Additional Mason Bee Class

Additional Mason Bee Class by Popular Demand!

Call today to reserve your spot!

We’ve had such a popular response to our two Mason Beekeeping classes with Tom Theobald, that’s he’s agreed to add a third class next weekend!  On Saturday, March 23 at 10:00 AM, Tom will discuss the importance of native bees and the roll they play in pollinating our early crops.  You will also have the opportunity to purchase Mason Bee Straws (see details below as this must be done in advance.)

Tom’s class will be followed at 1:00 by Kristina Williams’ class on “Get Equipped for BeeKeeping”, which is Free!  Kristina will share how to build strong frames, and give a our of our Bee Barn.  A great combination with Tom’s class!  

Call 303-939-9403 to reserve your seat!

Sat, Mar 23 at 10 AM
Mason Beekeeping with Tom Theobald  

The importance of our native ‘solitary’ bee species to the pollination of our crops, flowers, and native plants is receiving increased attention. For over 30 years, Tom Theobald of Niwot Honey Farm has been propagating one of the most ‘useful’ species, Mason Bees (Blue Orchard Bees), and will teach how to attract and care for these gentle native pollinators. Mason Bees are not a replacement for honeybees, but they are excellent pollinators of the early fruits – cherries, apples, etc.  They stay close to home, don’t sting, don’t require the year-round commitment of a colony of honeybees and provide a great way to introduce children to the world of pollinators. Harlequin’s Gardens will have filled straws (containing male and female adult bees in hibernation) for sale for $12 a straw. 

IMPORTANT: You must RESERVE your Mason Bee straws IN ADVANCE by calling Harlequin’s Gardens at 303-939-9403. Pre-payment of mason bee straws is required. Class cost: $15.  (Note: this class is a repeat of Tom’s March 2 class.) 

Sat, Mar 23 at 1 PM 
Get Equipped for Beekeeping with Kristina Williams  

For beginning and established beekeepers, alike!  Kristina will demonstrate how to build and crosswire frames. Learn the lingo of beekeeping supplies and take a tour of our Bee Barn. Harlequin’s Gardens is upgrading frames and foundation to be as strong as they can be and still use beeswax. Our resident entomologist and Bee Barn Babe, Kristina Williams, will share her vast knowledge with you!  Free Admission!   (Photo credit, right: Red Hot Pepper) 

See our complete list of classes on our website.  


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