Potatoes Have Rolled In!!


Five Delicious Varieties

… that were all organically grown here in Colorado.  We have selected these varieties because they all grow very successfully here.  Eve hand-delivered the potatoes yesterday come in and check them out!


(Certified ‘seed’ potato) – (heirloom yellow)
German Butterball offers everything you could want in a potato: heirloom quality, deep golden flesh, and a delightfully mild flavor.  Versatile for every kind of preparation.  Best if harvested when small to medium sized. Superior storage.  Approximately 110 days to maturity.


(Certified ‘seed’ potato)
Kennebec is an excellent, widely adapted, medium to late, all-purpose, white potato, bred by the USDA in 1941. This fast-growing variety has high yields of round to oblong tubers with shallow eyes, buff skin and white flesh that maintain good quality in storage. Plants do best when planted at 8-10” spacing to avoid overly-large tubers. The ivory flesh is firm and starchy with minimal water content and offers a rich, earthy and nutty flavor. Excels as a frying potato (fries, hash browns, chips, etc.) and is well suited for baking, mashing or roasting. Kennebec potatoes keep their shape when cooked, perfect for potato salads, curries, soups, stews. Resistant to Potato Virus A and Potato Virus Y; moderate resistance to Potato Virus S, Potato Virus X, blackleg, and foliage late blight.


(Certified ‘seed’ potato)
Red inside and out! Bred in & for Colorado. Excellent as potato chips, French fries, oven fries, and also great for baking, mashing, and potato salads. High in antioxidants!  Early to Mid-season.


(Certified ‘seed’ potato)
Uniform, high-yield, deep purple skin and flesh, very high in anthocyanins (high-potency antioxidant).  Bred in and for Colorado.

RED THUMB Fingerling Potato – NEW!

(Certified ‘seed’ potato)  Early (65+ days)
One of the best tasting of the fingerlings, with unique ruby red skin and marbled deep pink and cream flesh that is waxy, firm, and has a buttery taste. A favorite with chefs for their flavor and beauty, their red coloring holds well when cooked.  Excellent for potato salad, soups, mashing, and for grilling or roasting. Red Thumb is easy to grow and produces high yields of medium-sized, well-clustered, finger-shaped potatoes. The tubers are long-keeping and the vines are very vigorous. Be careful not to overcrowd this variety. Harvest in late summer at 2-3” long. They can be grown in grow-bags or large containers. (Photo credit, right: White Flower Farm.)

Potato Growing Instructions

From our friend, Frank Hodge

Potatoes grow best in full sun.  Plant seed potatoes (pieces of potatoes or small whole potatoes – plant whole if they are smaller than a golf ball) with at least 2 eyes per piece. If you are cutting up the potatoes, do so ahead of time (couple hours to a day prior to planting) to give them a chance to form a protective layer for moisture retention and rot resistance.

Plant as soon as when soil can be easily worked.  Plants will begin to grow when the soil temperature reaches 45 degrees.  Plants can tolerate a light frost but be prepared to cover them if a hard frost is expected.

Spread and mix compost into the bottom of a 4-6” deep planting trench. Soil should be moist, but not water-logged.  Plant seed potatoes 4” deep, 1 foot apart, with the eye side up. Potatoes thrive in LOOSE, well drained soil with consistent moisture.

When plants reach about 6” tall, cover them with light compost or straw until just the top inch or two still shows. Continue to cover the plants (called hilling) as they grow. This will result in a fairly significantly sized mound.  Harvest potatoes on a dry day. Soil should NOT be compacted, so digging should be easy, but be gentle so as not to puncture the tubers.  “New” (small) potatoes may be ready in early July.  Mature potatoes should be harvested 2-3 weeks after the vines die (usually late July / early August). Brush off any soil, and store them in a cool, dry, dark place (but not in the refrigerator).  Do not store potatoes with apples as the ethylene gas produced by the apples can cause your potatoes to spoil. Do not wash potatoes until right before use.

Onions, Leeks, & Shallots, Oh My! 

Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten your onions in yet, we still have a nice stock of Walla Walla and Copra onion starts.

And, we have a wonderful selection of onion, leeks and for the first time, shallot seedlings!  These are specialty varieties for those that don’t want an entire bundle.  Come select your favorites from varieties including Cippolini Genova, Ailsa Craig, Walla Walla, Italian Red Bottle, and Purplette Onions.  Bleu de Solaize and King Richard Leeks.  And, Zebrune Shallots.

Weekend Classes

Our classroom will be overflowing this weekend with an amazing collection of THREE CLASSES!   Alison Peck kicks us off on Saturday at 10 AM with her much-loved Edible Landscaping class, showing you how to artfully incorporate food plants into your garden.  Then at 1 PM Katie McAllister (another Matrix Gardens’ guru!) shares What to do about the Japanese Beeltle Invasion.  (None of us want to think about those nasties this early in the season – but now is the best time get informed and prepared!)

On Sunday at 1 PM, Mikl wraps up the weekend sharing great info on Organic Lawn Care – you don’t have to use chemicals to attain a lush, green turf!

Pre-registration is appreciated and highly recommended for all classes with a quick call to 303-939-9403.

Plant Sale – Coming Soon!

Our Member Plant sale begins very soon on April 28 and extends through May 5.  It’s not too late to renew your annual membership, which will give you a 10% discount on a $50 or more purchase of plants (excluding roses & fruit trees) during that timeframe!

We are very appreciative of your membership as all along, we have depended on recycled materials, trades, word-of-mouth promotion, generosity, kindness, passion, service and other non-corporate building blocks to create our success. This year we are going to use membership money to buy labels for our demonstration gardens. We know our labeling has been lacking. This will make our gardens more educational.

If you like what we have been doing, please become a member and help us to do it better, and enjoy the benefits of membership.  For a $20 donation, you’ll receive membership for the current calendar year and the following benefits:

1)  Half-price Harlequin’s Class of your choice
2)  25% discount on books all year
3)  During the May Day Week get $10 off a $50 or more purchase of plants (excluding roses & fruit trees)
4)  During May Day Week, take 10% off roses (except quarts), then
5)  in August begin the fall sale a week early with 20% off most everything.

You can become a member anytime you are at the nursery, or mail a check for $20 to
Harlequin’s Gardens
4795 N.26th St.
Boulder, CO. 80301

We will put you in our Membership file. A membership is valid until the end of the calendar year.

Veggies in the House!

In addition to tomato starts, we have a beautiful bounty of cool-season veggies, which can be planted after a few days of hardening-off or under row cover fabric. We have two weights of row cover. The lightest one is Seed Guard and it can be laid directly over seeds, giving 3 degrees additional protection, and shielding them from critters. Ensulate is the heavier weight product and it can last many years.


‘Romanesco’ and ‘Imperial Star Globe’




‘Aspabroc’ hybrid, Raab/Rapini, ‘Fiesta’ hybrid, ‘Arcadia’ hybrid, ‘Happy Rich’ hybrid mini broccoli, and ‘Miranda’


‘Fioretto 60’ flowering stick type hybrid, ‘Copenhagen Green’, ‘Red Acre’, ‘Chinese/Napa’


‘Vitaverde’ green hybrid, ‘Graffiti’ hybrid


‘Cascade Glaze’




‘Red Russian’, ‘Beedy’s Camden’, ‘Darkibor’ hybrid, ‘Baltisk Red’, and ‘Chinese/Kailaan’


‘Winner’ hybrid


Tom Thumb, Yugoslavian Red

Pak Choy

‘White Stem’, ‘Da Hong’


Purple Orach, ‘Oceanside’ hybrid, ‘Escalade’ hybrid, and ‘Avon’ hybrid

Swiss Chard

‘Perpetual’, ‘Fordhook Giant’, ‘Bright Lights’, ‘Bali Red Rhubarb’, and ‘Seafoam’




‘Bianco del Veneto’


‘Orchidea Rossa’
Herbs are also in!

Including parsley, thyme, rosemary, mint, lovage, santolina, fever few, garlic chives, artemisia, lavender, bronze fennel, culinary sage and oregano, nettles, and camomile – wow! 

Classes List

We offer empowering classes with great teachers throughout the season.  Coming soon will be more of our class offerings.  Our teachers have spent years honing their skills in Colorado and will help guide you to success. We are charging $15 to support our speakers and Harlequin’s educational direction. It is best to pre-register for these classes both in case they fill up or too few people register, and we have to cancel. Pre-payment assures your place in the class.  Pre-registration is appreciated and highly recommended for all classes with a quick call to 303-939-9403.


(This list is also available on our website.)

Sat, Apr 14 at 10 AM – EDIBLE LANDSCAPING with Alison Peck 

Learn how to grow fruits, nuts, vegetables, vines and herbs in your yard, beautifully. Learn which plants are the most successful and how to integrate them into your landscape. Alison has been designing edible landscapes for 25 years; she owns Matrix Gardens landscaping.  $15

Sat, Apr 14 at 1 PM – WHAT TO DO ABOUT the JAPANESE BEETLE INVASION with Katie McAllister

Tried and true methods of Japanese beetle reduction by Matrix Gardens’ Katie McAllister. Learn the phases and life stages of this insect and how and when to take environmentally-friendly (but beetle-deadly) action.  $15    

Sun, Apr 15 at 1 PM – ORGANIC LAWN CARE with Mikl Brawner

Learn how to support healthy soil and soil life using compost, organic fertilizers, aeration, proper watering, and mowing, and how to avoid and deal with weeds.  $15

Sat, Apr 21 at 10 AM – NATIVE BEES for the YOUNGSTERS! #1 with Jessica Goldstrohm

Children and parents learn together about native bees in this hands-on, super-fun class! Jessica will introduce you to our native bee species & their habitat needs, you will build a Leaf Cutter Bee House to take home, and sing the new Bumble Bee song! Hungry Honey Bee book & seeds available for purchase. (repeated on May 26)  $20, one parent and one child. $5 per additional child.    

Sat, Apr 21 at 1 PM – GROWING PEPPERS on the FRONT RANGE with Mimi Yanus

Learn how to grow the best peppers for the Boulder area. We’ll discuss types of peppers, soil, water and fertility requirements, propagation requirements, growing tips, and varieties that do well on the Front Range. $15

Sun, Apr 22 from 10-3 – MUSHROOM CULTIVATION and IDENTIFICATION with Zach Hedstrom

Mushrooms are delicious and healthy, but also shrouded in mystery! Learn more about them in this Mushroom Cultivation and Identification Workshop taught by mycology enthusiast Zach Hedstrom. Plan to leave the class with basic knowledge about how to grow mushrooms, the ways in which fungi can increase ecological vitality, as well as familiarity with the process of identification and various local wild mushroom species. Participants will partake in 2 hands-on mushroom growing activities and take away a log inoculated with Oyster Mushroom spawn that, with proper care, will produce tasty mushrooms for multiple years. Everyone will also receive a handout packet for help in identifying local mushrooms. Participants should bring their own lunch, and weather-appropriate clothing. It will be a day full of fungi, and FUN!  $50 per person, 12 person maximum.

Sun, Apr 29 at 12:30 PM – BABY GOAT DAY!  FREE!

Margaret Hollander, owner of Capering Goat Dairy, is bringing several of her adorable baby goats by for a visit.  Stop by with your children, or your own inner child, to enjoy their hilarious antics!   FREE!


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