Veggie Starts are Here!


Our delightful spring weather is a reminder that cool season veggies can be planted now!  We are stocked with locally-grown, organic, neonic-free veggie starts – and with super seeds from Botanical Interests and Beauty Beyond Belief – that are ready for your garden!  See our comprehensive list, below.

After hardening-off, our cool season veggie starts are ready to be planted with no protection.  Should you like to give your plants further protection from the elements and a few degrees of temperature buffer, check-out our Solar Caps (shown right with a tomato plant), and two weights of row cover. The lightest one is Seed Guard and it can be laid directly over seeds, giving 3 degrees additional protection, and shielding them from critters. Ensulate is the heavier weight product and it can last many years.

This, and next, weekend’s line-up of classes will further support your spring planting endeavors.  On Saturday morning, Alison Peck demonstrates how easy Do-it-Yourself Drip Irrigation can be.   On Sunday morning our talented propagator, Gary Meis, shows you how to cultivate native plants from seeds in Plant Propagation 101.  That afternoon Mikl discusses Building Topsoil & Fertility – the perfect thing to be doing in the spring.  And, don’t forget that next Saturday, Mimi Yanis offers her wonderful Getting Started in Veggie Gardening class!  Pre-registration is appreciated and highly recommended for all classes with a quick call to 303-939-9403.


Bare root onion plants in bundles have arrived, including Copra, Walla Walla, and Redwing varieties.  These onions are robust and can be planted right away!  The earlier you plant them the larger they can grow because they are long-day onions and the sun keeps feeding the plant until Summer Solstice when the bulbs then begin to plump-up.  Note: Avoid planting onions where Brassica family veggies were grown last year, or they won’t thrive.  Plants in the Brassica family include arugula, kale, broccoli, collard greens, mustard, cauliflower, and most Asian greens, etc.  Onions thrive with lots of sun, fertile soil, consistent watering, and free of weed competition. 

Veggies in the House!


‘Romanesco’ and ‘Imperial Star Globe’




‘Aspabroc’ hybrid, Raab/Rapini, ‘Fiesta’ hybrid, ‘Arcadia’ hybrid, ‘Happy Rich’ hybrid mini broccoli, and ‘Miranda’


‘Fioretto 60’ flowering stick type hybrid, ‘Copenhagen Green’, ‘Red Acre’, ‘Chinese/Napa’


‘Vitaverde’ green hybrid, ‘Graffiti’ hybrid


‘Cascade Glaze’




‘Red Russian’, ‘Beedy’s Camden’, ‘Darkibor’ hybrid, ‘Baltisk Red’, and ‘Chinese/Kailaan’


‘Winner’ hybrid

Pak Choy

‘White Stem’, ‘Da Hong’


Purple Orach, ‘Oceanside’ hybrid, ‘Escalade’ hybrid, and ‘Avon’ hybrid

Swiss Chard

‘Perpetual’, ‘Fordhook Giant’, ‘Bright Lights’, ‘Bali Red Rhubarb’, and ‘Seafoam’



‘Bianco del Veneto’


‘Orchidea Rossa’

Classes List

We offer empowering classes with great teachers throughout the season.  Coming soon will be more of our class offerings.  Our teachers have spent years honing their skills in Colorado and will help guide you to success. We are charging $15 to support our speakers and Harlequin’s educational direction. It is best to pre-register for these classes both in case they fill up or too few people register, and we have to cancel. Pre-payment assures your place in the class.  Pre-registration is appreciated and highly recommended for all classes with a quick call to 303-939-9403.


(This list is also available on our website.)

Sat, Mar 24 at 10 AM – DO-IT-YOURSELF DRIP IRRIGATION with Alison Peck

Drip irrigation can be easy! Come learn a simple, easy to design and install system that can be connected to an outside hose bib with a battery-operated timer, giving you inexpensive automatic watering. Alison Peck of Matrix Gardens will also discuss new efficient sprinklers that can reduce water use for lawns and groundcovers.   $15                (Photo credit: BSN Tech Networks)

Sun, Mar 25 at 10 AM – PLANT PROPAGATION 101 with Gary Meis

Propagating and multiplying plants are useful skills that everyone can learn!  With over 35 years of experience, Gary Meis, Harlequin’s Gardens own propagator, will discuss methods of propagation and the pros and cons of each.  Specifically, this class will cover Different ways to break the dormancy of our western native seeds, How to find and collect native seeds, How to clean your seeds, and should you?, How to treat your seeds for optimum sprouting, How to keep your babies alive when small, and Alternatives to seed grown natives.  Cool stuff!  $15

Sun, Mar 25 at 1 PM – BUILDING TOPSOIL & FERTILITY with Mikl Brawner

Mikl will discuss how to support soil life, enrich poor soils, and improve plant health and nutrition from the bottom up: composts, fertilizers, mulching, worms, deficiencies, and tilth.   $15


If you are new to Colorado, new to vegetable gardening, or have been unhappy with the results of your earlier attempts, this class is for you. Learn from Mimi Yanus what you need to know to make your new organic vegetable garden successful, even bountiful, even in Colorado conditions!  $15

Coming next week…

Our Spring Newsletter – brimming with great info on our plants, classes and more, for the upcoming season!