About Us

Harlequin’s Gardens is a small family business that specializes in Colorado-adapted plants: hardy own-root roses, xeriscape plants, natives, perennials, shrubs, herbs, rock garden plants, fruit and trees. We have been testing these plants since 1985 at our exposed and dry North Boulder location and we welcome you to come out to visit our demonstration gardens.

We are more than just a garden center; we grow many of the plants we sell, and use potting mixes we formulate ourselves to produce the strongest, not the biggest, plants. In this way we can offer both unusual and hard-to-find varieties that are grown tough so they will succeed in your garden.

We operate our nursery organically, so once the plants arrive, they are neither sprayed with toxic pesticides nor fertilized with chemical fertilizers. This is possible by choosing well-adapted plants and by keeping their vitality strong with proper management. We offer completely organic vegetable starts and many organic herbs. We are also very resource-conscious, relying largely on solar energy, intermediate technology, using recycled materials, shopping locally, and believing that small and personal is beautiful.

Not only are our plants dependable, but our staff is very knowledgeable and able to help you choose the right plants for your specific gardening projects. And because we have been gardening under water restrictions since 1985, we can recommend plants, products and approaches which will be most likely to succeed during drought periods.

We are very proud of our staff, so to help you to get to know us, here are our portraits. This year we are very pleased that all of our wonderful, knowledgeable staff members will be with us again.  To find out when a particular specialist will be at the nursery, please call us at 303-939-9403.

Diane Badertscher  has her degree in horticulture, and is a Certified Colorado Nursery Professional. She specializes in trees and shrubs, especially the natives, and assists with our onsite beehives. She has lived and gardened at 8,000′ feet for over 15 years.  Diane works Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Michele Bailey has worked for over 15 years in the landscaping and nursery industries. Her special interests are perennials, natives and vegetables. Michele is the garden lead for the Heatherwood Elementary School Gardening Program.

Matt Patrick is trained as a CSU Master Gardener and has operated his own landscape business for the past five years. He was raised farming tobacco in Kentucky. He has worked for the Boulder County AIDS Project, Boulder Human Relations Comm., & Foothills United Way.  Matt can be found at Harlequin’s  on Sundays and every other Tuesday.

Deb Svoboda is a Master Gardener, and has years of experience with her own xeriscape and vegetable gardens. She has grown a lot of plants from Harlequin’s Gardens and has enjoyed taking classes from Lauren Springer Ogden.

Linda Taylor, MA, Rosarian and Garden Coach Extraordinaire, has been with Harlequins since 2008. She brings a unique and diverse combination of education, hands-on experience, years of study, and knowledge to our Nursery. For over 25 years, Linda has been studying, teaching, and growing heirloom roses. She’s owned a boutique, specialty rose nursery in Montana and created flower and vegetable gardens in the 6 western states she’s lived in. Although roses hold that special place in her heart and have become her specialty, her knowledge and experience with perennials, vines, groundcovers, herbs, veggies, and fruit, is just as vast. Her intuitive ability to sense your particular gardening style and suggest plants that will enhance your outdoor living space, make her a favorite with customers. Her lifelong love of gardening results from the fact that there is always something new to learn and discover, the seasons of the garden help keep her aligned with living close to the earth and its natural cycles, and gardening provides lovely canvases to continually express her creativity. Linda lives with 2 cats in a 520 sq. ft home that reflects her appreciation for simple living in small, quiet spaces. She will be teaching a class on Heirloom roses in June and offers garden consultations throughout the year.

Elaine Walker is a landscape architect with an emphasis in ecological practices. Her recent work has focused on native and drought tolerant plantings. She has helped clients enhance their outdoor living spaces.

Engrid Winslow has a degree in Urban Horticulture and has taken Master Gardener training, and has experience with gardening at her home and professionally.  She is also our resident Beekeeper and maintains hives at Harlequin’s and at her home. In addition, Engrid grows many of our organic vegetables and annuals in her greenhouse.


Eve Reshetnik Brawner has always had a passion for gardening and for studying, growing and drawing plants. She has a degree in landscape architecture and over ten years of experience in that field. She has a special love and knowledge of roses, fragrant flowers, ornamental grasses, clematis and vegetables. Eve, with Mikl, designed the rose garden at the Boulder Dushanbe Tea House. In her “spare” time she is an artist and musician, and she loves to cook from the bounty of her garden. Eve  is available for garden consultations.

Mikl Brawner got his initial training along the creeks and woods of eastern Iowa. Then he studied biology at the University of Iowa, but the further education he sought to become an ecologist and naturalist was not available, so he went to India with the Peace Corps. Back in America, he managed a small organic apple orchard, and started a tree care business. Studying plants, researching alternatives to pesticides, and developing a xeriscape garden led him from the tree tops to a plant nursery. Now the evolving Harlequin’s Gardens is his life-work, helping the gardening community to bring nature into their personal lives and homes using sustainable plants, materials and methods. Mikl works Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, and is available for consultations. Mikl was honored with the 2009 PaceSetter Award for the Environment.

And we’re delighted to have occasional help from: Sharron Zaun,  Marilyn Kakudo, and Dave Payne.


Eve transplanting seedlings in our solar-geothermal greenhouse.

Eve in greenhouse

Eve in greenhouse

Eve in greenhouse