Mikl’s Articles

Mikl Brawner has been writing gardening articles for the “Colorado Gardener” and other local publications since 1997. Most of the articles found on this website were previously published in the “Colorado Gardener”. This magazine is highly recommended for the best information on gardening in Colorado. The very conscientious editor/publisher, Jane Shellenberger, screens the articles for accuracy and allows no advertising of toxic pesticides. Although Free For Now at libraries, nurseries, coffee shops etc, you may pay $18 for home delivery (5 issues including the Jan. Education Supplement) by sending a check to:

Colorado Gardener
Box 238
Hygiene, CO. 80533-0238.

The website is www.coloradogardener.com.

A List of Mikl’s Articles:

A Bad Year for Fire Blight

Soil Revolution

Got Silver?

Biological Farming & Gardening

Growing Agave in Colorado

2011 Plant Select Winners

Will The New Lawn Be a Meadow?

Long-Blooming Perennials for Colorado

Gardening Without Chemicals

Plant For The Bees And Other Pollinators

What Is Transpiration? And Why Should We Know About It?

Mycorrhizae: The hidden marriage of plants and fungi

Sustainable Roses for Colorado

Sustainable Stars From Plant Select

Lilacs in Colorado

Opportunities and Tricks of Xeriscape

The Pruning and Care of Young Trees

Drought Water Restrictions

Testing Xeriscape Groundcovers

The Drought Response

Spring Pruning The Right Way

List Of Trees For Xeriscapes

Trees For Xeriscapes

Xeriscape Perennials That Withstand Colorado

Time for Sustainability

Why Plant A Once Blooming Rose?

Short Plants for Dry Conditions

Four Great Natives

Flowering Bullies