Snow? What snow? Our Fall Sale Continues


We too were surprised at the dramatic weather change on Saturday!  These surprising changes definitely keep Colorado gardening interesting.  Thankfully the upcoming temperatures are looking moderate and we have many healthy plants at the lowest prices of the season that are looking for a home.  Come see our selection, and in particular, our BULBS: mid to late October is the perfect time to plant bulbs, especially now that the soil is moist and pliable. (More info below.)

We’re open seven days a week, 9 AM to 5 PM through the end of October.  We will then re-open for our fabulous 7th Annual Holiday Gift Market on Green Friday, Nov. 23 – Dec. 24, every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM.  Stay tuned for more details!
Pictured left are Aay Bravin’s Fingerless Gloves & Hat and our Native Bee Chalet.  Aay’s grandmother taught her how to weave and crochet in their small village in northern Thailand,  Her self-sufficient family grew cotton and raised silkworms, making all their own clothing and food, all without electricity or phone service.  Now in Boulder, Aay enthusiastically continues to knit, crochet and weave and share the beauty of her creations. Her warm, snug-fitting fingerless gloves are both beautiful and practical, enabling easy phone use, writing and handwork.

An easy way to share your care and appreciation is to give a Harlequin’s Gardens Gift Certificate.  They are available in any denomination, valid for one year, and can be purchased over the phone with a credit card!  The recipient can use their gift certificate to purchase plants, store products, and items from our Bee Barn.  Call 303-939-9403 to order yours!


Spring blooming bulbs are here, and selling fast!  We recommend that bulbs be planted in October and November for best results, and to use Root Rally to enhance rooting.  Root Rally is a blend of bone meal and Endo/Ecto mycorrhizae spores and plant nutrients, providing mycorrhizae life support for all plants.  When the bulb begins to root, this premium mycorrhizae blend will reduce transplant shock encourage root growth and increase water/nutrient uptake.

Some of our favorite bulbs are pictured below.  Only two more weeks to buy our wonderful bulbs!  We’re open 9-5, seven days a week!

Ixiolirion pallassii, Blue Mountain Lily

Native to rocky hillsides from SW and Central Asia, this lovely wildflower bears umbels of starry violet-blue flowers above grass-like foliage for 3 to 4 weeks in late May and early June. Perfect for the well-drained xeriscape garden, this bulb will thrive in a dry, sunny spot where it receives some spring moisture, followed by hot, dry conditions in summer, and will self-sow and naturalize where it’s happy. Resistant to browsing by deer and rabbits and a great cut flower. Zone 5. 10” – 16” tall. Plant 5” deep, 4” apart.

Galanthus elwesii, Giant Snowdrop

This large-flowering Greek native has broad, ivory flowers tipped green with gray-green foliage. Blooms in March/April.  Giant Snowdrops have a single green “V” marking on the inner segment of the blossom.  The linear foliage is like wide blades of grass, and the bloom is like three droplets of milk hanging from a stiff 4 to 8″ stem.  Preferring moist, humus-rich loamy or clay soils and semi-shade, they are excellent plants for light woodlands or under deciduous shrubs and trees, in rockeries, in lawns meadows or paths.  Snow drops are long-lived and spread gently by seed and by bulb offsets. They are easily lifted and divided to share or create new patches.  Pollinated by honeybees.  Deer and rodent resistant.  Plant 4″ deep and 2″-4″ apart. 5″ to 8″ tall. Zone 3.

Allium christophii

A most surprising, outrageous flower for xeriscapes!  The giant globes, to 10″ diameter or more, are held on fairly short stems, 8″-18″tall, blooming in mid-spring.  The hundreds of starry, silver-lavender florets each have a green ‘eye’ are arranged so that their petal-tips touch to form a perfect sphere.  This easy naturalizer has been highly successful in our xeriscape display gardens, eliciting lots of interest.  Also spectacular in large flower arrangements, fresh or dried.  Deer and rabbit resistant, and very drought-tolerant.  If you don’t want it to naturalize, dead-head before the seeds mature.  Hardy to Zone 4, 14″-24″ tall, Plant 6″-8″ deep and 8″-10″ apart.

Narcissus ‘Hawera’, (miniature daffodil)

This 1938 heirloom triandrus-type miniature daffodil provides a long-lasting display of many little elfin, light lemon – yellow nodding bells with short demitasse cups and swept back petals.  Each 5-6″ slender stem bears one or two of these dainty blooms with wonderful, fruity fragrance.  It is one of the most adaptable, and seems to thrive in partial shade or full sun, growing beautifully forced in pots, shining and thriving growing in scree or dryer areas as well as in the garden border.  Blooming in mid-late spring (May), it contrasts nicely with grape hyacinths and is exquisite with hellebores.  The very slender foliage is easy to hide while it matures.  Hardy to Zone 3-4.  Deer and rodent-proof.

Ipheion ‘Rolf Fiedler’, Spring Starflower

A spring gem for dry or moderately watered gardens in shade and part-shade. This long-blooming bulb sends up a mound of grassy foliage in autumn that persists over winter and begins blooming in early spring, producing a long succession of sweetly fragrant starry cobalt blue flowers through late spring. Succeeds in a wide range of soils but requires reasonably good drainage. Resistant to deer and rabbits!
Plant 3-5″ deep, 3-4″ apart. 3” – 5” tall. Zone 5.

Tulipa kaufmanniana Johann Strauss

A beautiful dwarf early Kaufmanniana tulip, to 6″ tall, with multicolored flowers that have an elegant teardrop shape when closed, showing bright golden yellow outer petals with cream edges and flushed brilliant red.  When fully open in the sun, the flowers resemble creamy-white waterlilies with bright yellow centers.  ‘Johann Strauss’ also has very attractive gray-green foliage with burgundy stripes.  Very cold-hardy and adaptable, it will multiply and naturalize, flowering year after year.  Plant in full sun, 6″ deep and 3-6″ apart.  Hardy to Zone 3a.



Our garlic bulbs have been very popular and we only have one variety left – but it’s a good one!  Visit our website for Garlic Planting Instructions.

Italian Late (softneck)

Light colored wrappers covering cloves which are generally fat and round. The extra-tight skin makes it a better keeper. This variety matures later than Early Italian Purple and tends to be somewhat smaller then Early Italian Purple as well. Good braiding type.


Fight grasshoppers with non-toxic grasshopper spore, safe for everything except grasshoppers and crickets!  Our 1 pound containers of Semaspore Grasshopper Bait are now only $12 (regularly $25).


foundation-less frames are now 50% off!

Try something new next spring! Make cut comb honey. Best to place between frames with foundation or drawn comb.



OCTOBER 15 thru 21:

  • Enjoy 30% off perennials, vines, grasses, shrubs and trees

  • 20% off roses, fruit trees, and books

  • 50% (wow!) off soil products in big bags

  • 50% off compost tea (get it while the brewer is running!)

  • 4” perennials in full flats of 12 or 15 plants are ONLY $4.20 each (regularly $6.95).  Mix & Match!


2 ½” pots reduced from $3.95 to $1.75; Quarts reduced from $6.95 to $4. trees and shrubs specials. Hen & Chicks are $0.50 each.  



Many of our big bag soil products are sold out – but don’t worry, we’re committed to having a steady supply of good quality compost and fine wood chip mulch through the end of the season!  And at 50% off, this is a great time to stock up!

Natural Pine Coop Bedding (or cat litter!)

EcoPett contains recycled beetle-kill pine and activated carbon, making it very absorbent, with powerful odor control.  It outperforms and outlasts hay and wood shavings.  Expands up to 5 times when wet.  Reduces cleaning by 50%.

Regularly $11 per bag, EcoPett is now only $5.50 per bag!!


Special Roses Sale!

Mikl has added dozens of roses to our Deep Discount Area!  Previously $26 to $30, these roses are now only  $5 to $8 each!  While these seconds may be a little homely, they are own-root roses that will grow to be strong, healthy roses with a little TLC from you!  Befriend a rose or two – and even take a gamble on a mystery rose – they will brighten your garden next season!

Rose Fertilizer

We are stocked with a good supply of Mile-Hi Rose Feed and Mile-Hi Alfalfa Meal to support the establishment of your new roses, and to promote strength and vitality for your existing roses next season.  And don’t worry, it’s not too late in the season to use this locally made, organic, slow release fertilizer!


Nothing like an easy bulb kit to help you kick-start your holiday bulb planting!  Our packaged kit includes your choice of bulb (pictured and listed below), attractive pot, and potting soil, packaged in a gift-worthy gold box.  We also have gift-packaged Hyacinth ‘Delft Blue’ kits that come with a traditional hyacinth glass!   

In addition, we have several varieties of individual amaryllis bulbs as well as beautiful and richly scented ‘Ziva’ Paperwhite Narcissus, which should be planted soon for holiday blooms.

Top Row: Amaryllis ‘Minerva’, Amaryllis ‘Mont Blanc’, Amaryllis Sonatini ‘Balentino’
Second Row: Amaryllis Sonatini ‘Pink Rascal’, Amaryllis ‘Red Lion’



Earthboxes are a wonderful invention for those of us in need of watering and fertilizing assistance!  Set-up your Earthbox at the beginning of the season with the included dolomite and fertilizer, plant with your favorite veggies and/or flowers, and fill the water reservoir.  Then, all you need to to is top the water reservoir every week or so, depending on climatic conditions.

Each Earthbox kit includes:

  • 15″ x 15″ decorative planting container
  • Dolomite, 1 pound
  • Fertilizer, 1 pound
  • Covers, 2
  • Fill tube
  • Aeration Screen

And best yet, this $64 regularly priced kit is now only $40!!



These tools can help you keep even the most unruly plants supported, which can be a challenge for all gardeners.

Plant Supports

(Pictured above, left.)  These sturdy stakes are essential for those heavy-flowered plants such as peony.  We’ve reduce their price so that  two stakes are now the price on one!

Plant Anchors

(Pictured above, right.)  Simply glue the round disc to your vertical surface, feed nursery tape, twine, fishing line, etc. through the loop and you’ve created a subtle, yet effective trellis for your vine!  And guess what?  They are Free!


Many of our ever-popular and very effective Pharm products are on sale – come in to find out more!!


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We’re looking forward to seeing you this week!
In gratitude,
Eve, Mikl and the super hard-working Staff at Harlequin’s Gardens