Holiday Gift Market 2015

Welcome to our
Holiday Gift Market 2015!


Harlequin’s Gardens will reopen on Green Friday (Nov. 27) for 4 weeks of our 4th annual Holiday Gift Market!

Come visit us!
Open 10 ~ 5
every Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
from Nov 27 ~ Dec 24

Our Holiday Gift Market is back for its 4th fabulous year, again featuring unique and exceptional goods crafted by local artisans, delicious local artisan foods, and sustainable, innovative, fun and practical goods for home and garden. So many of you have told us that our Holiday Gift Market is your favorite holiday shopping experience, that you appreciate our focus on locally-made and responsible products, and that you found outstanding, affordable presents at Harlequin’s for everyone on your list. Several friends who live outside our region lament that they dearly wish they could afford to fly to Boulder just to shop our Holiday Gift Market, because we have “the best gifts anywhere!”.

This year many of our artisans and products are back, and we’ve added lots of exciting new products, artisans and producers! Two areas in which we’ve expanded notably are Jewelry and Ceramics, with more exceptional   locally-crafted items than ever. And our Bee Barn will be open during the Holiday Market, so you can purchase supplies for your hives, or get the perfect gift for an aspiring or active beekeeper!  As always, you’ll find many choices of everything from ‘stocking-stuffers’ to ‘necessary luxuries’ for men, women and children.

Every day of our Holiday Market offers a chance to escape from the ordinary and repetitive mass-market Christmas music that assails us everywhere else.  You will especially enjoy our Holiday Open House (see below), when we will again present exquisite live music from some our very best local talent, along with tasty goodies and organic hot cider!

Please share this invitation with friends and family who haven’t discovered us yet!


Each day of our Holiday Gift Market, anyone who comes to Harlequin’s and makes a purchase will be entered in our DAILY DRAWING for a $15 GIFT CERTIFICATE! 

In addition, we will conduct a drawing at the close of the Holiday Market for two $100 GIFT CERTIFICATES!  To enter this drawing, bring in our entry form (the postcard we mailed to you in our Fall Newsletter), OR print a copy from our website at this link: Printable Entry Form ………….  and present it when you shop our Holiday Market.

Please join us for our

~~~ November 27th, 28th & 29th ~~~
Featuring Great Live Music & Homemade Treats


Music Schedule

Friday Nov. 27

11:30am to 1:30pm PAUL VISVADER, World music guitar

Saturday Nov. 28

11:00am to1:00pm ELENA KLAVER – Original and Folk Songs with Guitar
1:00pm to 3:00pm RYAN DAKOTA FARRIS – Classical, Celtic & World Cello, fiddle, whistle

Sunday Nov. 29

11:00am to 1:00pm RICHARD BACKES, Celtic fiddle, guitar, & vocals
1:00 pm to 2:30pm MARGOT KRIMMEL, Celtic & original harp

CDs by some of these and other fine local artists will be for sale in our Holiday Market!


  Make a Taste of Colorado Gift Basket –
a perfect gift for almost everyone!


Eve’s Pecan Shortbread Cookies – Harlequin’s Exclusive!

Back by public demand: Scrumptious, rich, melt-in-your-mouth nut shortbread cookies, based on almond flour, pecans and butter, subtly sweetened with a little maple syrup. Gluten-free, grain-free, mostly organic, no refined sugars. You don’t have to be gluten-sensitive to love these rich and satisfying cookies!

Engrid’s Fine Fruit Preserves – Harlequin’s Exclusive!

Many of you already know that our own Engrid Winslow makes jams, jellies and chutneys that make you close your eyes and sigh with pleasure. She uses fresh, organic fruit, (local whenever possible) and very little sugar, so the fruit flavors shine. She makes the classics as well as many delicious originals, like Sweet Cherry with Orange, Meyer Lemon Honey Marmalade, Peach Honey Vanilla Bean, and Wild Blueberry Lemonade, to name just a few. You’ll find delicious uses for Engrid’s preserves, in breakfasts, hors d’oevres, salad dressings, glazes, and desserts.

Truffles by Robin Chocolates

Longmont chocolatier and pastry chef Robin Autorino refers to her award-winning artisan chocolate creations as edible art – art for your eyes and your mouth. She combines her exceptional artistry and fine ingredients to create little masterpieces that taste as good as they look. We love them, and are offering assortments of her truffles in handsome boxes of 4, 6, 8 or 12.  “I want my ganache to be bold,” Robin says. “I want the Key lime pie truffle to give you some pucker. I want the espresso to bring you the same comfort as your morning cup.”

Balsamic Nectar

A best-seller at our Holiday Gift Markets, Balsamic Nectar is a high-quality balsamic vinegar reduction made in Boulder by our friend Ben. It comes very close to Italy’s ‘Traditional Balsamic Vinegar’, which takes many years, even decades of barrel-aging to mature to a thick, richly-flavored, sweet glaze, quite different from ordinary Balsamic vinegars. The reduction process developed by Balsamic Nectar is entirely natural yet doesn’t heat the vinegar, accelerating the aging to just a couple of months, and making this ‘magic ingredient’ far more affordable. Balsamic Nectar gives the perfect finishing touch to cheeses, grilled or roasted veggies or meats, fresh berries, even ice cream!

Lamborn Mountain Culinary Lavender & Lavender Earl Grey Tea

Lamborn Mountain’s lavender and goat milk body-care products, made in Paonia, CO, by our friends Carol and Jim Schott, are a great favorite at Harlequin’s. Now, in addition we are offering their homegrown and hand-harvested organic culinary lavender, and lovely small tins of their delicious and aromatic organic Earl Grey tea with lavender buds.  Both make wonderful, unique stocking-stuffers.

Ritual Chocolate

Chocolate to live for! Ritual Chocolate is a quality-focused small-batch craft chocolate started out in Denver and is now made in Park City, Utah. Their old-world, artisan approach and dedication to every detail of the complex process produces chocolate as delicious, distinctive and memorable as fine wine – meant to be savored. Ritual’s single-origin chocolate is hand-crafted by traditional methods with ethically-sourced cacao from several choice growers around the world. Unlike most chocolatiers, who buy their beans already roasted, or even fully processed, Ritual starts with raw beans and they hand-sort, roast, winnow, mix, refine, conche, age, temper, mold and wrap (bet you didn’t know how much goes into making a really good chocolate bar!). We offer 4 varieties of their single-source organic bars.  Combine with some Askinosie Sipping Chocolate and Victoria’s Truffles for a chocolate-lover’s dream gift!

St. Claire’s Organic Mints, Candies, Pastilles & Lozenges

Yea!  Totally organic! Made in Boulder by herbalist Debra St. Claire! No corn syrup! Delicious! Effective! Packaged in pretty tins! Incredibly cheap!

Organic India Teas

The most delicious, the most righteous teas! Organic India is a Boulder-based grower of Tulsi, (also known as Holy Basil) and all of the other ingredients in their organic, beyond fair-trade products. Tulsi teas have many health benefits including reducing stress, supporting the immune system, aiding digestion, balancing energy, and relieving allergy symptoms. Tulsi is also delicious, and we carry six great flavors: Original, Tulsi Ginger, Tulsi Rose, Tulsi Jasmine, Masala Chai, and Tulsi Breakfast. Organic India is a leader in sustainable business, cultivating ecology with organic/biodynamic practices while supporting social justice and dignity.

Askinosie Chocolate – Harlequin’s Exclusive! 

The only other product in this category not made in Colorado, we felt compelled to go a bit farther, to Springfield, Missouri, to bring you the finest single-origin artisan Sipping Chocolatesand chocolate bars available. Askinosie’s products are also ethically-sourced, well beyond Fair-Trade requirements, and they engage in a truly progressive relationship with their Missouri staff and with the cacao growers and their communities. We offer their heavenly Single Origin Sipping Chocolate and their unique, original Gingerbread Spice chocolate bar.  Sipping chocolate is just like drinking a chocolate bar- thick, rich, and indulgent. Simply mix with milk or heavy cream and enjoy.

Wellspring Way Herb-Infused Honeys – Harlequin’s Exclusive!

What a yummy way to take your medicine! Herbalist Leslie Lewis uses herbs from her medicinal garden and raw, unpasteurized honey from her hive to produce these delicious and healing condiments. All the beneficial enzymes in the honey have been preserved in the low-temperature infusion process. Three infusions are offered – Rosehip, Lavender and Ginger, each with uses in teas, glazes for roasted or grilled foods, and much more. Leslie also teaches wonderful herbal classes for us during the gardening season.

Local Raw Honey

Slow honey is a raw honey produced by Donald Studinski, dba Honeybee Keep. Don is a beekeeper and permaculture enthusiast who applies permaculture philosophy to beekeeping and manages Colorado’s first Certified Naturally Grown apiaries. His hives are located from Golden to Nederland to Erie.  Don is a respected and popular mentor, teacher and author.  His book “Beekeeping Mentor in a Book”, a monthly guide for Colorado Beekeepers, is available in our Bee Barn whenever we are open.

Tim Brod is a master beekeeper who keeps over a dozen apiaries around Boulder County. He moves the hives several times a year to take advantage of timely and diverse nectar flows – it is not a monoculture honey. Tim’s Highland Honey is delicious and pure, and contains the natural enzymes that make it an extremely healthy food as well. The honey is raw, unfiltered and unheated – never subjected to temperatures higher than the natural temperatures found in beehives, 95 degrees F. The honey is also creamed, ensuring that it will never become crystallized hard. It comes in attractive hexagonal jars.



We at Harlequin’s Gardens have loved and supported bees for a long, long time. We also know that many of our customers keep bees, or would like to learn more about how to support bees and other pollinators and how to keep honeybee hives.  So, early this year we transformed the back portion of our building into The Bee Barn (painted the color of honey, of course!).

Our new Bee Barn is full of a good selection of products including

Langstroth hive equipment such as starter kits, Deep, Medium and Honey Supers (both assembled and unassembled) as well as a selection of Top Bar hives.  We have locally constructed Top Bar Hives made with Beetle-Kill Pine and screened bottoms. Come and check out our great selection of Hive Tools, Equipment, Protective Gear, Feeding supplies and great books including the recently published, “Beekeeping Mentor in a Book” by local beekeeping expert, Don Studinski, as well as other helpful books and accessories.

If you are a new beekeeper, we can help you decide what you need because we have beekeepers on staff to answer questions and give advice. You will find our prices are quite reasonable.  Beekeeping equipment may be just the perfect gift for someone on your holiday list, so come and take a look!


This year we offer tropical succulent plants for easy indoor growing. Succulents are very sculptural plants, often with unusual coloring, structure and texture, and they thrive indoors with very little attention. And some of our succulents have valuable medicinal properties you can use in your home. We can give you details when you come in.

Beauty Beyond Belief Seeds

BBB is a great local seed company, offering wildflower mixes (Rocky Mt. natives), and flower seed mixes for supporting honey bees and wild bees.  We have their Honey Source, Bee Rescue and Rocky Mountain Wildflower seed mixes, perfect for gifts or holiday party favors.

Bulbs – 50% off!

We still have some wonderful Tulip, Narcissus, Crocus and other bulbs, and they’re priced to move! Yes, you can still plant them, as long as your soil is not yet frozen. Or you can force them in pots – they will cheer you up in late winter! Some of them are fragrant, too. Please come and give these beauties a good home!

Sprouters & Sprouting Seeds

Keep growing green food through the winter!  We have Botanical Interests sprouters and sprouting seeds waiting for you.

Super Illuminated Loupe

This very small, extremely high quality 12x power magnifier is great for getting a closer look at what’s bugging your plants, taking out splinters, or helping to identify flowers.

West County Gardening Gloves

We love West Count gloves!  They are made from recycled plastic bottles, are very durable and stand-up to several seasons of tough gardening. They are machine washable and retain their shape.  And they come in great colors!  We carry their Work Glove, Landscaper Glove, Waterproof Glove, Rose Gauntlet, Mud Glove and Grip Glove, all in a range of sizes.  If you give these gloves as a gift, be assured that the recipient is welcome to exchange them for a different in-stock size, as long as they are still unused and in their original packaging.

2016 Stella Natura Astrological Planting Calendar

The Stella Natura Wall Calendar is an easy-to-use, informative and beautiful planting and gardening calendar that shows the best times to take advantage of the cosmic influences of the moon, sun and planets. This is a research-based system that is used by Biodynamic farmers and gardeners.  We have been using this calendar for 22 years and believe it has helped with germination of seeds, root development of cuttings, and healthy plant development. More than just a calendar – it’s packed with valuable information and insights for successful growing, from seed to harvest.

Mikl will be giving a class in Planting by the Moon in March 2016, which will help you better understand and get the most out of your astrological planting calendar.

Japanese Knife-Weeders

Reviewed by our Deb: This is the best all-around tool ever!  Whenever I go out into the garden with no particular task in mind (other than peace of mind putzing) I grab this tool.  It can dig, saw into fat roots, slice into bindweed roots with the pointed tip, it’s wonderful.  I have a sheath for it which slides nicely onto a regular belt or garden-tool belt. I love using if for planting bulbs as I can make a deep, small hole.  If I could only have one tool forever…I would choose this one.

Our Favorite Gardening Tools 
Japanese Knife-Weeders (see above)
Radius Trowels (ergonomic)
Radius Pro Spade (ergonomic)
Radius Pro Garden Fork (ergonomic)
Radius ‘Garden Shark’ Ergonomic Rake
World’s Best Trowel
Garden Bandit Weeders
High-quality clippers, shears and loppers


Lois Edgar

Lois is a longtime member of the Boulder Potters Guild. She has been exploring techniques with clay for many years and has developed a style that is both earthy and charming. This year we feature her wonderful salt-fired cups decorated with birds and other wildlife that remind us of ancient cave paintings.  We also continue to offer Lois’s elegant hand-made embossed greeting cards and holiday tree ornaments.

The Hands Work

Arel Mishory has a long and interesting history in art and craft. After college she traveled in Mexico, Israel and Europe, learning local crafts and customs, sketching ideas in journals that she still refers to years later. She and her husband have had a weaving and textile studio in Israel, and then a porcelain button and jewelry studio in New Mexico for many years. Now Arel is in Denver, making small paintings, painted metal amulets, personal  and house-blessings, clocks, cards, etc., and they are all delightful! They draw on the folk art themes she studied in her travels, and her Jewish faith.

Baby Quilts, Quilted Pot-holders, Placemats & Table-Runners

Our dear friend Lynn Mattingly is a renowned fiber artist, and has been practicing and teaching quilting for decades.  An exceptional sense of color-combining, a fabulous collection of fabrics and a mastery of design and craftsmanship combine to make Lynn’s work really special.  We love seeing her beautiful pot-holders hanging on our stove, and they have held up in our kitchen for a very long time. Lynn lives just over the hills in Paonia.

Peace Garlands

Our friend Lynn also makes these artful painted fabric garlands or ‘prayer flags’ with the always-appropriate message of Peace.  Drape them on your holiday tree, across the top of a doorway or window, or any place where you’ll enjoy their beauty and soothing sentiment. 3” high on silk ribbon approx. 48” long.

Abeego Natural, Reusable Eco Food Storage Wraps – Harlequin’s Exclusive

We love this! A great natural way to keep food fresh and safe, and reduce our reliance on plastic. Abeego uses durable, natural hemp/cotton fabric, which they infuse with a blend of 100% natural, simple ingredients – pure beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin, all known for their preservative properties, to make a versatile, breathable wrapping or cover for storing foods. Using gentle pressure and the warmth of your hands, shape the flat square to tightly cover a bowl of leftovers, wrap up cheese, form around produce, baked goods, etc. Abeego is malleable and slightly adhesive at room temperature and will stiffen when cool, holding the shape you created.  The beeswax coating is fluid-resistant, keeps food fresh longer than plastic, and is easy to clean. With proper care, you can expect Abeego to last over a year. Each 3-pack contains a 7”, 10”, and a 13” sheet. Made in Canada.

TG Nature Photos

In his color photography, Martin Tobias has captured some amazing, special moments in nature. He has a keen eye, and the patience and persistence to be in the right place at the right time (in other words, it’s no accident). From Martin’s bio – “Thank you for taking the time to view a little of nature’s beauty through my lens, and for savoring with me some of the few, never-to-be-repeated moments to which I’ve tried to give permanence!” We think you will appreciate his remarkable photos of herons, owls, pelicans, and local landscapes, sold matted or framed. Martin lives in Niwot.

Porcelain Pods and Cactus Cups

A fusion of whimsy, gesture, pattern, texture and patina characterizes Willi Eggerman’s works in clay, which she conceives as functional sculpture – useful pieces with enough presence to stand alone as objects of aesthetic interest for contemplation.  To make her organic, botanically-inspired porcelain pieces, she employs a wide variety of techniques.  “The seed pod has special appeal to me as a symbol of women, and specifically motherhood. I view seed pods as small sculptures, performance art even, as they form, swell, open, and eventually disintegrate.  They are (like women) beautiful, strong, and very practical in getting their job accomplished.”

A long-time member of the Boulder Potter’s Guild, Willi’s work is admired and acclaimed throughout the region.  We are offering some of her Ikebana ‘pods’, perfect for small, informal arrangements or mini-bouquets, and her fanciful pods that can hang on the wall or mount on a garden stake. And this year we are thrilled to have some of Willi’s ‘Cactus’ cups, as well!

Luminous Arts

Our friend Tricia Grable is an artist and has been working in fiber arts and painting for many years. This year we will have her wonderful cards and her vibrant fruit and vegetable print napkin sets.

Leo’s Dry Goods

Shari Moraga is practically our neighbor in Boulder. She calls her work ‘illustrations in thread’. She uses her sewing machine to ‘draw’ and ‘paint’ her light-hearted illustrations of vegetables, honeybees and hives, bicycles, and more on sturdy cotton tea towels, aprons for gardeners and cooks, and zipper bags.

A Ruby Moon

Jen Grant creates these cheerful and artful flags with her original designs – display your affection for wildflowers, bees, birds, etc by garlanding an doorway, deck, porch, window or wall. Hand-made in Lafayette, CO.

Ceramic Garlic Keepers

These beautiful glazed stoneware garlic-keepers, hand-crafted by Boulder potter Cathy Abelson, have perforations to keep garlic fresh as long as possible on the kitchen counter or in your pantry. They are big enough to keep up to a pound of garlic at your fingertips. Cathy’s work is sold in fine galleries around the nation.

Mary Lynn Schumacher

Boulder clay artist Mary Lynn Schumacher makes almost mythical forms and figures that evoke stories, animated with delight and imagination. She is an acclaimed artist who has been making functional and sculptural objects in clay for over 25 years, and is a long-time member of the Boulder Potter’s Guild. We have some of Mary Lynn’s wall nichos, which can be used in the home or garden as small personal shrines, a place to perch a votive candle, a flower or other ‘offering’, as well as other wall-mounted pieces for home or garden, unique planters (wonderful for houseplants, especially succulents!), and holiday tree ornaments.

Majolica Bee Ceramics

Our friends Thea Tenenbaum and Raffaele Malferrari are well known around Boulder and beyond for their charming tradition-based Italian majolica pottery. We asked them to design and create some small candleholders with a bee motif, to fit the beautiful Niwot Honey Farm beeswax taper candles we carry.  They make a delightful gift for almost anyone (especially paired with the beeswax tapers).   And this year we’re delighted to have exquisitely detailed bee mugs, spoon-rests and dessert bowls!

Woodcut Print Calendars, Cards

Theresa Haberkorn, acclaimed woodcut printmaker, has made Boulder her home for two decades.  Her masterful prints are found in exhibits and collections nation-wide, and she teaches her art form as well. Theresa brings her art to household items as well, hand-crafting an artful wall calendar, greeting cards and hand-made books.

Bells & Chimes

From within his solar-powered studio in the foothills beyond Lyons, artist Lane Dukart creates one-of-a-kind stoneware bells and chimes, each individually cast and hand-carved with original designs, inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds him. He applies only natural oxides to accentuate the clay’s inherent earthy tones and the rustic textures of his carvings. The durable stoneware clay is fired to over 2000 degrees F, making it impervious to the elements, able to withstand rain, snow and wind, and can be hung outdoors. The gentle tones evoked by the movement of the bells and chimes are soothing and pleasing. Each finished composition is unique.


Made with reverence, skill and healing intention by our friend Furry Foote, the elder who lives in the foothills, these traditional Native American smudge sticks are finely crafted of aromatic herbs (mostly natives) grown in her own organic garden.  Each herb is included for its specific medicinal and/or spiritual qualities: purifying, giving thanks, cleansing, infection-fighting, head-ache relief, etc.

Meteorites and Petrified Wood

Give a gift that’s out of this world! Our friend Fred Hall is a first-class rock hound. He is especially intrigued with fossil wood and meteorites and is offering both in our Holiday Gift Market this year. These stony meteorites (all found in the Sahara region) originated in the asteroid belt. They’re about 4.566 billion years old — comparable with Earth’s age — and are bits of small asteroids that didn’t separate into crust, mantle, and melted metal core, so the iron-nickel metal is sprinkled through the silicate rock like pepper in scrambled eggs. So when you look at these, you are seeing some of the oldest things in the solar system! Some of the pieces will also have some black fusion crust on the surface from their journey through Earth’s atmosphere.

The fossil wood specimens are all from Utah, and date from the Jurassic Morrison formation, about 145 million years old, while others are from the Triassic Chinle layer, about 210 million years old. Colors come from trace bits of iron oxides, manganese, and other ions. Often the preservation of structures is so detailed that the individual tracheids making up the rings and rays of the wood are still visible under good magnification!

Traveling With Watercolors

Leon Loughridge is an accomplished watercolor painter and woodblock print artist whose beautiful work is exhibited nationally and is included in many museum and private collections. He has decades of experience sketching ‘en plein air’ and has compiled a group of products to aid the artist working out of doors. His excellent softcover book, ‘Traveling with Watercolors’ shows how to develop a plein air sketch with three levels of values. His traveling watercolor kits are perfect, compact sets of watercolor supplies, all housed in sturdy zippered cases, with the contents held in place so they will not fall out. He also offers a light-weight wood traveling easel. Leon publishes his books and prints through his publishing house, Dry Creek Art Press, located in Denver.

Raven Mugs

Shelley Goddard has lived in Boulder for over 35 years and has been involved in a wide variety of creative local business ventures. She founded Boulder Arts and Crafts, one of the nation’s oldest and most successful artist cooperatives, and in the early 1990’s opened “As You Wish”, the vanguard stores for the “Paint Your Own” pottery concept. Shelley has enjoyed teaching a variety of art and business classes since the early 1970’s and works from her home studio.


Sarah deAngelo Designs

In her Denver studio, Sarah makes delicate and feminine jewelry featuring semi-precious stones, pearls and fine metals.  Her expert wire-wrapping and metalworking create elegant settings for the stones, making her pieces luxurious-looking yet affordable.

heARTfelt Hand-Felted Bags

Lisa Robb’s experiments in wool felting led to the discovery of her own technique for embedding patterned silk in the surface of the felt. The resulting gorgeous, textured and color-saturated, one-of-a kind purses, handbags and shoulder bags will make treasured gifts for the gals on your list. Paisley, floral, tie-dye, geometric – the variety is unlimited! Hand-made in Aurora, CO.

True June

Jennifer Grant’s fine semi-precious bead necklaces and bracelets beg to be worn every day. The small beads are crocheted into a super-fine and slightly stretchy cord. They are so charmingly simple, and almost weightless, making them easy to wear with everything. I know people who never take them off.

Finer Edge Jewelry

Boulder artist Karen Edgerly is an accomplished silversmith working in silver combined with copper and brass that she etches, casts or form-folds and sets with precious or semi-precious faceted stones to make sparkly everyday-wearable necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Karen also teaches her craft at pARTiculars in Lafayette.

aGain and Sweet Ann Marie’s

Ann Mitchell loves to sew! And she loves to recycle. So it’s only natural that she would put the two together and create fun fashion by re-purposing high-quality wool and cashmere sweaters to make wonderful one-of-a-kind jackets, coats, ‘arm cozies’ and cashmere baby caps. We also carry her very cozy and flattering fleece hats.

In her line of children’s clothing, Sweet Ann Marie’s, she makes adorable aprons, reversible dresses, onesies, baby booties and more!Ann sews up a storm in her Lafayette, CO studio.

Twenty Pound Tabby Earrings and Ornaments – Harlequin’s Exclusive!

We’ve known Cheryl for many years in the context of her expertise in Roses (she grows about 500 of them in her home garden), and Morris Dancing (Cheryl, husband and kids have all danced with the Maroon Bells Morris Dancers at our May Day Festivals). A few years ago we discovered that she is also a multi-talented craftswoman. Her whimsical ornaments are original designs, meticulously hand-dyed, painted and beaded, sewn on a 1948 Singer sewing machine, and stuffed. They are double sided so they look good from all angles. Because of the nature of the hand dyeing and hand painting, no two ornaments are ever exactly alike. This year she has added delightful faerie ornaments.  Cheryl also makes felted Acorn Earrings, made with real acorn caps, dainty Czech Glass Flower Earrings, and

Scandinavian Slipper Socks – Harlequin’s Exclusive!

Our own Engrid Winslow makes these warm and beautifully patterned soft wool slipper-socks, based on traditional Scandinavian designs and knitted using Swedish twined knitting techniques which make them thick, warm and durable so they can be worn as house slippers.  They are made with 100% wool and are machine washable in cold water and should be laid flat to dry. Sizes range from women’s shoe sizes 6 to 9.  She is also offering ‘regular’ socks in a washable wool/poly blend in lovely color blends with reinforced heels and toes, in sizes for women and men.  Quantities are limited – the early bird gets the socks!

Shift Jewelry

This affordable and fun line of earrings from Lisa Jascott of Denver features enameled and patina finishes on copper. Simple shapes, great colors, and subtle adornment are the hallmarks of this easy-to-wear jewelry.

Lynn Mattingly

This year, in addition to her fabulous quilted items, our friend Lynn has brought us some of her luxurious and exuberantly hand-painted silk scarves. Lynn is all about color, and this is nowhere more evident than in these lovely scarves.

Crow Jane Jewelry

Jessica Thomas has developed several lines of very beautiful and affordable jewelry that are like musical variations on a theme, with graceful, original motifs used in many ways, all of which fit together perfectly to present a look that harkens to ancient, indigenous and mystical symbolism. Her pieces are right on trend, yet absolutely distinctive and original. Her long necklaces are simultaneously dramatic and feminine. Okay, enough words – you just have to come see them!

Dana Birke Designs

Dana Birke works from her little studio in the Boulder foothills. With this vantage point, her inspiration comes from the nature surrounding her – the simplicity and jewel-tones of the wildflowers, aspens, stones and skies. She uses fine metals (often recycled) and gemstones to make subtly elegant jewelry that is easy to wear, regardless of your age or style.

Art by Shea

Fort Collins resident Shea Henke is an adventurous and artful young man who began making jewelry and dream-catchers from salvaged wire at the age of 9. Over the years he has studied numerous techniques and now works extensively with jewelry design, metals and fibers. Shea has also traveled from Alaska to the Amazon, and brought home new materials and inspirations. He will be graduating from college this December with a degree in Business and Nonprofit Management. We think his heart and his art are in the right place!

Union Studio Metals

Michele Keller of Denver applies her metalworking artistry to brass and bronze to make bold and highly wearable (and affordable) rings, bracelets and necklaces that go from daytime casual to evening dress-up with ease.


Dr. Brawner’s Healing Aloe Aftershave – Harlequin’s Exclusive!

Formulated and made in Boulder by ‘the doctor’ himself (Mikl Brawner), from 99% pure Aloe Vera Gel, with cold-pressed, organic Rosehip Seed Oil; 100% pure Jojoba Oil, and 32,000 IU Vitamin E Oil, along with essential oils of Lavender, Vetiver, and Rose. That’s all. No alcohol, nothing synthetic, non-greasy. All the ingredients are natural plant products, chosen for their skin-healing qualities. The steam-distilled Rose Oil is a powerful anti-viral and antiseptic. The other ingredients are good for healing burns and dry and damaged skin, inflammation, wrinkles. They are moisturizing and uplifting to the spirits. Mikl has made and used this formula for more than 10 years to heal his Irish skin from the abrasion of shaving and the drying effects of the Colorado sun (and keep him looking youthful and handsome). And it smells wonderful! (and it’s not just for men).

Kisu Neroli Lip Balm

Created by Plum Botanicals, a small fair-trade organic skin-care line based here in Boulder. This long-lasting lip balm is based on wild-collected African shea butter from a womens’ cooperative, and scented with the marvelous, unique, citrus-y essential oil of neroli.  Shea butter is a natural sun-blocker, so it really helps prevent chapping in all seasons. Kisu is, by far, Eve’s favorite lip balm.

Blair’s Herbals

We are pleased to offer our friend Blair Chandler’s line of handmade, reiki-infused, self-care products that bring forth the healing properties of the biodynamically-grown plants she raises in her organic Boulder garden.  We carry her long-lasting, moisturizing Goddess Soaps (all natural glycerin infused with nourishing herbs and a magical touch of mica), relaxing and healing mineral-rich Bath Salts, and nourishing Breast Oil.

Wellspring Way Herbals

A certified clinical herbalist since 2006, our friend Leslie Lewis is passionate about growing and using plants for their remarkable healing properties. Her beehive and beautiful xeric garden in Longmont provide most of the raw ingredients for Wellspring Way’s salves and infused honeys, all of which are organic, nutrient-dense, and pesticide-free. The very effective salves address a number of conditions – insomnia, lung congestion, fungal infection, rash & sunburn, and cracked skin. New this year, will be an eczema treatment as well.  The herb- infused honeys offer a healing and delicious condiment with many culinary uses. Leslie also teaches a popular class in Medicinals as Ornamentals in a Xeriscape for Harlequin’s Gardens in the summer.

NovAurora Natural Skin Care

Founded in 2000 by our friend Pamela Lambert in Boulder, novAurora Natural Skin Care makes unscented skin-care products for men and women from pure, botanical, body-friendly ingredients – organically grown where available – that promote skin health and beauty, regenerate skin on the cellular level. And stimulate the body to produce its own life-giving nutrients, while doing no harm to the environment or other living beings. Their products include: Soap-free Facial Cleanser (Eve’s favorite), Lotion Potion (for potters and gardeners), Pure Organic Jojoba Oil, Odorless Organic Shea Butter, Weekend Warrior Balm with MSM.  All novAurora products are non-toxic, vegan, gluten-free, and never tested on animals.

‘Trementina’ Traditional Pinyon Salve – Harlequin’s Exclusive!

The Spanish word ‘trementina’ has come to be used as the name for the sap of the pinyon tree of New Mexico. Folk remedies made from this sap have been used for centuries by cowboys, farmers and ranchers to relieve dry, cracked skin, abrasions and scrapes, and for drawing out splinters. Made in New Mexico’s ‘curandera’ tradition by our friend Pamela Clum, who climbed the pinyon trees to gather the sap, and infused it in olive oil and New Mexico beeswax to create this rare traditional salve. Each tin of salve comes in a lovely organza gift bag.

Lamborn Mt. Farmstead Lotion, Soaps, Hydrosol and Culinary Lavender

Our friends Carol and Jim Schott, who you may remember as founder of Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy of Niwot, CO, have resettled over on the Western Slope and created Lamborn Mt. Farmstead on a mesa overlooking Paonia, CO in the North Fork Valley, an area known for its organic orchards, vegetables farms, and vineyards; Carol and Jim are helping to add lavender to that list. From the milk of their own goats and lavender from their fields, they make the most luxuriously creamy, moisturizing hand and body lotion and gentle aromatic soaps. We also offer their Cedar Rose and Rosemary Lemon Mint soaps, calming & uplifting Lavender Hydrosol, and their Culinary Lavender – lavender buds harvested at their peak from varieties especially valued for use in cooking (some recipes included!) and tea. All their products are hand-made in small batches.

Lavender Skin-Care Products by Colorado Aromatics

Mikl and Eve have been using ‘Mountain Mist’ lavender hand & body lotion from Colorado Aromatics for a long time.  The quality of the lavender scent is exceptional, and the lotion is soothing and moisturizing to dry, abused gardeners’ skin.  We offer individual products, and gift sets in lovely mesh bags. Made in Longmont CO with the finest natural, non-toxic ingredients.

BJ’s Hikers

Barbara Schumacher is a watercolor artist and the mother of clay artist MaryLynn Schumacher (see Art & Home section) and 3 other daughters. She has been designing and making hiking sticks since 1999, after finding a nearly perfect fallen stick on a hiking trail. Barbara’s wood is always found in its fallen state and never cut down. Each of her hiking sticks is unique, featuring such designs as petroglyphs, trees, birds, paw prints. When you give someone you love (yourself?) one of BJ’s sticks, you help keep them safer on the trail, and give them a walking companion for life!


Join us on Sun., Dec. 13 (Time TBA) for a book signing with Katrina Blair!

Katrina Blair is the author of The Wild Wisdom of Weeds, the only book on foraging and edible weeds to focus on the thirteen weeds found all over the world, each of which represents a complete food source and extensive medical pharmacy and first-aid kit. The Wild Wisdom of Weeds is about healing ourselves both in body and in spirit, in an age where technology, commodity agriculture, and processed foods dictate the terms of our intelligence. But if we can become familiar with these thirteen edible survival weeds found all over the world, we will never go hungry, and we will become closer to our own wild human instincts—all the while enjoying the freshest, wildest, and most nutritious food there is.

Spiders in Your Neighborhood, A Field Guide to Your Local Spider Friends

Scary? Maybe. Cool? Definitely.

Author Pat Stadille used to be terribly afraid of these eight-legged daddies, until he started learning more about them. Now spiders are his best friends! As a nature enthusiast, we have a feeling you’re going to feel the same way, once you hear about their silky skills, hunting habits, and generally shy and gentle nature. Learn about jumpers, wolf spiders, tarantulas, and, of course, the black widow!

Spiders in Your Neighborhood features detailed drawings and photos of the critters you’ll find, and sections on types of webs, how and where to discover spiders, spider anatomy, common relatives… even a spidey quiz to test your creepy crawly knowledge. So, grab a flashlight and your sleuthing kit and join Pat ”Spiderman” Stadille on a journey around your backyard that will leave you spinning with excitement.  This small book is suitable for any age.

Farm Fork Food: A Year of Spectacular Recipes Inspired by Black Cat Farm

The Denver Post calls Eric Skokan and his pioneering farm-to-table enterprises “the most ambitious do-it-yourself chef and restaurateur in Colorado, and among the most accomplished in the nation. In terms of the blossoming ‘locavore’ or local food movement, Skokan is a leader.” The 130-acre Black Cat Farm supplies Eric’s two highly acclaimed restaurants in downtown Boulder, Bramble & Hare and Black Cat Bistro, as well as a Farmer’s Market booth and CSA.  Eric pours his unbounded energy into working hard at all of these enterprises, and loves every part of it. In ‘Farm Fork Food’ Eric shares his cooking philosophy, love of quality ingredients, “Things I’ve learned along the way”, and his inspirational recipes, and invites home cooks to feel the immediacy and excitement of vegetables and fruits just plucked from the garden. The 219 fabulous recipes are rooted in the seasons and the flavors unique to the Front Range region and are beautifully photographed by Con Poulos.

Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree

Mark Andreas, a Life-Coach in Boulder, collected these 61 true stories of creative and compassionate ways out of conflict.  Each story is unique in the resourceful and often surprising solutions that real people have found to change a fearful or threatening encounter into a humanizing connection.  Not moralistic, and genuinely eye-opening, heart-opening and inspiring. It makes a wonderful gift that can be opened again and again. This excellent read was a big hit at our holiday gift market last year. Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree is strongly endorsed by Dan Millman (author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior), William Ury (author of Getting to Yes), and Eve & Mikl Brawner.

Gardening and Nature Books

Winter is the season when most gardeners get to read gardening books to help them plan and dream their next gardening season. We have an excellent supply of the best books for gardeners and aspiring gardeners, as well as homesteaders.  For the most accurate gardening advice for your Colorado garden, look to our local garden writers!

‘Organic Gardener’s Companion’ by Jane Shellenberger, editor & publisher of the Colorado Gardener magazine, offers up-to-date Colorado-specific advice on every aspect of organic vegetable gardening.
We also have recent books from Colorado’s ‘garden-laureates’ Lauren Springer Ogden & Scott Ogden, including the new revised ‘Undaunted Garden’.
And we have other great books by local garden and nature experts: Dan Johnson’s newly edited ‘Meet the Natives’, Susan Tweit (Colorado Wildscapes),
Gwen Moore Kelaidis (Hardy Succulents), Jim Knopf (Waterwise Landscaping), Tammi Hartung (Homegrown Herbs), Denver Botanic Gardens (Steppes), and more!

Children’s Books

Children have a lively interest in the natural world. They love vivid pictures, but they are bored if we dumb it down for them. These children’s books are fascinating even for adults, full of in-depth science, but graphic and fun—many with projects and activities that make facts real. Also great story books, beautifully told and illustrated – from classic fairy tales to Salman Rushdi’s ‘Luka and the Fire of Life’. Last but not least, the wonderful Peter Yarrow Songbook & CD.  In addition, we have many youth orientated interactive items that put kids in touch with and teaches about nature and natural history.

The Boulder Irish Session ~ Next Sunday at Conor’s

New and hot-off-the-press! At 29 years old, The Boulder Irish Session is a Boulder ‘institution’ and is still going strong. They are an informal, dynamic gathering of top-notch Front Range musicians who come together on Sunday evenings at Conor O’Neil’s Pub in downtown Boulder to share tunes and songs of the Celtic tradition. Over the years, the Session has gained many loyal followers who know they will always hear some of the best, most spirited live traditional Irish and Celtic music in the region on any given Sunday, comparable to sessions in Galway and County Clare. Harlequin’s Gardens co-owner Eve Brawner is one of the founding members of the Boulder Irish Session and is still a ‘regular’ there, playing English concertina, and singing.

This summer the Session produced their second CD, ‘Next Sunday at Conor’s’. This vibrant, live-in-the-studio CD, is comprised of 18 tracks, presenting 38 of our favorite tunes and songs, played by an ensemble of Session members on fiddle, flute, banjo, concertina, button accordion, harp, tin whistle, octave mandolin (bouzouki), guitar, bodhran and vocals.

Elena Klaver – ‘Promise of Spring’ CD

Elena, whose music has been compared to Kate Wolf, has played individually and with a number of groups in the Denver/Boulder area, including the Mother Folkers. Her traditional and original music has been a longtime contribution to numerous peace, justice, and environmental gatherings and events. Based in the activist tradition, her music expresses an emotional and spiritual dimension and connection that inspires us to continue working for a better world. Reflecting Elena’s fluency in both Spanish and English (she works full time as a professional interpreter), the CD’s songs- mostly in English, with a couple in Spanish- also serve as a bridge between languages, cultures and people. And Elena’s lovely voice is and warm and sweet.

Her songs have been recorded by a number of other musicians, including the award-winning duo Magpie. Her song for Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier, Dakota Wind, appears on an anthology of songs that includes the work of Bruce Cockburn, Joanne Shenandoah, and Buffy Sainte Marie. She has shared the stage with such venerable folk musicians and activists as the late Utah Phillips, Si Kahn, John McCutcheon, and the late Mimi Fariña, among others. Elena is joined on this CD by a number of other accomplished local musicians.
Come and hear Elena live, at 11 am Saturday Nov. 28, during our Holiday Open House.

Jon Sousa ~ Jon Sousa Solo, SuanTrai (with Adam Agee, fiddle)

Jon is one of the rising stars of Traditional Irish music and solo finger-style guitar as well as banjo, and has studied and performed to much acclaim in Ireland and Europe as well as Colorado.  Jon’s musical journey started early in his life, including rock and electronic dance music, but after moving to Boulder in 2003, he fell deeply in love with Traditional Irish music. His impeccable technique and the grace and passion of his playing are dazzling.  Jon teaches and performs solo and as a duo with the equally talented Adam Agee on fiddle, and can sometimes be found at the Boulder Irish Session at Conor O’Neil’s on Sunday evenings.

Gift Certificates

Harlequin’s Gardens Gift Certificates are always a perfect gift for any Front Range gardener (okay, maybe not perfect for someone who only grows a water garden) and are always available.  Come in to buy gift certificates and shop our Holiday Market, or follow the instructions on our website to order by phone or mail.  If you need a gift certificate during the months when we are closed (November, January, February) you are welcome to order it by mail or phone.  See Gift Certificates at

We are very appreciative of your support and wish you a season of joy and fulfillment!  We look forward to seeing you soon at our Holiday Gift Market.

Eve & Mikl Brawner
and the Wonderful Staff at Harlequin’s Gardens

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Harlequin’s Gardens Holiday Gift Market continues!

Greetings to our Customers & Friends!

It’s December 10 and I still have Autumn Crocus blooming in my garden!

Well, at least this year we are having a gradual (if late) journey into Winter. And very soon we will see the lengthening of the days, and before you know it, bees sipping nectar from early spring crocus!  By the way, we still have some great Spring-flowering Bulbs, at 50% OFF! And you can still plant them successfully!

As you celebrate the season, we invite you to come (or come again) to our Holiday Gift Market, which is open for its

Final 2 Weeks!
Open 10 ~ 5 every Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday through Christmas Eve, Dec. 24

Enjoy home-made cookies, jam samples and a cup of hot cider while you shop local in a warm, rustic and relaxed atmosphere.


Discover why customers tell us:

“I hate to shop – I even buy my socks online!
But I LOVE to shop at Harlequin’s holiday gift market!”
“It doesn’t feel like shopping; it’s more like a jolly visit with family!”

“No need to go elsewhere.
Unique, affordable local art and products for everyone on my list –
simply the best I’ve ever found at a holiday market!”
“Shopping here is such a relief!”
“Great local crafts & treats”

…and many more enthusiastic comments!

We have NEW ITEMS and lots of RESTOCKED ITEMS!

Safe and Fun Toys, Clothing, & Books for Kids

Brand New CDs by Boulder Irish Session, White Birds (Margot Krimmel & Beth Gadbaw

Unique Hand-made Jewelry, Hats, Socks, Gloves, Scarves, by local artisans

Locally hand-made Ceramic Planters for your succulents and other house-plants

Beautiful Holiday and other Greeting Cards by local artists

Locally hand-crafted Quilts, Potholders, Placemats, Table Runners, Aprons, Napkins

Fine locally-crafted Ceramic Mugs and other Clay Art

Excellent Books by award-winning local authors

Delicious Specialty Foods by the best local producers, including Harlequin’s Exclusives and fabulous Chocolates!

Locally-made non-toxic Body-Care products




Fine Art, Craft and Seasonal Ornaments by local artisans Indoor Succulent Gardens

Eco Products for Sustainable Living
Gardening Tools & Accessories
……………and MORE!

We have been able to re-stock some of our most popular items
, such as Eve’s grain-free Pecan Shortbread cookies, up-cycled wool and cashmere ‘arm-cozies’ from Ann Mitchell, Robin Chocolate truffles, wood-block printed tea towels and calendars from Theresa Haberkorn, many of our great local body-care products, beeswax candles, and ceramic pieces by Willi Eggerman, Thea & Rafaele, Lois Edgar and others, ornaments from Twenty Pound Tabby, Ritual chocolate bars, and many more items!
AND, we have some exciting new artists and new items from the artists you already know.

Sondra Finch, a new artist for us, just brought in a big armload of fabulous, fun hand-knitted hats and head bands!Mark Andreas, author of the very popular and inspiring ‘Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree’ brought us his hot-off-the-press new book, “Waltzing with Wolverines: Finding connection & cooperation with troubled teens’.

Ann Mitchell brought in wonderful new skirts and tops made from re-purposed garments.

Beth Gallovic recently dropped off delightful stuffed, re-purposed fabric turtles, great as toys and as pillows.

AND, gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, meticulously hand-made silk Bandhani Scarves from Gujarat, India are ON SALE for 25% off! Last chance! 

New and restocked items continue to arrive, so keep checking back!

Gift Certificates

Harlequin’s Gardens Gift Certificates are always a perfect gift for any Front Range gardener (okay, maybe not perfect for someone who only grows a water garden) and are always available.  Come in to buy gift certificates and shop our Holiday Market, or follow the instructions on our website to order by phone or mail.  If you need a gift certificate during the months when we are closed (November, January, February) you are welcome to order it by mail or phone.  See Gift Certificates at

We are grateful for your support,and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Eve & Mikl Brawner
and the Marvelous Staff at Harlequin’s Gardens

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Harlequin’s Gardens Holiday Gift Market Final Weekend!

Winter Greetings!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Winter Solstice and Holiday Season full of good cheer, good company, good health, good food and the spirit of generosity.

If you are looking for LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE, UNIQUE, QUALITY gifts (or things for yourself), please check out our Holiday Gift Market.  We have continued to re-stock and add wonderful new items! You’ll find inspired, affordable gifts of all kinds for almost everyone on your list, many of them one-of-a-kind, and many not available anywhere else.  We’ve got everything from Hostess gifts and Stocking Stuffers to wonderful ‘Main-Course’ gifts.  See the ‘photo gallery’ below.


Open 10 ~ 5
this Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
(Dec. 17-20)

and Christmas Eve, Thursday, Dec. 24

After December 24, Harlequin’s Gardens
will be closed until March 3, 2016


This week you will find some items on sale at significant discounts –

Spring-blooming Bulbs, 50% off

Succulent Houseplants, 30% off 


Ritual Chocolate bars,15% off

Come in to find additional unadvertised bargains! 

We are profoundly grateful that the response to our market this year has been fantastic, and we’re having such a great time doing it!

Several new comments came in this week:

“LOVE your holiday market!
Products by our local creatives are always preferred,
and these are some of the best I’ve seen.
The intimate setting and helpful advice on beekeeping items
were also welcome. Thanks!”

“So warm and cozy –
wish I could have stayed longer to keep shopping!
Beautiful music, too! May have to go back next weekend…”
“Of course the music was lovely and the quality of the artisans.
There were also some tasty morsels to sample.
The atmosphere was festive.”


Just like us, bees huddle together indoors when it is snowy and cold.  For them, it is all about protecting the queen and the small amount of brood rearing that is going on.  Honeybees live longer in the winter months because they don’t wear themselves out foraging for honey and pollen.  On warm days (above 50) they will leave the hive and take “cleansing flights”, which means exactly what it sounds like!  They will also freely access honey stores in the top box.  Many beekeepers have already put pollen and/or sugar patties on top of the bottom brood box where the bees can easily access it.  The bees rotate from the inside to the outside of the cluster and may grab a nip of food while on the outside.   If you put your ear to the outside opening of the hive you can hear the gentle buzz of the colony generating warmth.  Sadly, many of the bees on the outside of the cluster sacrifice themselves to keep their sisters and the queen warm.   Fingers are crossed and hopes are high that the colony will survive the cold dark nights and have enough food in their reserves (and with some supplementation).

Solitary and native bees, even bumblebees, do not over-winter as a colony.  Only the queen, and in some cases larvae, are present in nesting boxes, holes in wood or underground.  Their chances of surviving the winter are much better than a honeybee hive.


Gloves are always a welcome gift because as the beekeeper works the hives, they get sticky and stiff from propolis and honey.  They don’t really wash well and need to be replaced.  The ones we carry in the Bee Barn tend to run quite large so be sure to buy a size or even two smaller than regular gloves.  It’s no fun to have bits of glove hanging off the end of your fingers getting caught between frames and the hive.
Log Book – Every good beekeeper should keep records of the status of their hives every time they look in the hive or observe bee behavior.  We carry the “Mighty Giant” version which is bright yellow with weatherproof pages.
Hive Tools – Beekeepers love their hive tools and like to have different ones for different uses.  If the beekeeper on your list only has the regular hive tool, they will appreciate receiving one of the more unusual ones such as the extra long or the multi-tool.
Books – We have a number of great books including the textbook for the Boulder County Beekeepers’ Beekeeping Class, which will start in January.  One book that is extremely popular is the recently published Beekeeping, Mentor in a Book by local beekeeper Donald Studinsky.  This is a valuable, month by month guide to beekeeping packed with valuable information including the recipe for making your own sugar patties.


Come in and check out our metal bee garden stakes, queen bee key rings, books about gardening for bees and native pollinators, bee hand puppets from Folkmanis, locally hand-made majolica bee bowls, mugs and candle sticks and, of course, our huge selection of locally-crafted beeswax candles.

Still don’t know what to give?  Talk with one of our beekeepers on staff, either Engrid, Diane or Amy is there every day the Holiday Market is open, for even more great ideas and of course a Harlequin’s Gift Certificate suits everyone!

Thank you for your continued support!

Warmly,Eve & Mikl Brawner
and the Wonderful Staff at Harlequin’s Gardens

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