Pesticide Free Plants Project


This project is the response of Harlequin’s Gardens to the need for plants that do not contain poisons that kill bees, pollinators and other beneficial insects. Since neonicotinoid pesticides are the most commonly used pesticide in nurseries; since they are systemic, poisoning all parts of the treated plant; and since they persist for 3 months to 5 years in a plant, therefore we have decided to grow A LOT more plants ourselves, free of ALL pesticides. This has been our approach for 23 years.

In February we purchased the one acre of land adjoining our property in North Boulder, and it is our plan to build a very energy-efficient commercial greenhouse to propagate thousands of pesticide-free perennials and vegetable starts. They will be grown, as we have been doing for 23 years, in a nutritious and healthy potting mix without chemical fertilizers.

It is time for us to take this big step in order to fulfill our mission of genuine sustainability and support for Nature and for the vitality and health of life on Earth. We intend for this project to be a beneficial resource for our local communities, and an example of energy-wise greenhouse construction and pesticide-free plant management to the nursery industry.

The money we borrowed to buy the new property plus our existing mortgage result in payments that are as much as we can afford to pay at this time. The new greenhouse will not generate income for 12-18 months from the beginning of construction.

Therefore we need loans that do not require payments or interest for the first year to 18 months. Then payments can begin. We would be most grateful for loans of $5000 or more with little or no interest.

Of course donations of any size would be very welcome. A donation button will appear on our website, soon.

Anyone willing to loan money for this project, please contact Harlequin’s Gardens for a meeting to discuss the details: 303-939-9403.