Agave parryi

Our Agave parryi in the Rock Garden demonstration garden is about to bloom BLOOMING!.

Our Agave is Agave parryi. The common name Century Plant comes from the very long time it takes to bloom. Ours at Harlequin’s Gardens took 13 years to bloom. David Salman of High Country Gardens said 12 or 13 years is common for Agave parryi to bloom. Following the spectacular bloom (“…as spectacular a thing as the plant kingdom has invented.” writes Robert Nold), it dies.
At the present time our Agave is in full bloom and is attracting all manner of pollinators and nectar lovers including an oriole which was perfectly hidden in the yellow blooms.
Many people have come out with cameras and the family–like going to the zoo.(You can visit the ducks and geese too)
And you are welcome to come out for a visit too. We even have a few Agave parryi plants for sale. There is a map on our website at
Mikl will be writing an article on Agaves for the next issue of The Colorado Gardener magazine, and Bob Nold has an extensive discussion of Agaves in his excellent book High and Dry.

Growth stats:

May 29 2011     46″
May 31 2011     56″
June 02 2011    63″
June 05 2011   80″
June 07 2011   93″
June 09 2011   99″
June 12 2011    114″
June 23 2011  135″
July 07 2011   138″  (which is 11 feet 7 inches)

And so it begins.

Picture from June 1st 2011

Agave parryi blooming

June 1st 2011

Agave Parryi blooming in our Rock Garden demonstration garden


The bloom stalk is at least 8 feet tall!  06/07/11

Picture above and below are from July 7th 2011


July 11th 2011 – STUNNING!


Agave July 2011 (Youtube video)