Veggies Love Solar Caps!!


We Love Solar Caps!

You’ve been asking for tomato starts, and they’re in!  Beginning this weekend, the first of our great varieties of organic, neonic-free tomato starts will be ready for sale for those of you with greenhouses and smart gardeners with Solar Caps!  Despite our wide-ranging temperatures at this time of year, you can plant your tomatoes using a Solar Caps. (pictured above and right)

Solar Caps are a vast improvement over the well-known Wall-o-Water, which are prone to collapsing and crushing your plants! Solar Caps have 8 wire legs that keep it firmly secured in place. Solar Caps don’t have all those seams to leak, and the only part that requires annual replacement is the very inexpensive customized plastic bag. We like to keep the Solar Caps on our vining tomatoes throughout the season to moderate soil temperatures. They can be used to get a head-start on Peppers, Eggplants, Squashes, Cucumbers and Melons, but should be removed from those shorter plants when temperatures allow.

Solar Caps consist of a sturdy, re-usable, welded galvanized steel wire frame over which you drape the water-filled plastic bag that comes with the kit.  By positioning the Solar Cap where your tomato (or other warm-season veggies) will be planted, in 5-7 days your soil will be warm enough for planting (55+ Fahrenheit).  Following planting, Solar Caps form a personal greenhouse for your veggies, which improves growth throughout the season.  We’ve had great success using them for many years and regularly plant our tomatoes by April 15.

Weekend Classes

In keeping with veggie planting, on Saturday at 1:00 expert culinary gardener, Tracy Parrish, will show you how to keep your veggie garden in continual production (Succession Planting) of when and where to properly plant your veggies.  Her schedule table alone is worth the $15 price of admission!

Then on Sunday at 1:00, Mikl partners with Front Range Wild Ones , whose mission is to preserve biodiversity through the preservation, restoration and establishment of native plant communities, in showing you how to Design with Natives.  (Wild Ones members $15, non-members $20.)

Pre-registration is appreciated and highly recommended for all classes with a quick call to 303-939-9403.

Bee Barn Sale – Yippee!

Christina, our Queen Bee, has put two very special products on sale – Top Bar Hives and Foundationless Frames.  Come in and check them out, along with our other wonderful Beekeeping Supplies!

Spring Sale on Top Bar Hives!  $50 off!

We are putting our Kelley TBHs on sale for $50 off!  This unique design features V-shaped top bars that are the same as the Langstroth foundationless frames.  The longer, one piece bar makes for a more secure comb attachment. It also opens options for transferring combs between the TBH and a Langstroth hive so it’s easier to share bees with your Langstroth Friends!  This hive comes with legs and a peaked roof and is made of clear pine.

Spring Sale Foundationless Frames!  10% off!

Have you thought about going foundationless?!  If you prefer your bees to live on their own homemade wax comb, this is the way to go.  We have Langstroth frames that have a one piece V-shaped top bar designed to give the bees a starting place for comb. The end bars have holes in case you want to reinforce with cross wires.  The easiest method for you and your bees is to place these frames between two already drawn frames so the bees use them as a guide and don’t get too “creative”. A good nectar flow is the best time to do this.  Use the shallow or medium frames to make cut comb or chunk honey.

Veggies in the House!

In addition to tomato starts, we have a beautiful bounty of cool-season veggies, which can be planted after a few days of hardening-off.


‘Romanesco’ and ‘Imperial Star Globe’




‘Aspabroc’ hybrid, Raab/Rapini, ‘Fiesta’ hybrid, ‘Arcadia’ hybrid, ‘Happy Rich’ hybrid mini broccoli, and ‘Miranda’


‘Fioretto 60’ flowering stick type hybrid, ‘Copenhagen Green’, ‘Red Acre’, ‘Chinese/Napa’


‘Vitaverde’ green hybrid, ‘Graffiti’ hybrid


‘Cascade Glaze’




‘Red Russian’, ‘Beedy’s Camden’, ‘Darkibor’ hybrid, ‘Baltisk Red’, and ‘Chinese/Kailaan’


‘Winner’ hybrid

Pak Choy

‘White Stem’, ‘Da Hong’


Purple Orach, ‘Oceanside’ hybrid, ‘Escalade’ hybrid, and ‘Avon’ hybrid

Swiss Chard

‘Perpetual’, ‘Fordhook Giant’, ‘Bright Lights’, ‘Bali Red Rhubarb’, and ‘Seafoam’




‘Bianco del Veneto’


‘Orchidea Rossa’

Classes List

We offer empowering classes with great teachers throughout the season.  Coming soon will be more of our class offerings.  Our teachers have spent years honing their skills in Colorado and will help guide you to success. We are charging $15 to support our speakers and Harlequin’s educational direction. It is best to pre-register for these classes both in case they fill up or too few people register, and we have to cancel. Pre-payment assures your place in the class.  Pre-registration is appreciated and highly recommended for all classes with a quick call to 303-939-9403.


(This list is also available on our website.)

Sat, Apr 7 at 1 PM SUCCESSION PLANTING with Tracey Parrish

Learn the techniques and timing to maximize your garden space and keep your veggie garden in continual production throughout the seasons. This class provides participants with an extensive planting schedule table, outlining when and where to start your seeds, the time to transplant out and when to expect harvest. Tracey is expert in culinary gardening, has a large garden and sells produce and cut flowers at local farmers markets.  $15

Sun, Apr 8 at 1 PM – DESIGNING with NATIVES with Mikl Brawner

Natives are wild plants. Learn which ones will fit in a tidy landscape and which ones are better in a wildlife corner. We will discuss the difference between a native and a cloned native variety or hybrid. Learn how to balance control with natural. Wild Ones members $15, non-members $20.

Sat, Apr 14 at 10 AM – EDIBLE LANDSCAPING with Alison Peck 

Learn how to grow fruits, nuts, vegetables, vines and herbs in your yard, beautifully. Learn which plants are the most successful and how to integrate them into your landscape. Alison has been designing edible landscapes for 25 years; she owns Matrix Gardens landscaping.  $15

Sat, Apr 14 at 1 PM – WHAT TO DO ABOUT the JAPANESE BEETLE INVASION with Katie McAllister

Tried and true methods of Japanese beetle reduction by Matrix Gardens’ Katie McAllister. Learn the phases and life stages of this insect and how and when to take environmentally-friendly (but beetle-deadly) action.  $15    

Sun, Apr 15 at 10 AM – CREATE YOUR OWN PERENNIAL FOOD FOREST with David Bailey

We will look at the different steps from grading, hugelkultur, irrigation to plant specifics. Attendees of this class will leave knowing how to create a thriving ecology that feeds humans and animals alike while protecting our riparian areas.  David studied Environmental Science at Metropolitan State College and is a certified Permaculture Designer. He sees that natural forms can be married to natural functions within the landscape. He is “relentlessly seeking ecologically sensible landscapes that fit our clients varied visions and our changing Colorado climate.”  $15

Sun, Apr 15 at 1 PM – ORGANIC LAWN CARE with Mikl Brawner

Learn how to support healthy soil and soil life using compost, organic fertilizers, aeration, proper watering, and mowing, and how to avoid and deal with weeds.  $15

Sat, Apr 21 at 10 AM – NATIVE BEES for the YOUNGSTERS! #1 with Jessica Goldstrohm

Children and parents learn together about native bees in this hands-on, super-fun class! Jessica will introduce you to our native bee species & their habitat needs, you will build a Leaf Cutter Bee House to take home, and sing the new Bumble Bee song! Hungry Honey Bee book & seeds available for purchase. (repeated on May 26)  $20, one parent and one child. $5 per additional child.    

Sat, Apr 21 at 1 PM – GROWING PEPPERS on the FRONT RANGE with Mimi Yanus

Learn how to grow the best peppers for the Boulder area. We’ll discuss types of peppers, soil, water and fertility requirements, propagation requirements, growing tips, and varieties that do well on the Front Range. $15

Sun, Apr 22 from 10-3 – MUSHROOM CULTIVATION and IDENTIFICATION with Zach Hedstrom

Mushrooms are delicious and healthy, but also shrouded in mystery! Learn more about them in this Mushroom Cultivation and Identification Workshop taught by mycology enthusiast Zach Hedstrom. Plan to leave the class with basic knowledge about how to grow mushrooms, the ways in which fungi can increase ecological vitality, as well as familiarity with the process of identification and various local wild mushroom species. Participants will partake in 2 hands-on mushroom growing activities and take away a log inoculated with Oyster Mushroom spawn that, with proper care, will produce tasty mushrooms for multiple years. Everyone will also receive a handout packet for help in identifying local mushrooms. Participants should bring their own lunch, and weather-appropriate clothing. It will be a day full of fungi, and FUN!  $50 per person, 12 person maximum.

Sun, Apr 29 at 12:30 – PM – BABY GOAT DAY!  FREE!

Margaret Hollander, owner of Capering Goat Dairy, is bringing several of her adorable baby goats by for a visit.  Stop by with your children, or your own inner child, to enjoy their hilarious antics!   FREE!



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