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With all the choices of holiday markets in our area, we are very appreciative of your enthusiastic support of our market! We work hard at providing you the very best products and the best experience for your holiday shopping, and you have let us know that you are very happy with the results! If you have a few minutes, we’d love for you to LOVE us on social media and online reviews!

We also want to remind our Members that current 2018 members can still take advantage of their 25% discount off books! No shipping, easy parking, and low sales tax! Move over, Amazon!

We have restocked a number of your favorite products this week, including Amy Mundiger’s felted flower brooches, Khala Cloths’ pretty and practical beeswax wraps, embroidered tea towels from Leo’s Dry Goods, Kristina’s handmade native bee houses, molded beeswax candles by Amberlights, and hand-dipped, tapered beeswax candles by Niwot Honey. We also got in more Trementina traditional pinyon salves, more adorable pottery and embossed paper cards by Lois Edgar, delectables from Robin Chocolates and Smart Cookie Barkery, along with a number of toys and books for children! 

You can also view our full Holiday Market Catalog on our website.


Finding the right gift for people with special interests without going to 20 different stores can be challenging.  Let us help you fill that niche with our thoughtful, useful, and beautiful gifts!


Jayne Bramley – Rose & the Wren Project Bags 

Jayne Bramley makes these beautiful and practical bags, both draw-string and zippered, that are essential for crafters working with balls of yarn. They keep your yarn feeding freely without rolling around on the floor, and keep crochet hooks, shorter knitting needles, scissors, measuring tape, and other essentials close at hand. Eve loves using hers when warping her rigid-heddle loom and winding yarn onto shuttles. Each bag is handmade in Longmont, in a variety of fun fabrics.

Jayne grew up in England but uses the ever-changing Colorado landscapes as inspiration for her colorful designs. She combines different fabric textures and colors to create unique bags. Her project bags will inspire you to start crafting!  Jayne named her business after her paternal Grandfather, who was an avid rosarian, and Jayne’s mother, who instilled in her a love for textiles and whose nickname is Jenny Wren. 



Super Illuminated Loupe

This very small, extremely high quality 12x power magnifier is great for getting a closer look at what’s bugging your plants, taking out splinters, or helping to identify flowers, insects and details of all kinds.

Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountain Region book (hot off the press!) by Denver Botanic Gardens  

Authored by 11 staff experts, Denver Botanic Gardens’ new publication – “Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountain Region” – is now available! This Timber Press field guide is designed to be an easy-to-use portable photographic reference in the field. It also includes range maps for each individual plant entry for easy identification.

This book provides plant identification details for 1,200 species of wildflowers (including some shrubs) throughout the Rocky Mountain region of the United States and Canada. Through a simple key system based on flower color, petal arrangement and leaf type, users will be able to identify both common and rare species in the landscape. The guide is broken down into three subregions – the Northern Rockies, the Central or Middle Rockies and the Southern Rockies – and divides plant communities by elevational zones: steppe, foothills, montane, subalpine and alpine.

Plants chosen for inclusion represent the full spectrum of the region’s natural communities, both those that are common and those that are unusual or rare. While the focus of this book is the identification of plants native to the region, some naturalized non-native flora found in natural habitats are also covered.

Meet the Natives book by Dan Johnson

To the millions of people who visit the Rocky Mountain region each and every year, Meet the Natives has long aided in the identification of the diverse and appealing plant life found in its many ecosystems. In order to meet the great demand for an up to-date and comprehensive book, this classic guide has been revised and updated. This edition is the first to feature full color photography. Over 400 plants are identified.


Fred Hall Petrified Wood – Harlequin’s Exclusive!

Our friend Fred is a dedicated ‘rock hound’, with a special passion for meteorites and petrified wood. His expeditions in Utah have yielded some wonderful specimens from the Jurassic era, including segments of small branches in which the exterior bark texture has been preserved, and the interiors have been replaced with vividly multicolored agate. Fred has polished the top surface of each specimen to reveal the beauty of the agate. Each piece comes with an identification tag and a text explaining the process by which petrified wood was formed. Sizes will probably range from 1” to 5” in height, varying widths.


Helen Hiebert 12 Months of Paper Calendar

Helen Hiebert’s 12 Months of Paper calendar will inspire anyone, young or old, to work with paper in new, exciting and fun ways. Helen now makes her home near Vail, CO, and is an internationally renowned artist who has been exploring paper for decades, stretching and redefining its possibilities and character. She has produced a number of books and films on paper craft, and knows how to make it accessible and exciting. The calendar offers illustrated instructions for making a new paper project every month, and comes with a template for cutting the pieces.   


Ambrosia Glassworks

Angelo Ambrosia (yes, that’s his wonderful real name!), opened Ambrosia Glass Art Studio in Longmont in 2004, and he’s been creating one-of-a-kind hand-blown glass sculptures and vessels ever since. One-of-a-kind locally hand-blown glass Beer Steins will add some class to the enjoyment of a beer-lover’s home-brew or favorite local micro-brew.  He also teaches glassblowing there, and guides his pupils with gentle and patient expertise. Angelo is renowned for his colorfully patterned vessels and light fixtures, ranging from playful to sophisticated. We are delighted to offer some of his small pieces for the gift-giving season.

Atelier Foucault

Marie Foucalt has brought us some stunning pairs (and singles) of glasses and goblets to enhance the experience of sipping a fine wine, martini or brandy. She finds most of her pieces in thrift stores and transforms them into elegant works of art that are very affordable!


Trek Light Gear

These colorful nylon hammocks and packs are Boulder-designed, fair-trade produced and thoughtfully designed to be incredibly comfortable and durable, holding up to 400 lbs. They come in sizes to serve as everything from a hanging chair or gear-holder to a perfect bed for two. They’re also easy to clean, last for many years, and scrunch down into a little-bitty stuff-sack for easy, lightweight travel. The Bindle Pack emerges from its really tiny stuff-sack to serve as the perfect day-pack once you’ve set up your base camp. Or around town! Trek Light hammocks are not just for lounging and snuggling. Many customers have found that TL hammocks gave them their first sound sleep without back pain in years. They then ditched their mattresses (of all kinds) and have slept in heavenly peace ever since!

The Natural First Aid Handbook by Brigitte Mars 

Cayenne pepper can stop bleeding. Garlic helps alleviate a toothache. Honey soothes a burn. When an emergency situation arises, simple home remedies can play a vital role in easing symptoms and providing immediate help. Become an effective first responder with a combination of best first-aid practices, herbs, and standard homeopathic applications. This quick-reference handbook spells out hundreds of life-saving techniques, commonsense tips, and time-tested herbal remedies that everyone should know. From how to perform basic CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver to the best immediate response to natural disasters, you’ll find the most practical, effective actions to take to ensure survival.  Compact and easy to bring along in your backpack or camper! 

Edible & Medicinal Plants of the Southern Rockies

Don’t be fooled by the title; a lot of the area covered is in Colorado, including Denver, Boulder and Ft. Collins. This is a very good plant ID book from by Mary O’Brien & Karen Vail with interesting descriptions. In addition, it’s an excellent herbal, giving both medicinal and edible uses. Highlighted in yellow are important “cautions”. It is presented in a respectful way, honoring nature as did the Ute Indians who pioneered the use of these plants. For example, did you know that Gambel Oak “…is a good back country first aid plant to know, using the leaves as a poultice or wash for insect bites and wounds, or chewing a piece of the bark for toothaches….” Good photos. These local gals really know their stuff. Highly recommended.


In the best-selling Homegrown Herbs, renowned herbalist Tammi Hartung gives you all the information you need to grow a long list of useful hardy herbs in Colorado. At their Canyon City, CO nursery, she and her husband Chris have been growing both popular and unusual organic herb plants for decades.  You can enjoy a thriving, fragrant herb garden and use your harvest to bring beauty, flavor, and health to your everyday life. Hartung provides in-depth profiles of 101 popular herbs, including information on seed selection, planting, maintenance, harvesting, and drying. Hartung also shows you how to use your herbs in a variety of foods, home remedies, body care products, and crafts. Whether you’re a seasoned herbalist or planting your first garden, Homegrown Herbs will inspire you to get the most out of your herbs.

Engrid’s Leg Warmers, Boot Cuffs and Luxury Socks – Harlequin’s Exclusive!

Our own Engrid Winslow hand knits these soft, warm, beautiful and practical wool leg warmers and boot cuffs that will keep you fashionably warm during and after winter sport activities.  We also have her beautiful wool socks crafted in washable wool/poly blend and Pashmina yarns, in lovely color blends with reinforced heels and toes, in sizes for women and men. Quantities are limited.

Kisu – Harlequin’s Exclusive!

Created by Pamela Clum’s Plum Botanicals, a small fair-trade organic skin-care line based here in Boulder. This long-lasting lip balm is based on wild-collected African shea butter from a womens’ cooperative, and scented with the marvelous, unique, citrus-y essential oil of neroli. Shea butter is a natural sun-blocker, so it really helps prevent chapping in all seasons. Kisu is, by far, Eve’s favorite lip balm.



It’s a toy for kids of all ages. It’s a tool for scientists and educators. It’s a medium for artists. It’s the winner of 22 awards and counting. And it’s a unique LOCAL product, the brainchild of our innovative friend and neighbor Paul Hildebrandt, also a founder of Eco-Cycle. Inspired by the ground-breaking, visionary work of Steve Baer and Clark Richert, who developed the underlying geometry, Paul began producing Zometool kits in 1992.

Butterflies of the Colorado Front Range

Get close to swallowtails, fritillaries, monarchs, blues, and other Colorado butterflies while learning about their miraculous transformations and unique adaptations. Striking photos and clear descriptions make it easy to identify common species. A month-by-month occurrence chart reveals when and where to look for your favorite butterflies.  Written by our local naturalists Janet R. Chu and Stephen R. Jones.


Foraging & Feasting Book – Harlequin’s Exclusive!

We are very excited to offer this ground-breaking book again! Foraging & Feasting celebrates and reclaims the lost art of turning locally gathered wild plants into highly nutritious, delicious meals, a traditional foodway long practiced by our ancestors but neglected in modern times. The stunning, instructive botanical illustrations and delicious, enlightening recipes offer an adventurous and satisfying way to eat locally and seasonally, and present creative ways to bring wild edibles into our lives.  We share this project with you out of our long commitment to connecting with nature through food and art. The effort weaves together acclaimed herbalist Dina Falconi’s 30 years of passionate investigations into wild-plant identification, foraging, and cooking with Wendy Hollender’s masterful botanical illustrations. In Part Three you’ll find more than 100 master recipes and countless variations formulated to help you easily turn wild plants into delectable salads, soups, beverages, meat dishes, desserts, and a host of other culinary delights.

Kitchen Botany

Would you like to learn botany while you cook? Our own Garima Fairfax’s unique cookbook joins botany and the pleasure of creative cooking. She combines foods which are closely related to each other in order to help learn who is related to whom. Garima continues to receive great reviews from people who have purchased and used her book.  Eating is a very effective (and fun) way to help retain what you learn!



The Wild Wisdom of Weeds

Katrina Blair is the author of The Wild Wisdom of Weeds, the only book on foraging and edible weeds to focus on the thirteen weeds found all over the world, each of which represents a complete food source and extensive medical pharmacy and first-aid kit. The Wild Wisdom of Weeds is about healing ourselves both in body and in spirit, in an age where technology, commodity agriculture, and processed foods dictate the terms of our intelligence. But if we can become familiar with these thirteen edible survival weeds found all over the world, we will never go hungry, and we will become closer to our own wild human instincts—all the while enjoying the freshest, wildest, and most nutritious food there is.


Harlequin’s Gardens has loved and supported bees for a long, long time. We also know that many of our customers already keep  honey bees, would like to learn how, or would just like to learn more about how to support bees and other pollinators.  So, several years ago we transformed the back portion of our building into The Bee Barn (painted the color of honey, of course!).  It’s continued to grow and change with the needs of bees and our customers. (Photo Credit, left: Red Hot Pepper Studio.)

Our Bee Barn is full of a good selection, featuring locally sourced products where possible.  We feature 8 and 10 frame Langstroth hive equipment (both assembled and unassembled) and real beeswax foundation.  We have a locally constructed top bar hive made with rough cut beetle-kill pine, a window and a screened bottom. Come and check out our great selection of tools and accessories, protective gear, feeding and bee health supplies, and great books.

Whether you’re a new or continuing beekeeper, our staff beekeepers can  answer questions and give advice. You’ll find our prices are quite reasonable.  We have Beekeepers Shopping Lists for Beginners, Seasonal, and Holiday Gift Giving to help guide your selections.  Kristina Williams, our own local bee expert will be on hand on Dec. 20 and 23 to help tailor your bee-gifting.

Return of Native Bees!
The Front Range is home to over 500 species of native bees.  These mostly solitary bees did ALL of the bee pollinating before the introduction of honey bees from Europe in the 1600s.  They love our weather, soils and native plants.  And we love them!  We’ve partnered with Crown Bees to bring you a selection of products to help you culture these gentle hole nesting bees such as woolcarder, mason, and leafcutter bees using responsible, sustainable, clean culture methods.  In spring we’ll be partnering again with Tom Theobald, a local mason bee cultivator, to sell tubes of mason bee larvae that are absolutely locally adapted and won’t introduce diseases from other parts of the country.  WE EXPECT THIS TO TAKE PLACE ON SATURDAY, MARCH 2, 2019 – be sure to stay tuned to find out the final date and time!  Here are some great gift options in order of the pictures.

  1. Native Bee Chalet: for placing nesting tubes for the current season and an attic for placing the previous seasons bees to emerge this season.
  2. Pollinator Pack: Tubes in an assortment of sizes and materials provide nesting holes for a variety of our native bees.
  3. InviteaBee Plus Pheromone (scent):  an extra enticement for mason bees to use your nesting site.
  4. Native Bee Guide Booklet: a brief introduction to just some of the bee species that may nest in your native bee house.
  5. The Mason Bee Revolution book: for those who are seriously into mason bees.
  6. Reusable cardboard mason bee tubes with disposable paper liners: the system Tom Theobald uses for those interested in spring mason bees in particular.


Harlequin’s Gardens Gift Certificate

Not sure what to give?  Consider giving a Gift Certificate to Harlequin’s Gardens!  Our Gift Certificates are available in any denomination and are valid for up to one calendar year. With a gift certificate, your recipients can select from our wide array of neonic-free plants, soil products, gardening and bee-keeping tools and supplies, and more!  Visit our store to purchase, mail-in your order with a check payment, or call 303-939-9403 and have your credit card handy!

Japanese Knife-Weeder (Hori Hori)

Reviewed by our Deb: “This is the best all-around tool ever!  Whenever I go out into the garden with no particular task in mind (other than peace of mind putzing) I grab this tool.  It can dig, saw into fat roots, slice into bindweed roots with the pointed tip, it’s wonderful.  I have a sheath for it which slides nicely onto a regular belt or garden-tool belt. I love using it for planting bulbs as I can make a deep, small hole.  If I could only have one tool forever, I would choose this one.”

Stella Natura Astrological Planting Calendar 2019

The Stella Natura Wall Calendar is an easy-to-use, informative and beautiful planting and gardening calendar that shows the best times to take advantage of the cosmic influences of the moon, sun and planets. This is a research-based system that is used by Biodynamic farmers and gardeners.  We have been using this calendar for over 25 years and believe it has helped with germination of seeds, root development of cuttings, and healthy plant development. More than just a calendar – it’s packed with valuable information and insights for successful growing, from seed to harvest.  

Super Illuminated Loupe

This very small, extremely high quality 12x power magnifier is great for getting a closer look at what’s bugging your plants, taking out splinters, or helping to identify flowers, insects and details of all kinds.

West County Gardening Gloves

We love West County gloves!  They are made from recycled plastic bottles, are very durable and stand-up to several seasons of tough gardening. They are machine washable and retain their shape.  And they come in great colors and patterns!  We carry their Work Glove, Rose Gauntlet, Mud Glove and Grip Glove, all in a range of sizes.  If you give these gloves as a gift, be assured that the recipient is welcome to exchange them for a different in-stock size, as long as they are still unused and in their original packaging.


Canine Cardigans

Don’t leave your chilly dog out in the cold! If your best friend shivers on those winter walks, Canine Cardigans has the perfect solution: fine handcrafted, well-fitting dog sweaters from up-cycled cashmere, wool & other natural fabrics. Connie re-purposes unwanted vintage and second hand “people” sweaters into unique and fun dog sweaters in her Englewood CO workshop. She sources these sweaters from estate sales, yard sales, and thrift shops. She tells us “Once I find sweaters to use, I bring them home, wash and dry on hot and the ones that survive that make the cut to become dog coats. I also use most of the scrap in creating patchwork coats and sweaters so very little goes to waste and ends up in the landfill. I do all the creating, cutting and sewing in my lovely workroom at home”. Connie loves taking the unique features of each sweater into account as she transforms them into well-fitting dog coats. We are offering an assortment of her delightful sweaters for smaller breeds. While she’s at it, Connie ends up with all those cashmere sleeves, and rather than let them go to waste, she sews them into lovely, super-cozy fingerless arm/hand-warmers for those of us at the other end of the leash.  

Carbon Pawprint

Colorado-based Carbon Pawprint offers pets bowl mats made from reclaimed yoga mats, which are collected from local studios and practitioners. These dishwasher-safe mats help keep food bowls in place and protect your home’s floor from water (and drool) damage. Your furry friends will surely bark their approval knowing that you bought a unique, one-of-a-kind pet accessory while helping to reduce environmental waste and that a percentage of Carbon Pawprint’s profits are shared with local animal rescue organizations and charities!  

Smart Cookie Barkery

Doesn’t your dog deserve a gift? What does your dog love the best, besides you, and fetching? Good food, of course! Smart Cookie is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, where Scott and Bri Bradley make all-natural dehydrated treats and jerky for dogs. Their endeavor is founded on the principle that your dog’s treats should be custom tailored to what your dog(s) need to maintain their best possible health, and be yummy as well. Smart Cookie products are made from scratch in small batches, using fresh, wholesome, human-grade ingredients – real meats that they grind in-house, vegetables and fruits – then dehydrated to retain maximum nutritional value. Their treats are grain-free and soy-free, and have no artificial ingredients.   


Our outdoor bulbs have been further discounted and are now 50% off!


‘Hawera’, ‘Pipit’


christophii, moly, ‘Rosenbachianum’, ‘Graceful Beauty’


‘E.P. Bowles’, ‘Gipsy Girl’




linifolia, ‘Tinka’


Galanthus elwesii (Snowdrops)

Indoor bulbs are also 50% off!

Five gorgeous varieties of Amaryllis ‘Minerva’, plus Paperwhite Narcissus!

Door Prizes!

Each day of our Holiday Gift Market, anyone who comes to Harlequin’s and makes a purchase will be entered in our DAILY DRAWING for a $15 GIFT CERTIFICATE!   In addition, we will conduct a drawing at the close of the Holiday Market for two $100 GIFT CERTIFICATES, winner to be drawn at 5:00 on Sunday, December 23!  To enter, simply show up, make a purchase and fill out an entry form.  (One entry per person; entrants need not be present to win.)

Wishing you all a heart-warming and meaningful holiday season.  We hope to see you soon!  

Eve & Mikl

and the Most Wonderful Staff at Harlequin’s Gardens