Tea House Roses

Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse Rose Garden

Boulder Valley Rose Society

Hardy Roses Demonstration Garden

1770 13th St. Boulder, Colorado

This garden, planted in 1998, is both the Hardy Rose Demonstration Garden of the Boulder Valley Rose Society and an environment that delights the senses and calms the spirit, such as you might find at a teahouse in Tajikistan.

Designed by Eve Reshetnik-Brawner and Mikl Brawner, the garden includes 43 varieties of roses of many types, including Old Garden roses, Species roses, Canadian, Modern Shrub and David Austin’s English roses. These roses were chosen for their Old World Character, cold hardiness and disease-resistance. In addition, these roses are not grafted, but grown on their “own roots” which makes them tougher and longer-lived. These qualities have allowed the Boulder Valley Rose Society to maintain this rose garden without the use of chemical fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides. These roses are examples of how successful roses can be in Colorado.

The garden was designed to look “unplanned”, in the Tajik tradition: not orderly rows but a sensuous celebration of color and fragrance, creating an intimate atmosphere. Bloom sequence, fragrance, size, and color were among the factors considered in placing the roses.

These roses were donated, planted, and are maintained by the Boulder Valley Rose Society with support from Harlequin’s Gardens nursery and the Teahouse management. We wish to share with the Boulder community the beauty and fragrant delight that roses can bring to our lives. We hope to demonstrate that many wonderful roses are indeed hardy and easy to grow here, and perhaps, inspire you to grow some yourself!

For further information about roses and about membership in the Boulder Valley Rose Society, call Dawn Penland at 303-774-9452, or visit the website at www.boulderrose.org. To find these roses locally, call Harlequin’s Gardens at 303-939-9403 or visit www.harlequinsgardens.com.


OGR = Old Garden Rose

SH = Shrub

CL = Climber

POL = Polyantha

HP = Hybrid Perpetual

B = Griffith Buck hardy rose

AUS = David Austin English Rose

CAN = Canadian-bred hardy rose

f = lightly fragrant

F = Fragrant

FF = very fragrant

R = Repeat-blooming

  1. Constance Spry : SH/CL, AUS, FF, dbl. pink
  2. William Lobb : SH/CL, OGR, Moss, FF, dbl. mauve-purple
  3. Rosa setigera : Species, SH/CL, single pink, blooms July
  4. Golden Wings : Modern SH, F, R, single lt. yellow, red stamens
  5. Mme. Hardy : SH, OGR, Damask, FF, dbl. white
  6. Louise Odier : SH, OGR, Bourbon, FF, R, dbl. pink
  7. Abraham Darby : SH, AUS, FF, R, dbl. apricot-pink
  8. Winchester Cathedral : SH, AUS, f, R, dbl. White
  9. Rose de Rescht : SH, OGR, Portland, FF, R, deep magenta
  10. Gros Choux de Hollande : SH, OGR, Centifolia, FF, dbl. lav.-pink
  11. Sydonie : SH, OGR, HP, FF, R, dbl. pink
  12. Gourmet Popcorn : SH, POL, R, small dbl. white
  13. Robusta : SH/CL, Rugosa Hybrid, R, deep crimson
  14. J.P. Connell : SH/CL, CAN, R, lt. yellow-white
  15. Rosa glauca : Species SH, single pink, showy foliage + fruit
  16. Persian Yellow : Species Hybrid SH, OGR, double bright yellow
  17. William Baffin : SH/CL, CAN, R, single pink, white center
  18. Kazanlik : SD, OGR, Damask, FF, dbl. pink
  19. Austrian Copper : Species SH, OGR, bright orange + yellow
  20. Victorian Memory : SH/CL, f, R, dbl. pink
  21. Gertrude Jekyll : SH/CL, AUS, FF, R, deep pink
  22. Theresa Bugnet : SH, Rugosa Hybrid, F, R, dbl. pink
  23. John Davis : SH/CL, CAN, F, R, dbl. pink
  24. Felicite Parmentier : SH, OGR, Alba Hybrid, FF, blush-white
  25. L.D. Braithwaite : SH, AUS, f, R, crimson
  26. Scharlachglut (Scarlet Fire) : SH/CL Kordesii hybrid, single crimson
  27. Alba Suaveolens : SH, OGR, Alba, FF, fruit, double white
  28. Graham Thomas : SH, AUS, F, R, double yellow
  29. Banshee : SH, OGR, “found” rose, FF, double pink, fall color
  30. Mme. Plantier : SH/CL, OGR, Alba Hybrid, FF, double white
  31. Othello : SH, AUS, FF, R, crimson
  32. Morden Blush : SH, CAN, R, double blush pink
  33. Dart’s Dash : SH, Rugosa, FF, R, lg. single magenta, lg. red fruits
  34. Applejack : SH, B, f, R, single pink
  35. Lillian Gibson : SH, semi-double light pink
  36. Salet : SH, OGR, Moss, F, R, double pink
  37. Winnipeg Parks : SH, CAN, R, semi-dbl red-pink
  38. Crested Jewel : SH, Moss, F, bright pink
  39. Lawrence Johnston : CL, Spinosissima hyb., lg. single lt. yellow
  40. Seafoam : SH/CL, groundcover, R, small dbl. white-blush
  41. Bonica : SH, f, R, double pink, fruit
  42. Stanwell Perpetual : SH, OGR, Spinosissima hyb., FF, R, blush
  43. Rosa Mundi : SH, OGR, Gallica, FF, striped crimson/lt. Pink