Rebel Alliance Cherry
3 Green Grape
3 Sunshine Gold Cherry
3 Sweetie Cherry
3 Snow White Cherry
2 Chocolate Cherry
2 Purple Bumblebee Cherry
1 Galina Cherry
1 Sunsugar Cherry
Blondekopfchen Cherry
Indigo Cherry Drops
Juliet Grape
Rapunzel Cherry
Yellow Pear
15 Berkeley Tie Dye
14 Stump of the World
13 Cherokee Chocolate
9 Gold Medal
9 Paul Robeson
8 Amana Orange
8 Siberian Pink Honey
6 Black Krim
6 Purple Calabash
5 Dagma’s Perfection
5 Lavender Lake
4 Chapman
4 Humph
3 Chocolate Stripes
3 Thessaloniki
2 Green Zebra
1 Ananas Noire
1 Black from Tula
1 Cherokee Purple
1 Hillbilly
Big Beef
Big Rainbow
Sicilian Rosso
Vinson Watts’
14 “Anasazi”
14 Dwarf Purple Heart
11 Northern Light
10 Japanese Black Trifele/Black Truffle
9 Green Zebra
8 Early Girl
8 Jaune Flamme
7 Siberian
4 Black Prince
4 Carmello
4 Fourth of July
4 Indigo Apple
3 Aurora
2 BHN 876
1 Principe Borghese
1 Indigo Rose
1 Quick Pick
Big Zac
Costoluto Genovese
Early Doll
Oregon Spring
Sasha’s Altai
5 Amish Paste
2 San Marzano
1 Roma
1 Speckled Roman


A Tomato Celebration and Tasting

Savor the Flavors of Dozens of varieties of Home-Grown Tomatoes!

Learn about Tomato Growing and Care!

Find out which tomato varieties you want to grow in your own garden or buy from your local farmers!

On Saturday September 9th, from 10am-1pm, come to the Gateway Park Fun Center at 4800 N. 28th St.

If you bring 3 or more medium to large tomatoes (or 10 small or cherry tomatoes) of one named variety, with its variety name on a card, to donate to the tasting you will get in FREE. You are encouraged to share more than the minimum, and enter more than one variety!  NOTE: If the correct name for you tomatoes is unknown we cannot use them in our tasting.

If you have no tomatoes to bring, come anyway, for an entrance fee of $5.

Under the Big Top there will be volunteers cutting tomatoes for your tasting. The samples will be grouped by type: Cherry, Beefsteak, Paste, and Slicing/Salad and will be labeled by name. In past years we’ve had from 65 to more than 100 different varieties to taste!

You will be able to vote for 6 of your favorite tomatoes. Voting results will be assembled and emailed to participants. Results will also be posted at www.HarlequinsGardens.com.

Valuable DOOR PRIZES will be awarded every half hour!

Two demonstrations of Tomato Seed-saving procedures will take place during the tasting.

Master Gardeners and Harlequin’s Gardens staff will be on hand to answer your tomato questions.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a garden producing healthy, fresh vegetables and fruits. We will be collecting NON-perishable food donations for Community Food Share. Please bring a donation if you can. Unfortunately, we can’t provide refrigeration and so we can’t collect fresh produce. But we will provide a list of organizations that will accept your extra garden produce to help feed those in need.

This is always a lot of fun, and educational, too!
Please do not bring dogs.
Children are welcome with adult supervision.

Presented by
Harlequin’s Gardens Nursery & CSU Extension Boulder County


47Striped GermanBeefsteakHeirloom
27Isis CandyCherryOpen Pollinated
17Black Truffle ( aka Japanese Black Trifele)SaladHeirloom
15Chocolate CherryCherryOpen Pollinated
14Malakhitova Shkatulka (Malachite Box)BeefsteakHeirloom
14Black from TulaSaladHeirloom
13Matt's Wild CherryCurrantHeirloom
13Brandy BoyBeefsteakHybrid
12Mexico MidgetCherryHeirloom
11Lucid GemSaladOpen Pollinated
11ThessalonikiSaladOpen Pollinated
8Tami G GrapeCherryHybrid
8Gold MedalBeefsteakHeirloom
7Chocolate ChestnutSaladOpen Pollinated
6Cherokee PurpleBeefsteakHeirloom
6Afghan OrangeBeefsteakHeirloom
6Black KrimBeefsteakHeirloom
6Pineapple PigBeefsteakOpen Pollinated
6Jen's ChristmasBeefsteakOpen Pollinated
5Chef's Choice PinkBeefsteakF1 Hybrid
4Indigo Cherry DropsCherryHybrid
4Super Sweet 100CherryHybrid
3Brown BerryCherryOpen Pollinated
3Big BeefBeefsteakHybrid
3GlacierSaladOpen Pollinated
3Blue BerriesCherryHybrid
3Black CherryCherryOpen Pollinated
3Yellow PearCherryHeirloom
3Yellow CherryCherry
3Abe LincolnSaladHeirloom
2Pruden's PurpleBeefsteakHeirloom
2Cowlick BrandywineBeefsteakOpen Pollinated
2Beauty KingBeefsteakOpen Pollinated
2Rose de BerneSaladHeirloom
2Mountain MistBeefsteak
1San MarzanoPasteHeirloom
1Early GirlSaladHybrid
1Striped GreenCherry
1Omar’s LebaneseBeefsteakHeirloom
1Lemon BoyBeefsteakHeirloom
Park’s WhopperBeefsteakHybrid
Jaune FlammeSaladHeirloom
Indigo RoseCherryHybrid
Jelly BeanCherryHybrid
Sprite GrapeCherryOpen Pollinated
Tomato BerryCherryF1 Hybrid
Cherry BabyCherryHybrid
German JohnsonBeefsteakHeirloom
Grandma AielloBeefsteakHeirloom
Golden King of SiberiaBeefsteakHeirloom
Pink GirlBeefsteakHybrid
Votes Variety Name Category Seed Type
0 German Johnson Beefsteak Heirloom
0 Green Grape Cherry Hybrid
0 Hard Rock Salad Open Pollinated
0 Husky Cherry Hybrid
0 Moonglow Salad Heirloom
0 Valencia Salad Heirloom
1 Amana Orange Beefsteak Heirloom
1 Celebrity Salad Hybrid
1 Cuostralee Beefsteak Open Pollinated
1 Indigo Blueberry Cherry Hybrid
1 Mr. Stripey Salad Heirloom
1 San Marzano Paste Heirloom
1 Stupice Salad Heirloom
1 Sweet 100 Cherry Hybrid
1 Sweet Pea Currant Cherry Heirloom
2 Anasazi Salad Heirloom
2 Aunt Ruby’s German Green Beefsteak Heirloom
2 Basrawya Beefsteak Heirloom
2 Bella Rosa Salad hybrid
2 Fruity Cherry Cherry Open Pollinated
2 Green Doctors Cherry Hybrid
2 Hillbilly Beefsteak Heirloom
2 Jaune Flamme Salad Heirloom
2 Jelly Bean Cherry Hybrid
2 Margaret Curtain Beefsteak Heirloom
2 Pork Chop Beefsteak Open Pollinated
2 Primo Red Beefsteak Hybrid
2 Punta Banda Cherry/Paste Heirloom
2 Yellow Taxi Salad Heirloom
3 Brandywine Beefsteak Heirloom
3 Pink Ponderosa Beefsteak Heirloom
3 Yellow Pear Cherry Heirloom
4 Amish Paste Paste Heirloom
4 Grandma’s Pick Beefsteak Hybrid
5 Black Cherry Cherry Open Pollinated
5 Costoluto Genovese Salad, Paste Heirloom
5 Glacier Salad Open Pollinated
5 Green Doctors’ Frosted Cherry Open Pollinated
5 Siberian Salad Heirloom
5 Super Fantastic Beefsteak Hybrid
5 Vintage Wine Beefsteak Open Pollinated
6 Green Zebra Salad Open Pollinated
6 Siletz Beefsteak Open Pollinated
8 Juliet Salad Hybrid
8 Pineapple Beefsteak Heirloom
9 Chianti Rose Beefsteak Open Pollinated
9 Peron Sprayless Beefsteak Heirloom
9 Tangerine Beefsteak Heirloom
10 Indigo Kumquat Cherry Hybrid
10 Super Sweet 100 Cherry Hybrid
11 Berner Rose Beefsteak Heirloom
11 Black Krim Beefsteak Heirloom
11 Chocolate Cherry Cherry Open Pollinated
11 German Striped Beefsteak Heirloom
11 Grandma Aiello Beefsteak Heirloom
12 Paul Robeson Salad Heirloom
13 Mariana’s Peace Beefsteak Heirloom
14 Jasper Cherry Hybrid
18 Pink Brandywine Beefsteak Heirloom
20 Japanese Black Triefle/Black Truffle Salad Heirloom
21 Black From Tula Salad Heirloom
21 Jen’s Christmas Beefsteak Open Pollinated
21 Lemon Boy Salad Hybrid
22 Indigo Apple Salad/Cherry Hybrid
23 Matt’s Wild Cherry Cherry Heirloom
26 Cherokee Purple Beefsteak Heirloom
50 Sungold Cherry Hybrid