Flash Sale and July Blooms


And, What’s Blooming in July

We hope that you’re not too busy to stop by for some great plants at much-reduced prices!  We have a Flash Sale on “Small Lots” and are sharing our remaining veggie and annual flower starts with you for FREE! More on both topics, below. 

Many plants are showing off their summer color right now, especially after our bountifully wet spring.  Over the years Harlequin’s Gardens has compiled a list of many of the July Blooming plants, below.  (Pictured above, Berlandiera lyrata, Chocolate Flower.)  (Pictured left, Dianthus sp. Tuscan Honeymoon.)  By popular request, we have restocked Russian Sage, a strong summer bloomer. 

Compost tea is also great to apply at this point in the summer.  Similar to a tonic, compost tea will help boost ailing plants, will minimize transplant shock, and provide extra vitality to your plants.  Compost tea is available for $5 a gallon and can be diluted up to four times.  It’s important to know that compost tea should be used within two hours to receive maximum benefit of the live microbes.  Try some today!

This weekend we return to our educational classes with “Tips & Tricks of Xeriscape”.  This Sunday at 1:00, Mikl with share valuable information on how to improve your success with low-water gardening.   Call 303-939-9403 to reserve your seat!

Small Lots Flash Sale! 

Starting tomorrow, Wed., July 10 through Tues., July 17 we have some great prices for you, making this a great time to fill in any empty holes in your garden!

2.5″ pots for $1 

(regularly 3.95)

#2 pots for $10 – $15

(regularly $28) 

#5 pots for $25

(regularly $44 – $85)


Harlequin’s Gardens is looking for a positive, creative, flexible, tech-savvy person with excellent skills in communication and team-work to start soon.  Duties include data entry, social media, bill-paying, label and sign-making, advertising and promotion, supply orders, staff and customer support. Must be able to work at least one weekend day. Ideally, the candidate should be physically fit, able to lift 40 lbs, and have some familiarity with plants and gardening.  This is a full-time, year-round position.

Please send your resume to Staff@HarlequinsGardens.com


While the peak time to plant your veggies has passed, it’s never too late to plant a free plant!  Come see our feature table of remaining warm-season veggies and flowering annuals and take a few home.  But, be sure to stop by between now and Saturday when the give-away ends! 


Many gardeners think of Spring as the height of the ornamental gardening season. Sure, so many of our best-known flowering plants – Tulip, Crocus, Daffodil, Primrose, Peony, Lilac, Forsythia, Oriental Poppy, Basket of Gold, Bearded Iris, are at their showiest in spring. But as we pass to the other side of the Summer Solstice, a whole new palette of blooms arises, including many Natives, lots of Prairie-dwellers and Steppe plants, and hardy plants from South of the Border, bringing bold color and attracting more and different beneficial insects and pollinators to the garden.

Here is some of our list of July beauties.  For the full list of those July flowers to inspire you, Click here, or visit the nursery for the list! 

  • Clematis fruticosa ‘Mongolian Gold’ 
  • Clematis integrifolia (Bush Clematis)
  • Clematis x texensis ‘Princess Diana’
  • Clematis The President
  • Coreopsis – many species & cultivars
  • Dalea purpurea (Purple Prairie Clover)
  • Datura meteloides (Angel’s Trumpet)
  • Delosperma (Hardy Ice Plant), many selections
  • Delphinium grandiflora, many selections  (Pictured right, Delphinium elatum ‘Magic Fountains’)
  • Dianthus petraeus noeanus (Jasmine Dianthus)
  • Dianthus sp. Tuscan Honeymoon
  • Diascia i. Coral Canyon (Coral Canyon Twinspur)
  • Echinacea, many species & cultivars (Coneflower)
  • Fallopia aubertii (Silver Lace Vine)
  • Gaillardia (Blanket flower, Firewheel)


Call 303-939-9403 to reserve your seat!

Our weekends are loaded with great classes you won’t want to miss! Our customers tell us that our classes have given them tremendous value, with practical and current information from local experts who have spent years honing their skills in Colorado and will help guide you to success. We are charging $15 (unless otherwise stated) for our classes to support our speakers and Harlequin’s educational direction. It is best to pre-register for these classes both in case they fill up, or too few people register and we have to cancel. Pre-payment assures your place in the class. You can register at the nursery, by mail, or by calling 303-939-9403. We are unable to take class registration by email at this time.  Most of our classes run from one-and-a-half to two hours in length, and sometimes longer for hands-on classes, or if there are a large number of questions.  See the complete listing on our website.  


Sun, Jul 14 at 1 PM        
with Mikl Brawner

Gardening with less water is not that hard if you know how! There are tricks that no one else tells you that will greatly improve your success. Mikl’s will pass on his 30 years of xeriscape experience. Class cost: $15


Sat, Jul 20 at 10 AM       
with Kristina Williams 

Have you ever watched bees coming out of a knothole in an old tree or seen those stacks of boxes near a field and wondered what was inside? Come take a peek inside a working hive of honeybees and chat about what it takes to have a hive of your own or to help bees in general. Please wear long sleeves and pants. Class cost: $15

Sat, Jul 20 at 1 PM         
with Elaine Walker    

Elaine is a landscape architect who will show you the elements of designing areas of your property. Learn how to observe your site, identify goals, take a site analysis, create a comprehensive design, and how to approach installation in manageable pieces. Class cost: $15


Sun, Jul 21 at 1 PM
The Wild Wisdom of Weeds with Katrina Blair and Tyler VanGemert

Tyler will begin the class with a centering movement that will prepare us for learning about the plants. Katrina Blair, author of “The Wild Wisdom of Weeds: 13 Essential Plants for Human Survival” will be here to share the exceptional nutrient and medicinal qualities of 13 useful plants that are abundant, free to harvest and readily available.  Her book will be available for sale. Class Cost: $15

Sun, Jul 21 at 10 AM     
with Zach Hedstrom 

In this class, you will learn the basics of mushroom identification and what you should know before going out on a hunt. We will also introduce a variety of local mushrooms and their identification features. This is a good class for beginners as well as those who have done some foraging before. Class cost: $15

Sun, Jul 28 at 10 AM     
with Zach Hedstrom 

In this class, you will take what you learned in the classroom and put it to practice on a mushroom hunting field trip in the mountains. Location given at registration.  Participants should come prepared with water, hats, and weather-appropriate clothing.  Pre-payment required: (303-939-9403).  Zach Hedstrom is a mushroom fanatic and grower at Hazel Dell! Class cost: $15.


Sun, Aug 11 at 1 PM      
with Mikl Brawner                

Learn how to train young trees, restructure shrubs and trees damaged by storms, and to prune roses. Mikl has over 35 years of experience in pruning. (Repeated on Sep. 15). Class cost: $15


Sun, Aug 25 at 1 PM      
with Mikl Brawner   

Mikl has been researching, building, and using simple greenhouses for 20 years. This class will focus on five designs on site at the nursery. Class cost: $15


Sun, Sep 8 at 1 PM         
HOW TO MULCH with Mikl Brawner 

Weedbarrier, wood chips, straw, fine gravel, bark? Which mulches should be used and where? Why is mulching so important? What’s wrong with redwood and cedar? Mikl will discuss these questions and suggest solutions. Class cost: $15


Sun, Sep 15 at 1 PM      
with Mikl Brawner    

Learn how to train young trees, restructure shrubs and trees damaged by storms, and to prune roses. Mikl has over 35 years of experience in pruning. (Repeat of Aug. 11) Class cost: $15


Sat, Oct 5 from 10 AM to 2 PM           
with Kelly Grummons 

Kelly Grummons of Prairie Storm Nursery (coldhardycactus.comdogtuffgrass.com) and plantselect.org will answer those oft-asked gardening questions such as: when do I prune my roses, start tomato seeds, seed grass, put down sod, cut back ornamental grasses, prune lilacs and clematis, apply soil microbes, when to fertilize, transplant perennials, divide iris, etc., etc.  Get the picture?!  Answers provided.  Kelly is one of the region’s preeminent horticulturists, and an expert in natural plant nutrition and pest control. Plan to bring a sack lunch. Class cost: $30


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