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Greetings! We have been enjoying our local & sustainable holiday gift market enormously; among other things, it gives us the chance to see, help, and chat with many of our favorite people. And it appears that you all are enjoying it, too, which makes us very happy!

Amidst the celebrations of the season, a very important report on Global Climate Change from scientists in thirteen government agencies was quietly released on the day after Thanksgiving.  Although the current occupant of the Oval Office dismisses it, saying he “doesn’t believe it”, we do believe it. And we believe it is of the utmost importance for all of us to pay attention. We recommend you go to Global Change and look for Summary Findings for the overview.

In light of these findings and the urgent need for major changes to our policies and priorities, we hope you will take the opportunity to join us in signing and sharing a petition to local, national and international leaders from AVAAZ, one of the most effective world-wide responsible action groups we know, by going to the AVAAZ Petition Page.


It’s our Third Week, and we are expecting to receive lots of popular items to restock. Of course many of our offerings are one-of-a-kind, but if you hesitated on an earlier visit and then found the tempting item sold out, you just might find it, or something very much like it, this Thursday through Sunday.



Saturday, December 8, 2:00-3:00 pm
Temari Demonstration


This Saturday, December 8, starting at 2:00 pm join our customer and friend Diane Patterson as she shows us how she makes these wonderful ornaments, called Temari, which date back to ancient Japan, where Temari was originally a handcraft of upper class women. Intricate designs were embroidered on handmade balls using silk threads from kimonos. The balls were used as toys. Temari are unique, beautiful, colorful gifts. Attractive hanging as a single ornament, grouped in a bowl, used in a centerpiece, given as a housewarming gift, or simply to hold and admire, they will be treasured for many years. 

Sunday, December 9, from 2:00 pm
Scarf Weaving Demonstration


On Sunday, December 9 from 2 P.M. on, our very own Eve will bring her rigid heddle loom and be available to show you how she weaves her scarves on this small, simple loom!  Eve wondered why, in all these years, she had never become a fiber artist. So she took a class, bought a small, simple table-top loom and a bunch of beautiful, soft, natural-fiber yarns, and got to work. The rest is not yet history. In 2017 she introduced her first efforts. She has now developed a compelling passion for weaving and a formidable collection of yarns, with an emphasis on locally hand-spun and hand-dyed natural fiber yarns, often spun from the wool of local sheep, alpaca, and even apartment-dwelling Angora rabbits! She designs her scarves with the aim of showcasing the wonderful textures and colors of these yarns in beautiful, practical and affordable accessories.


We’d like to call your attention to the wonderful array of Greeting Cards we are offering, some with seasonal themes, many more with beautiful imagery for any and all occasions. What a special treat it is these days to receive a card from a friend or relative in your snail-mail box! Our cards are small works of art that may end up in frames on somebody’s wall.  Buy them singly or in sets (available from some of the artists). Some of these artists also offer their artworks in other forms at our holiday gift market – look for them in our store!

Remember, we cannot offer greeting cards during the gardening season, partly because we don’t have room, and partly because we just wouldn’t be able to keep them free of dust and dirt. So now is your chance!

Kelly Manley’s Atmospheric Delights Cloud CardsNEW & EXCLUSIVE!  Each card shows a photograph Kelly has taken in Boulder County, which is rich in cloud formations, since we sit where the mountains meet the plains, and all sorts of atmospheric dynamics play out here. The clouds affect the whole mood of the landscape, and with the sun they create dramatic lighting effects. Kelly says “For me it’s like Sky Theater, the continuous show!” These photos are from her adventures in cloudspotting during the past year. Each card has a description of the cloud types tucked into the envelope.
Amanda Maldonado’s – NEW!  Amanda’s irresistible pen & ink drawings of our local wildlife are printed as postcards, and paired with her lovely handmade envelopes. Each postcard has a short, informative passage about the illustrated species on the other side. Available individually and in sets.

Charlotte Zink’s Jubilant Notecards – NEW!  Charlotte is best known for her exuberant and inventive sheet-metal garden sculptures, some of which you have likely seen installed in local communities as art in public places. In her cards she applies the same lively, energetic forms and fluid line work to silhouette images on bright backgrounds.
Amy Mundinger’s original handmade Cloth applique cardsNEW!  Amy works with cloth and felt in many original ways. Her cards are little works of art, each one a masterpiece of graphic design and fabric applique.
Cards of Kathleen Lanzoni’s Watercolor Paintings.  A large assortment of Kathleen’s award-winning watercolor paintings appear on beautiful cards featuring local landscapes and landmarks, intimate interiors and rich florals and still lifes.  Her local winter scenes are perfect for winter holiday greetings.

Lois Edgar’s elegant Hand-Embossed Cards.  Lois is a potter and longtime member of the Boulder Potter’s Guild. Her many years of working in clay led her to carving minutely detailed designs in blocks of clay to create embossing templates. She then makes rubber molds from these, and finally epoxy castings to withstand the pressure of the etching press. Each card , made with moistened high-grade archival white etching paper is pressed individually, dried, and folded. We offer Lois’s exquisite boxed sets in a number of themes.
Annette Kennedy’s Notecards.  For her cards, Annette uses images from her remarkable original art quilts, which are pieced from fabric she has dyed by hand. Her beautiful, award-winning works depict subjects ranging from landscapes to botanicals. 
Green Meadow (Erin Huybrecht-Davis)’s magical nature Notecards.  We were struck by Erin’s flowing, highly imaginative, stylized and poetic depictions of the natural world. She is inspired by patterns and imagery from Asia, where she has traveled, and this influence is evident in her work as well. Many of her paintings feature wild animals in charming anthropomorphized scenes.

Karen Beeman’s Nature Photo Notecards. Karen Beeman, owner of Wee Bee Farms garlic growers is also a great photographer! Karen loves to share the beauty she sees at her farm and around Boulder County. She carries her camera everywhere and focuses on pollinators and their favorite colorful flowers.
Sondra Finch’s Pressed Flower and watercolor cards. Sondra’s pressed flower cards are excellent reproductions of her original compositions using our local native wildflowers, grown and harvested from her own garden.
Theresa Haberkorn’s hand block-printed cards.  Theresa Haberkorn , woodcut printmaker, has made Boulder her home for more than two decades.  Her masterful prints are found in exhibits and collections nation-wide, and she teaches her artform as well. Theresa brings her art to these individually hand-printed greeting cards, as well various household products.



Are there one or several very special people on whom you would like to bestow a very special gift? Of course we count just about everything in our Holiday Gift Market as special, but here are a few ideas that come to mind. Perhaps you’d like to consider something especially luxurious and unique, like an elegant pair of Marie Foucalt’s glass wine goblets, uniquely hand-painted with silver oxide and truly one-of-a-kind, and priced far below what you might expect. Or a gorgeous, individually unique nature-printed silk scarf from Annette Kennedy. Or you might consider a wonderful original painting by acclaimed artist Kathleen Lanzoni.  Or a hand-woven scarf from Eve Weaves, most of them made with locally produced, hand-dyed and handspun yarns from luxury fibers like alpaca, silk, merino wool and angora.

We offer beautiful pieces from Pebble Art Jewelry featuring ancient Roman Glass pieces with the unique coloration and patina endowed by more than 2,000 years of weathering.  For the science or math-minded youngster, a big set of locally-produced Zome Tool modelling parts will spark the imagination and enable limitless hours of creative three-dimensional exploration and invention. Maybe there’s an expectant mother on your list who would be thrilled to receive one of quilt artist Lynn Mattingly’s amazing, colorful baby quilts. 


Hannukah has begun and continues through Monday, Dec.10th.  We have local hand-dipped beeswax candles for your Menorah!

We also have a great selection of outstanding Amber Lights beeswax candles, including dragons and faeries for you Pagans out there, Santas, reindeer, angels, pine cones big and small, fir trees, and classic Christmas village candles, roses, gnomes, botanicals, many bee-themed designs, tea-lights, votives, birthday candles and simple pillars.

In addition, our elegant taper candles from Niwot Honey Farm are perfect for just about any person and any occasion!


Our outdoor bulbs have been further discounted and are now 50% off!


‘Hawera’, ‘Pipit’


christophii, moly, ‘Rosenbachianum’, ‘Graceful Beauty’


‘E.P. Bowles’, ‘Gipsy Girl’


‘Danfordiae’, ‘Harmony’


linifolia, ‘Tinka’


Galanthus elwesii (Snowdrops)

Indoor bulbs are also 50% off!

Five gorgeous varieties of Amaryllis ‘Minerva’ and ‘Balentino’, plus Paperwhite Narcissus and pre-chilled Delft Blue Hyacinths with growing glass!

Door Prizes!

Each day of our Holiday Gift Market, anyone who comes to Harlequin’s and makes a purchase will be entered in our DAILY DRAWING for a $15 GIFT CERTIFICATE!   In addition, we will conduct a drawing at the close of the Holiday Market for two $100 GIFT CERTIFICATES, winner to be drawn at 5:00 on Sunday, December 23!  To enter, simply show up, make a purchase and fill out an entry form.  (One entry per person; entrants need not be present to win.)

Wishing you all a heart-warming and meaningful holiday season.  We hope to see you soon!  

Eve & Mikl

and the Most Wonderful Staff at Harlequin’s Gardens