4795 N. 26th St. Boulder, CO 80301

 2015 Classes at Harlequin’s Gardens

Sunday, March 8
1 pm: Getting Started in Vegetable Gardening with Mimi Yanus

Saturday, March 14
10 am : Planting by the Moon with Mikl Brawner

1 pm: Seed Starting Success with Janis Kieft

Sunday, March 15
1 pm:  Raised Beds 101 with Bryant Mason

Saturday, March 21
10 am: Raising Backyard Chickens with Michele Bailey

1 pm : Building Topsoil and Fertility with Mikl Brawner

Sunday, March 22
1 pm: Secrets of Succession Planting with Tracey Parrish

Saturday, March 28
10 am: Successful Home Composting with Mikl Brawner

1 pm: Cold Hardy Cacti and Succulents with Kelly Grummons

Sunday, March 29  (Time TBD)
Baby Goat Day

Saturday, April 4
10 am: Natives in the Garden with Mikl Brawner

1 pm: Growing Herbs and Veggies in Containers with Ellen Dart

Sunday, April 5:  Easter Bonnet Contest!
Wear a bonnet constructed from materials from your yard! Prizes!

Saturday, April 11
10 am:
  Getting Started in Vegetable Gardening with Mimi Yanus

1 pm:   Do It Yourself Drip Irrigation with Alison Peck

Sunday April 12
1 pm:
Creating a Bee Safe Neighborhood with David Wheeler   (720) 545-5595
In this workshop, David Wheeler, co-creator of the first Bee Safe Neighborhood in the US (Melody Catalpa, Boulder), will show you how to fight back effectively and meaningfully against the flood of systemic neonicotinoid neurotoxins that are being sold as all-in-one solutions to garden pest management, killing honeybees, butterflies, and other pollinators.  By celebrating community and sharing knowledge, this course is appropriate for people interested in creating Bee Safe Neighborhoods wherever they live.

Saturday, April 18
10 am:
Vermicomposting with the “Worm Man” John Anderson

1 pm:  Seed Saving with Janis Keift
Seed saving is part of our gardening heritage. Whether you want to preserve a family heirloom or save seed to share with friends, this class will help you become a successful seed saver. Topics to be covered include planning the garden, botanical classifications, pollination methods, isolation distances to prevent cross-pollination, harvesting, and processing wet-seeded and dry-seeded crops.

Sunday, April 19
1 pm:
Best Veggie Varieties for the Front Range with Mimi Yanus
Mimi will discuss different varieties of the many vegetables (in addition to tomatoes!) that are successful and productive in our region.

Wednesday, April 22   Earth Day

Saturday, April 25
10 am:
Edible Landscaping with Alison Peck

1 pm:  Bees, Bees, Bees! with Miles McGaughey
Miles has been a beekeeper for more than 20 years. He will discuss the fascinating world of honey bees, and demonstrate how to work with them using our live hives. Please wear light colored clothing and avoid scented body products

Sunday, April 26
1 pm: Organic Lawn Care
with Mikl Brawner
Learn how to support healthy soil and soil life using compost, organic fertilizers, aeration, proper watering and mowing, and how to avoid and deal with weeds.

**May 2-3  Annual May Day Celebration & World Laughter Day (5/3)**

Saturday, May 9
10 am: Raised Beds
101 with Bryant Mason
Repeat of Bryant’s March 15 class. Step-by-step description of how to start an easy and productive raised bed vegetable garden. Topics covered will include soil development, planting timing, fertilizing, weeding, watering, harvesting, and recommended crops. Bryant is the founder of The Urban Farm Co.

1 pm: Top Bar Hives with Julie Finlay-Ridinger
What is a top bar hive, and how is it different from other types? Julie has been working with top bar hives for over 15 years and will show you how and why she prefers them.  She will be demonstrating with the live top bar hive at Harlequin’s. Please wear light colored clothing and avoid scented body products.

Sunday, May 10  Mothers’ Day

Saturday, May 16
10 am:
Secrets of Growing Great Tomatoes with Carol O’Meara

1 pm: Birds, Bees, and Wildlife with Alison Peck

Sunday, May 17
1 pm:
Viticulture with John Martin    303-823-0975
Would you like a glass of wine from your own backyard vineyard? John will discuss grape varieties and how to get started in wine making.  He is co-owner of Stonebridge Farms in Lyons, the first CSA in Boulder County.

Saturday, May 23
10 am: Raised Beds 201
with Bryant Mason
A continuation of Bryant’s Raised Beds 101 class. Topics covered will include organic pest management, vegetable growing tips, advice on other crops, winter growing/season extension, and other mid-season garden questions. Bryant is the founder of The Urban Farm Co.

1 pm: Creating/Nurturing Habitats for Pollinators with Engrid Winslow
What plants attract honeybees, butterflies, and hummingbirds? What can you do to create habitats for pollinators? This class will show you how to provide for these important creatures.

Saturday, May 30
10 am: Living Landscapes
with Alison Peck

1 pm: Edible Weeds and Wild Medicinals with Leslie Lewis

Sunday May 31
1 pm:
Best Fruit Trees for Colorado with Mikl Brawner

Saturday, June 6
10 am: To Be Announced

1 pm: Native Bees with Kristina Williams

Sunday, June 7
1 pm:  To Be Announced

Saturday, June 13
10 am:
Medicinals as Ornamentals in the Xeric Garden with Leslie Lewis (off-site)

1 pm: The Allure and Romance of Old Garden Roses with Linda Taylor

Sunday, June 14
1 pm:
Managing Garden Pests without Poisons with Mikl Brawner

**June 14-20 National Pollinator Week**

Saturday, June 20
10 am:
David Austin Roses with Sharron Zaun

1 pm: Berries and Small Fruits for Colorado with Mikl Brawner

**Sunday, June 21 Summer Solstice, Fathers Day**

Saturday, June 27
10 am:
Tips and Tricks of Xeriscape with Mikl Brawner

1 pm: Gardening at Altitude with Diane Badertscher

Sunday, June 28
1 pm:
Permaculture for Dummies! with Lynn Dugay

Saturday, July 11
1 pm:
Basic Plant ID with Diane Badertscher

Saturday, July 18
1 pm:
Basic Landscape Design with Elaine Walker

Sunday, August 16
1 pm:
Pruning for Strength, Health, and Beauty with Mikl Brawner

Saturday, August 22
1 pm:
Pruning for Strength, Health, and Beauty with Mikl Brawner
(repeat of 8/16 class)

Saturday, August 29
10 am – 1 pm:  4th Annual Taste of Tomato
(at Gateway Fun Center)

Saturday, Sept. 12
1 pm:
Low Tech Greenhouse Design and Operation with Mikl Brawner

Sunday, Sept. 13
1 pm:
Crevice and Rock Gardening with Mike Kintgen