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Our teachers have spent years honing their skills in Colorado and will help guide you to success. We are charging $15 for most classes to support our speakers and Harlequin’s educational direction. It is best to pre-register for these classes both in case they fill up, or too few people register and we have to cancel. Pre-payment assures your place in the class. (We can only accept cash and checks for class fees.) You can register at the nursery, by mail, or by calling 303-939-9403. We are unable to take class registration by email at this time.
Most of our classes run from one and a half to two hours in length, and sometimes longer for hands-on classes or if there are a large number of questions.

 2016 Classes at Harlequin’s Gardens

March 2016

Saturday, March 5 at 10 amCold Hardy Cacti & Succulents with Kelly Grummons Kelly is the former owner and chief horticulturist at Timberline Gardens. He will discuss a variety of winter hardy cacti, agaves, yuccas, and outdoor succulents. He will show how to choose appropriate sites, soil prep, fertilization, and ongoing care.

Saturday, March 12 at 1 pmBuilding Topsoil and Fertility with Mikl Brawner Learn how to support soil life, enrich poor soils and improve plant health and nutrition from the bottom up: composts, fertilizers, mulching, worms, deficiencies, and tilth.

Sunday, March 13 at 1 pmVermicomposting with the “Worm Man” John Anderson How to compost with worms to make a rich and plant-available soil amendment for your garden.  Worms will be available for purchase at the class.

Saturday, March 19 at 10 amGetting Started in Vegetable Gardening with Mimi Yanus If you are new to Colorado, new to vegetable gardening, or simply unhappy with your past results, culinary gardening expert Mimi Yanus can help! Learn what makes an organic garden successful, even bountiful, here.

Saturday, March 19 at 1 pmSuccessful Home Composting with Mikl Brawner How to turn waste into wealth by cultivating soil microorganisms. Nature does the work if you know how to lend a hand. In this class we will discuss how-to, common problems, and what works in Colorado.

JUST ADDED! – Sunday, March 20 at 1 pmPropagation 101 with Gary Meis    Gary has been propagating plants for over 20 years and is the newest addition to the Harlequin’s staff! He will discuss the various methods of propagation and the pros and cons of each.

Saturday, March 26 at 10 amDog Tuff Grass with Kelly Grummons                   Kelly has developed and grown this Plant Select xeric alternative lawn grass. Learn more about this highly weed resistant and durable grass.

Saturday, April 2

10 am          Getting Started in Vegetable Gardening with Mimi Yanus

If you are new to Colorado, new to gardening, or have been unhappy with the results of your earlier attempts, this class is for you! Learn what you need to know to make your organic vegetable garden successful, even bountiful, in our Colorado conditions.

1 pm          Organic Lawn Care with Mikl Brawner

Learn how to support healthy soil and soil life using compost, organic fertilizers, aeration, proper watering and mowing, and how to avoid and deal with weeds.

Sunday, April 3

1 pm          Succession Planting with local culinary gardening expert, Tracey Parrish

Learn the techniques and timing to maximize the use of your garden space and keep your vegetable garden in continual production throughout the season(s).        

Saturday, April 9

10 am         Do It Yourself Drip Irrigation with Alison Peck

Drip irrigation can be easy! It is a key part of most water conserving landscapes, but it can be intimidating. Come learn a simple, easy to design and install system that Alison has been using for years. This drip irrigation system can be connected to an outside hose bib with a battery-operated timer, giving you inexpensive automatic watering. Save money, save water, reduce weeds, and have healthier plants. We will also discuss new efficient sprinklers that can reduce water use for lawns and groundcovers.

1 pm           Seed Starting Success with Janis Keift of Botanical Interests Seed Co.

Learn all of the background and tips for getting good germination and a healthy start with seeds, both indoors and out.

Sunday April 10

1 pm          Viticulture with John Martin

Would you like a glass of wine from your own backyard vineyard? John will discuss grape varieties and how to get started in wine making. He is coowner of Stonebridge Farms in Lyons, the first CSA in Boulder County.

Saturday, April 16

10 am          Neonicotinoid Pesticides with Mikl Brawner

What are neonics, and how do they affect bees and other insect life? This class will show you how to avoid letting them into your yard, and choose pesticide alternatives like healthy soil, beneficial insects, and non-toxic sprays.

12 pm [Note time]         Top Bar Hives with Julie Finlay-Ridinger

What is a top bar hive, and how is it different from other types? Julie has been working with top bar hives for over 15 years and will show you how and why she prefers them. She will be demonstrating with the live top bar hive at Harlequin’s. Please wear light colored clothing and avoid scented body products.

Sunday, April 17

1 pm          Baby Goat Day!

Margaret Hollander, owner of Capering Goat Dairy, will bring several of her adorable baby goats by for a visit. Come enjoy their hilarious antics!

2 pm         Baby Bee Day! (details coming!)

Friday, April 22          Earth Day

Saturday, April 23

10 am          Edible Landscaping with Alison Peck

Learn how to grow fruits, nuts, vegetables, vines, herbs, perennials, even weeds in your yard, beautifully. Discover which plants are the most successful and how to integrate them into your landscape. Alison has been designing edible landscapes for 25 years.

1 pm          Rose Pruning with Eve Reshetnik Brawner

Learn the proper timing and method to prune your roses. Eve is co-owner of Harlequin’s Gardens and has been caring for roses for over 20 years.

Sunday, April 24

1 pm          Natives in the Garden with Mikl Brawner

Tired of replacing plants that struggle in our Colorado climatic conditions? Learn about specific native plants that will survive and thrive in your garden.

Friday, April 29            Arbor Day

April 30 – May 1         Annual May Day Celebration & World Laughter Day

Saturday, May 7

10 am         Best Fruit Trees for Colorado with Mikl Brawner

Learn which varieties are successful here, and how to care for them. Mikl will cover apples, cherries, plums, pears, and peaches.

3 pm   (Note time)    Raised Beds 101 with Bryant Mason

Step-by-step description of how to start an easy and productive raised bed vegetable garden. Topics covered will include soil development, planting timing, fertilizing, weeding, watering, harvesting, and recommended crops. Bryant is the founder of The Urban Farm Co.

Sunday, May 8          Mothers’ Day

Saturday, May 14

10 am         Rainwater Harvesting with Alison Peck

Learn the legalities/methods of rainwater harvesting.

Saturday, May 21

10 am         Native Bees with Kristina Williams

Learn about the more than 500 species of bees in Boulder County and how to make your garden friendly to them.

1 pm          Edible Weeds and Wild Medicinals with Emily Kallio

A hands-on herb class in the field: forage, taste, and delight in the wild foods nature has to offer. Learn to prepare scrumptious snacks with the “weeds” all around you. One of our most popular and fun classes!

Sunday, May 22

1 pm     Gardening with Mushrooms: The Magic of Mycellium with Zach Hedstrom

Join Zach for a class about the many ways you can incorporate mushrooms and fungi in your garden and lifestyle. You will learn the basic techniques for growing mushrooms, how to encourage fungal activity in your soil, and about the health giving properties that you can experience from eating more mushrooms!

Saturday, May 28

10 am          Using Ecology to Solve Garden Problems with Alison Peck

Learn how to incorporate nature’s own solutions to sustainably manage garden problems.

Monday, May 30         Memorial Day

Saturday, June 4

10 am         Beneficial Insects with Carol O’Meara

Most of the insects we encounter are actually good guys! Carol will help you learn the difference, and what you can do to attract them.

1 pm     Foraging Rocky Mountain Mushrooms: Regional Mushroom ID with Zach Hedstrom

In this class, you will learn the basics of mushroom identification and what you should know before going out on a hunt. We will also introduce a variety of local mushrooms and their identification features. A good class for beginners as well as those who have done some foraging before.

Saturday, June 11

10 am          The Allure and Romance of Old Garden Roses with Linda Taylor

Explore the beauty, fragrance, and pleasure of the old garden and heirloom roses. Every garden deserves an old rose! Linda has grown roses for over 20 years, both here and in Montana, where she owned her own nursery.

1:30 pm (Note time)          Habitat Heroes

Learn the basics of creating a garden that creates important habitat for wildlife and the importance of restoring our communities, one garden patch at a time.  Learn how to create wildlife-friendly gardens that help combat the loss of open spaces and create green corridors.

The Habitat Hero program has been around since 2014, working with landowners and community leaders to provide local opportunities to create habitat for wildlife.  Habitat Heroes are people who practice a form of landscape stewardship, called ‘wildscaping’ – landscaping designed to attract and benefit birds, pollinators and other wildlife, large and small that help create bird-friendly communities.  Whether the landscape you tend to is a residential yard, a few pots on a balcony, a public park or schoolyard garden, Habitat Heroes believe in growing a healthy community.

What does a Habitat Hero wildscape include?  A garden that:

– Includes diverse planting layers through the use of native and regionally adapted plants                                                                                                                    –Provides shelter and nesting opportunities                                                            –Offers natural food and water sources                                                                             –Does not spread invasive species of plants                                                                  -Does not rely on the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides

Sunday, June 12

1 pm          Berries and Small Fruits for Colorado with Mikl Brawner

Small fruits are delicious, high in antioxidants and vitamins, and easy to grow: strawberries, raspberries, grapes, currants, and gooseberries. The best varieties for Colorado, and how to grow them.

Saturday, June 18

10 am          Managing Garden Pests without Poisons with Mikl Brawner

Learn how to look for and identify common pests, and how to judge if anything needs to be done. Learn which organic solutions are the most effective, for what, and how to do it. Mikl’s been walking the walk for 35 years!

1 pm             Gardening at Higher Altitudes with Diane Badertscher

Gardening above 6000’ has its own challenges. There are certain plants and strategies that can improve your success. Diane lives and gardens at 8000.’

Sunday, June 19         Fathers Day

Monday, June 20         Summer Solstice

June 20-26                   National Pollinator Week

Thursday, June 23  [Note date and time]

5 pm          What’s wrong with my tomato plant? with Carol O’Meara

It’s that time when we are beset with all manner of tomato plant issues. Our local Colorado State Cooperative Extension Horticulture Agent and tomato expert will help diagnose problems.

Saturday, June 25

1 pm             Tips and Tricks of Xeriscape with Mikl Brawner

Gardening with less water is not that hard if you know how! There are tricks that will improve your success. Mikl’s will pass on his 30 years of xeriscape experience.

Sunday, June 26

1 pm          Permaculture for Everyone! with Lynn Dugay

Heard about permaculture but not sure what it’s all about? Join Lynn for a fun-filled exploration into this fascinating design system. The workshop will consist of a presentation and field work to develop your basic permaculture skills.


Sunday, June 26 at 3 pm –  The Wild Wisdom of Weeds with Katrina Blair

Author Katrina Blair will share the exceptional qualities of 13 edible, medicinal, and useful plants, found worldwide, that are considered “weeds.’ She encourages self-reliance by having us utilize the local abundance around us. Books available for sale!

Saturday, July 9 

1 pm                  Basic Plant ID with Diane Badertscher

Ever wondered what kind of tree or shrub that was? Diane can show you some ways to identify some of the more common plants in the area.

Saturday, July 16

1 pm                  Basic Landscape Design with Elaine Walker

Elaine is a landscape architect who will show you the elements of designing areas of your property. Learn how to observe your site, identify goals, take a site analysis and create a bubble space diagram.

Sunday, August 14

1 pm                  Pruning for Strength, Health, and Beauty with Mikl Brawner

Learn how to train young trees, restructure shrubs and trees damaged by storms, and to prune roses. Mikl has over 35 years of experience in pruning.

Sunday, August 21

1 pm          Low Tech Greenhouse Design and Operation with Mikl Brawner

Mikl has been researching, building, and using simple greenhouses for 20 years. This class will focus on five designs on site at the nursery.

Saturday, August 27

10 am – 1 pm         5th annual Taste of Tomato

Saturday, Sept. 10

1 pm         Pruning for Strength, Health, and Beauty with Mikl Brawner                    (repeat of 8/14 class)