About Us

Harlequin’s Gardens is a small family business that specializes in Colorado-adapted plants: hardy own-root roses, xeriscape plants, natives, perennials, shrubs, herbs, rock garden plants, fruit and trees. We have been testing these plants since 1985 at our exposed and dry North Boulder location and we welcome you to come out to visit our demonstration gardens.

We are more than just a garden center; we grow many of the plants we sell, and use potting mixes we formulate ourselves to produce the strongest, not the biggest, plants. In this way we can offer both unusual and hard-to-find varieties that are grown tough so they will succeed in your garden.

We operate our nursery organically, so once the plants arrive, they are neither sprayed with toxic pesticides nor fertilized with chemical fertilizers. This is possible by choosing well-adapted plants and by keeping their vitality strong with proper management. We offer completely organic vegetable starts and many organic herbs. We are also very resource-conscious, relying largely on solar energy, intermediate technology, using recycled materials, shopping locally, and believing that small and personal is beautiful.

Not only are our plants dependable, but our staff is very knowledgeable and able to help you choose the right plants for your specific gardening projects. And because we have been gardening under water restrictions since 1985, we can recommend plants, products and approaches which will be most likely to succeed during drought periods.

We are very proud of our staff, so to help you to get to know us, here are our portraits.  To find out when a particular specialist will be at the nursery, please call us at 303-939-9403.

Garima Fairfax studied botany and environmental studies in college, is a certified herbalist and a master gardener. She is an organic gardener and has worked at four organic farms. She created Lyons Walking Arboretum, is on the Lyons Ecology Board and is in the process of creating RM Botanic Gardens in Lyons.

Gary Meis was the head propagator for Country Lane Wholesale Nursery for 20 years. He has a special interest and is very knowledgeable about edible and medicinal native plants. He is the primary propagator at our new wholesale growing operation that supplies pesticide-free plants to Harlequin’s.

Jeff Edson has a degree in biology and spent much of his professional life directing the cleanup of toxic waste sites, like the Rock Mt. Arsenal. Jeff is an avid gardener and has been growing wine grapes for the past 20 years.

Kristina Williams has been a beekeeper for over 20 years and is our local expert on native bees. She will be available to help people with beekeeping questions and beekeeping equipment.

Mimi Yanus has grown vegetables and flowers for the Farmers Market and for a CSA. Her class at Harlequin’s on Veggie gardening is always popular. Talk with Mimi about growing vegetables and cut flowers.

Rebecca Waterhouse is our new office manager who grew up on her family’s hobby farm in Oregon.

Matthew Emmanuel-Ogier has worked as a landscaper and is helping with plant propagation, & more.

Loren Brown is an experienced beekeeper and is available to help our customers in our Bee Barn with questions about equipment and beekeeping in general. He builds our bee boxes and frames.

Elaine Walker has a degree in landscape architecture with an emphasis in ecological practices. She has her own landscape design practice, and her recent work includes designing outdoor living spaces, retaining & boulder walls, water features, native and drought tolerant plantings.

Matt Patrick is trained as a CSU Master Gardener and has operated his own landscape business for the past 10 years. He has a strong knowledge of plants for our area. He has worked for the Boulder County AIDS Project, Boulder Human Relations Comm., & Foothills United Way. He excels in recycling.

Engrid Winslow has a degree in Urban Horticulture and has taken Master Gardener training. She is an excellent and educated gardener, and her new greenhouse is allowing her to propagate organic veggie starts for us. She manages both our organic vegetable production and our new Bee Barn and helps care for our bees and her home hives.

Heather Stone worked with us 9 years ago until the birth of twins called her home. She holds a certificate in clinical herbalism, and has been gardening locally for 16 years. Her special interests include herbs, vegetables and perennials. She volunteers at Coal Creek Elementary in the Garden to Table program.

Eve Reshetnik-Brawner has always had a passion for gardening and for studying, growing and drawing plants. She has a degree in landscape architecture and over ten years of professional experience in that field. She has a special love and knowledge of roses, fragrant flowers, ornamental grasses, clematis, natives, vegetables and herbs. Eve, with Mikl, designed the rose garden at the Boulder Dushanbe Tea House. In her “spare” time she is a musician, a ceramic artist and loves to cook. Eve is available for garden consultations.

Mikl Brawner got his initial training along the creeks and woods of eastern Iowa. He studied biology at the University of Iowa, then went to India with the Peace Corps. Back in America, he managed a small organic apple orchard, and started a tree care business. Studying plants, researching alternatives to pesticides, and developing a xeriscape garden led him from the tree tops to a plant nursery. Now the evolving Harlequin’s Gardens is his life-work, helping the gardening community to bring nature into their personal lives and homes using sustainable plants, materials and methods. His current passion is soil health, and designing an energy-efficient greenhouse. He was honored with the 2009 PaceSetter Award for the Environment.

And we’re delighted to have occasional help from: Sharron Zaun, Marty Crigler, Marilyn Kakudo, Linda Moore, Heron Stombock and Nancy Wolfson.