The Fall Sale Is On!

Our Fall Sale for Everyone opened on Monday, with 20% off most plants (except for vegetable starts). We also opened up our Deep Discount Area, where you can find all kinds of inexpensive treasures.

Check out the results of last Saturday’s 8th Annual Taste of Tomato below.

Sign up for the last three classes of the season! Learn How To Mulch on September 9th, learn about Foraging for Rocky Mountain Mushrooms on September 15th, and freshen up your pruning skills at Pruning For Strength, Health, And Beauty on September 16th.  Reserve your spot in class with a quick call to 303-939-9403



Monday, August 27 thru Sept. 2:  20% off most plants except veggies and bulbs. The Deep Discount section will be opened with $1.75 perennials (were $3.95 & $4.95),$.50 Hen and Chicks

September 3 thru 9 enjoy 25% off perennials, shrubs & trees.  And 20% off Roses, AND 20% off soil products in big bags and 20% off Compost Tea.

Sept. 10 thru 16 take 25% off perennials, shrubs and trees; 20% off Roses, Fruit Trees and books; and 30% off soil  products in big bags and 30% off Compost Tea.

Sept. 17 thru 23 take 30% off perennials, shrubs and trees, and 40% off soil products in big bags, 20% off Roses, Fruit Trees & Books; Compost Tea- buy one, get one FREE!

Sept. 24 thru Oct. 30: a 30% discount off Perennials, Shrubs and Trees. 20% OFF Roses, Fruit trees & Books And 50% off soil products in big bags; 50% off Compost Tea. 


Opens Monday, August 27 where you will find Golden Columbine, Porter’s Aster, Cheddar Pink Dianthus, Greek Oregano, perennial sunflowers, many sedums, Creeping Phlox, Coreopsis, Shasta Daisies  and MORE: 2 ½” pots reduced from $3.95 to $1.75; Quarts reduced from $6.95 to $4. trees and shrubs specials. Hen & Chicks.  4” perennials in flats of 12 or 15 regular $6.95, full flats ONLY $4.20 each. Mix & Match!


2018 Taste of Tomato voting results

Last Saturday’s Taste of Tomato was a blast! We love the new location at Growing Gardens’ Barn, with its’ beautiful view of the Flatirons, easy access, and wonderful staff. The tasting featured 44 different varieties of tomatoes, with Aunt Ruby’s German Green winning the greatest number of votes. Participants brought in some wonderful new varieties this year, including Brad’s Atomic Grape, Thornburn’s Terracotta, and Indigo Cherry. Look for the most popular varieties from this year and previous years when you come to buy your organic tomato starts next spring at Harlequin’s Gardens. Every year we grow 80+ great varieties for all kinds of uses and growing conditions!
A huge thank-you to Growing Gardens for providing our new location, helping us publicize the event, and for bringing us some fabulous volunteers. Thank you also to the volunteers of Slow Food Boulder County and the CSU Extension Service. We couldn’t have done it without you!



Votes Tomato Variety Votes Tomato Variety
35 Sungold hybrid 38 Aunt Ruby’s German Green
25 Matt’s Wild Cerry 23 Berkeley Tie Dye
22 BHN 624 20 Malachite Box
20 Brad’s Atomic Grape 18 Black from Tula
14 Chocolate Cherry 18 Paul Robeson
Sweet 100
17 Cherokee Purple
10 Indigo Cherry 10 Black Krim
11 Yellow Pear 7 German Johnson
9 Chocolate Sprinkles 6 Super Fantastic hybrid
6 Fourth of July 5 Lucid Gem
5 Negro Azteca 3 Big Rainbow
4 Indigo Rose 3 White Beauty
3 Juliet
Sweet Chelsea
3 Grape
1 Early Doll
1 Principe Borghese



Votes Tomato Variety Votes Tomato Variety
21 Japanese Black Trifele/Black Truffle 7 Airyleaf
14 Thornburn’s Terracotta 6 Costoluto Genovese
13 Siberian Pink Honey
11 Celebrity
9 Green Zebra
8 Glacier
5 Early Girl
5 Black Prince
4 Jaune Flamme
4 Stupice
3 Boxcar Willy
3 Lemon Yellow Plum
1 Black Icicle

Bee Barn Buzz

Bee season is beginning to wind down. Many areas are experiencing what beekeepers call dearth, which is a shortage of nectar and pollen.  Sometimes we get a fall flow and sometimes we don’t.  Bees are aware that winter is approaching and they’re getting anxious.  You may have noticed that your previously sweet, gentle ladies are now quite testy.  Watch for robbing when you work your bees and especially when pulling honey supers.  Harlequin’s has bee escapes to help clear the bees from supers without exposing honey.  We also have capping scratchers, buckets with honey gates, filters, and containers for your honey.

     As beekeepers, the most important winter prep starts in early August, not September or October.  This means varroa management.  You need to have healthy bees to take care of the bees that go into winter.  Those eggs are being laid now.   Don’t be fooled by low mite counts in early July.  This is when mite populations skyrocket and colonies start crashing.   We are well stocked with Apiguard, the safest hot weather varroa treatment, as well as oxalic acid and the new oxalic acid dribble kits, which come with eye and hand protection and a big syringe applicator.  We also have Formic Pro, which is a fast, effective treatment that doesn’t contaminate honey, but requires two cooler days to start off. Buzz on by!


We offer empowering classes with great teachers throughout the season.  Coming soon will be more of our class offerings.  Our teachers have spent years honing their skills in Colorado and will help guide you to success. We are charging $15 to support our speakers and Harlequin’s educational direction. It is best to pre-register for these classes both in case they fill up or too few people register, and we have to cancel. Pre-payment assures your place in the class.  Pre-registration is appreciated and highly recommended for all classes with a quick call to 303-939-9403.  (This list is also available on our website.)

Sun, Sep 9 at 1 PM – HOW TO MULCH with Mikl Brawner

Weedbarrier, wood chips, straw, fine gravel, bark? Which mulches should be used and where? Why is mulching so important? What’s wrong with redwood and cedar? Mikl will discuss these questions and suggest solutions.   $15  (Photo Credit: The Rock Place)


In this class, you will learn the basics of mushroom identification and what you should know before going out on a hunt. We will also introduce a variety of local mushrooms and their identification features. A good class for beginners as well as those who have done some foraging before.   $15

Sun, Sep 16 at 1 PM – PRUNING FOR STRENGTH, HEALTH, AND BEAUTY with Mikl Brawner

Learn how to train young trees, restructure shrubs and trees damaged by storms, and to prune roses. Mikl has over 35 years of experience in pruning. (Repeat of Aug 5.)   $15


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