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Oh my! The weather’s lovely, but DRY!  We recommend that you get out there and water your landscape while you can this week. All this sun and wind, and no rain or snow, is stressful to most of our trees, shrubs and perennials, unless they are xeric natives.  If the ground is not frozen, be sure to give your garden a thorough watering if there’s been less than 2″ of natural precipitation in the previous 4 weeks.

Through the winter, pay attention to the amount of precipitation your garden receives.  In our often dry and windy winters, new plantings, evergreens, and roses and most any plant that was planted in September or October, are especially vulnerable, and are more likely to suffer or die from dehydration than from cold.  Evergreens continue to transpire (give off water) during the winter, because they have leaves or needles. If these plants cannot take up water, they will dehydrate and suffer, not showing injury until it’s too late. And roses, with their green-skinned canes, are far more likely to perish in winter from dehydration than from cold temperatures.

Water once or twice a month, in late morning or early afternoon so that the water has time to sink in before it freezes. Aside from conifers, some other evergreen plants that will benefit from some winter watering are Manzanita, Kinnickinnick, Scotch Broom, Spanish Broom, Hardy Jasmine, Oregon Grape Holly, and the evergreen Euonymus selections. Sagebrush, Curl-leaf and Littleleaf Mountain Mahogany, and Ephedra are probably fine without supplemental winter water, as long as they had adequate time to establish.



There’s one more week of our Holiday Market, this Thursday through Sunday, and we still have wonderful gift selections for you – in fact, we have re-stocked many favorites and even ADDED a few new items!

This is also a great time to look ahead for birthday, anniversary, graduation, host and hostess gifts for 2019!  Take advantage of this unique opportunity to have access to some of the finest locally crafted artisan creations; products that won’t be here after this week!

We also want to remind our Members that current 2018 members can still take advantage of their 25% discount off books! No shipping, easy parking, and low sales tax! Move over, Amazon!  You can also view our full Holiday Market Catalog on our website.

Bear’s Ears Designs

We are introducing a new artisan this week, Bear’s Ears Designs, aka our friend Berit Naeseth.  Berit has a MFA with concentrations in Sculpture and Furniture Design, and has taught extensively. But we think her best credentials are her imagination and her passion for making things. She creates playful pieces, large and small, with all kinds of (mostly natural) materials. Berit has just brought us some of her ceramic and recycled wood pieces, including some ingeniously simple and practical trivets, shown right.

Cultura Chocolate 

We have also restocked several varieties of delicious Cultura Chocolate minibars including Whiskey Nips, Expresso Sea salt, and Mexican Spice.  A Denver-based, micro-batch, bean-to-bar artisan chocolate, Cultura is produced in one of Denver’s ‘maker spaces’ called the Art Gym. They use only beans from ethically-sourced and organic cacao farms in Latin America, which they hand sort, crack, roast, winnow, grind, conche, temper and mold to bring out the richest aromas and flavors and the smoothest textures.  We also have their irresitible Mexican Drinking Chocolate!

Retuned Jewelry 

Retuned Jewelry makes striking, stylish and affordable bracelets, earrings and necklaces for gals and guys from repurposed, used guitar strings. Did you know that because of the various alloys used to make guitar strings, they are extremely difficult to recycle? At least 700 tons of strings end up in the dump every year.  Retuned works with local musicians and music shops to collect used strings that would have otherwise been thrown away. Their jewelry, made by Christina and her husband in Frederick CO, gives these hard-working strings new life and allows their stories to live on. We think they are a perfect fit for our Holiday Gift Market, don’t you?

Additional restocked items include, and are pictured below: 

Traditional Majolica Ceramics

Such gorgeous cups and desert bowls!

Leo’s Dry Goods

Beautiful and practical tea towels.

20# Tabby

Cheryl Netter’s  felted bird ornaments have flown off the shelf!  This is our fourth and final restock.

Seed Ranch Hot Sauces

David Delcourt’s delicious ‘farm to bottle’ ‘hot’ sauces (one is very mild) that are made right here in Boulder!

Handmade Smudge Sticks

from our friend Furry Foote, the elder who lives in the foothills.




Spiders in Your Neighborhood book – Harlequin’s Exclusive!

Better late than never: We were finally able to obtain more of this fascinating and delightful little book, just in time for stocking stuffers and last-minute gifts!

Scary? Maybe. Cool? Definitely.  Author Pat Stadille used to be terribly afraid of these eight-legged daddies, until he started learning more about them. Now spiders are his best friends! As a nature enthusiast, we have a feeling you’re going to feel the same way, once you hear about their silky skills, hunting habits, and generally shy and gentle nature. Learn about jumpers, wolf spiders, tarantulas, and, of course, the black widow!

Spiders in Your Neighborhood features detailed drawings and photos of the critters you’ll find, and sections on types of webs, how and where to discover spiders, spider anatomy, common relatives… even a spidey quiz to test your creepy crawly knowledge. So, grab a flashlight and your sleuthing kit and join Pat ”Spiderman” Stadille on a journey around your backyard that will leave you spinning with excitement.  This small book is suitable for any age.

‘Rough Beauty’ by Karen Auvinen

We are proud to feature ‘Rough Beauty: Forty Seasons of Mountain Living’ by friend and local author Karen Auvinen, an award-winning poet, mountain woman, and teacher. Her memoir, in the evocative, contemplative spirit of such writers as Annie Dillard and Terry Tempest Williams is an “outstanding…beautiful story of resilience” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review), a luminous, lyric exploration, “a narrative that reads like a captivating novel…a voice not found often enough in literature—a woman who eschews the prescribed role outlined for her by her family and discovers her own path” (Christian Science Monitor) to embrace the unpredictability and grace of living intimately with the forces of nature.

Robin Chocolate

Longmont chocolatier and pastry chef Robin Autorino refers to her award-winning artisan chocolate creations as edible art – art for your eyes and your mouth.She combines her exceptional artistry and fine ingredients to create little masterpieces that taste as good as they look. We love them, and are offering assortments of her truffles in handsome boxes of 4, 6, 8 or 12.  “I want my ganache to be bold,” Robin says. “I want the Key lime pie truffle to give you some pucker. I want the espresso to bring you the same comfort as your morning cup.”

Third Wolf Designs

We’re very happy to introduce Third Wolf Designs’ tee shirts for men and women into our Holiday Market this year. Alexa Varano paints her original designs on each individual piece of sustainably and ethically produced clothing with a paintbrush in her Denver studio – no screen-printing here! We’ve chosen three of our favorite designs in two different tee shirt styles. The flattering scoop-necked women’s shirts are made of silky soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, fast-drying bamboo (70%) and organic cotton (30%), guaranteed not to shrink. The unisex classic crew-neck tee-shirts in men’s sizes are made of 100% hemp, another great natural fiber, durable and soft!  And both styles are guaranteed not to shrink!  Alexa is a young woman on a joyful adventure in sustainable business that combines her passion for sharing uplifting and healing symbology with her passions for making art and making personal connections through her art and business.



Our outdoor bulbs have been further discounted and are now 50% off!


christophii, moly, ‘Rosenbachianum’, ‘Graceful Beauty’
Beautiful, easy, and nectar-rich blossoms for you and the bees!


‘E.P. Bowles’, ‘Gipsy Girl’
Tough, early, beautiful, easy, naturalizing, golden flowers!

Indoor bulbs are also 50% off!

Paperwhite Narcissus makes a wonderful holiday gift!


Each day of our Holiday Gift Market, anyone who comes to Harlequin’s and makes a purchase will be entered in our DAILY DRAWING for a $15 GIFT CERTIFICATE!   In addition, we will conduct a drawing at the close of the Holiday Market for two $100 GIFT CERTIFICATES, winner to be drawn at 5:00 on Sunday, December 23!  To enter, simply show up, make a purchase and fill out an entry form.  (One entry per person; entrants need not be present to win.)

Wishing you all a heart-warming and meaningful holiday season.  We hope to see you soon!  

Eve & Mikl

and the Most Wonderful Staff at Harlequin’s Gardens

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