Fall 2015 Newsletter

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Fall 2015 Newsletter
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Dear Friends and Fellow Gardeners,
Welcome to Autumn and to Harlequin’s Gardens Fall Plant Sale.
With fall approaching, days and nights are more equal in length. This signals plants to shift energy from flowers to roots. And this is why it is both an excellent time in Colorado for planting and for fertilizing. Evergreens, like our Colorado-grown dwarf conifers, Woodward Junipers and Bristlecone Pine should be planted in early autumn so they will be well-rooted to avoid drying out during our sunny winters. And fertilizing is best done by mid-September so plants will have the nutrition to produce flower and fruit buds for next spring. This is especially important for fruit trees and berry bushes to produce well the following year. But even roses, shrubs and perennials perform better with fall fertilization.
Our efforts to secure plants free from neonicotinoid pesticides really paid off this year. Harlequin’s Gardens is not only 100% neonic-free, we have the best selection of plants we have ever had. Our Fall Sale always offers good deals on our healthy plants, but this year you will have the biggest selection to choose from: natives, roses, perennials, shrubs and ground covers—we have them. And they will not poison our bees, butterflies or beneficial insects, nor weaken or kill our birds, soil bacteria or symbiotic fungi. We see this value, not as a bonus, but as the new standard of life support for our planet.
Research at CSU has shown that fall is the most important time to fertilize turf grass. We carry organic fertilizers that are good for lawns. September is the best time of year to aerate. Follow that with fertilizer and ideally with a quarter inch of compost topdressing. This will thicken up thin lawns and help to prevent fungal diseases. Fall is also an excellent time to apply Corn Gluten,the organic weed and feed,.
Nature Cycle Lawn Fertilizer: made from chicken manure, blood meal, feather meal
Alpha One Fertilizer: alfalfa, cottonseed meal, blood meal, sunflower
Lawn Topdressing: composted chicken manure and wood chips
Mile-Hi Rose Feed: with alfalfa and kelp; excellent for Sept. use; promotes repeat flowering & strength
Yum Yum Mix: cottonseed, rock dust, alfalfa, rock phosphate, kelp: perennials, shrubs & xeriscapes
Biosol: fungal mass with many nutrients; certified organic; for lawns, perennials, veggies, shrubs
Tomato & Vegetable Food and Harlequin’s Fertility Mix: both great for fall veggie planting
Planters II, now Rocky Mt. Minerals, is a rock dust very beneficial for plant health & nutrient density.
Kelp for micronutrients; Humate to make nutrients available

Organic Fall Veggie Starts: More people are catching on to planting cool-season greens in the fall. This can be very rewarding & the season can be extended with row cover & mulch:
Many varieties of Kale, Lettuce and Mesclun Lettuce, Spinach, & Swiss Chard, plus Arugula, Kohlrabi, Broccoli Raab, Winter Cress,& Asian Greens: Bok Choy, Tat Soi, Senposai These new premium plants cannot be sold at a discounted price

We also have a great selection of Botanical Interests Seeds for cool-season greens

Our Fall Sale has graduated discounts that change and increase through September. Our discounts might not dive as rapidly or as deeply as some stores, because we are not dumping the dregs before they crash. Our plants are still strong and healthy and neonic-free. We choose our plants carefully, buy from the better suppliers, and we grow thousands of plants organically in nutritious potting mixes that we blend ourselves. We go to great lengths to insure your planting success, and to support your organic methods. See page 4 for Fall Sale details.

BULBS- (no discount) Don’t envy our species tulips, deer-resistant daffodils, and fragrant hyacinths next spring when you visit Harlequin’s. Get them from us and plant them now. We will have many kinds of bulbs and new varieties. Check our website under Plants/Bulbs for detailed descriptions and photos of this year’s selection.

DEEP DISCOUNT AREA: Opens Monday, August 31, where you will find the very beautiful and dependable ‘Red Creeping Thyme’ and ‘Wooly Thyme’, Creeping Baby’s Breath, Herniaria, Kelaidis Ice Plant, Corsican Viola, Lamb’s Ears, Agastache rupestris etc reduced from $3.95 to $1.75. One gallon heirloom irises for $5, one gallon roses for $10 and More. Many kinds of Hen and Chicks for $1.00.

And before we lose you in the fall sale details, we want to be sure you see the announcement for our incomparable Holiday Gift Market, when we will be offering locally-made artisan goods & products.  You will want to print off a copy of the invitation ‘postcard’ as a reminder, and because it is also your entry form for a drawing for two $100 Harlequin’s Gift Certificates!  One entry per customer, please. Here’s the link: Printable Postcard

Beekeepers: visit our Bee Barn for your bee equipment needs including: Cloake Boards, Grafting Tools, Mesh Strainers, Gift Honey Containers, Capping Scratchers etc.

Our new crop of Fruit Trees, grown in our own potting mix, with mycorrhizae, and without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers, will be available at regular prices. They are in short supply and cannot be discounted.

Most of the rest of our plants ARE on SALE including:

ORGANIC HERB STARTS: Comfrey, Valerian, Hyssop, Stevia, Rosemary, Angelica, Stinging Nettle, several Lavenders, many Mints, Oregano, Wild Parsley, Prunella, Winter Savory, Golden Feverfew and more

BERRIES: Organic Strawberry plants; fall-fruiting, dependable Raspberries; Zone 4 Table Grapes and hardy Wine Grapes, all chosen for good flavor and success in Colorado. Also HOPS.

GROUNDCOVERS: several creeping thymes, great for summer flowering and bee-support (neonic-free), Paronychia (‘Tough As Nails’)-looks like a thyme, but more water-wise; many varieties of creeping Veronica, blooming blue in spring including Turkish Veronica, Thyme-leaf Veronica, Crystal Rivers, Wooly Veronica, True Allioni with 4” spikes and the rare and tough ‘Dick’s Wine’ with purple-pink flowers. Also many sedums including: ‘Dragon’s Blood’ with deep pink flowers and red fall color, evergreen ‘Acre’, luscious Sedum cauticola lidakense with gray-purple foliage and rich pink flowers, Bailey’s Gold, the Sedum hybridum Panayoti collected in Kazakhstan, our native Sedum lanceolatum and the Plant Select ‘Turquoise Tails’ and creeping oregano, low teucriums, Herniaria, creeping potentilla, and more.

VINES: Clematis, Honeysuckles, Trumpet Vines, Orn. Grape, Hops, Bittersweet, Wisteria
We have 10 varieties of Hummingbird Mints (Agastaches) and we aim to sell them by Sept. 15, because they establish better if planted earlier in the fall: Blue Fortune, Coronado, A. rupestris, Joyful, Blue Blazes, Golden Jubilee, Sonoran Sunset, giant A. barberi & its selections Tutti Frutti & Firebird. Thanks to Kelly Grummons for the new varieties.

ORNAMENTAL GRASSES: Our Harlequin-grown one gallon grasses are perfectly ready.
They were not shipped here from California in the spring and now root-bound. Ours will not only survive, they will thrive when planted in September: Little Bluestem, Northern Sea Oats, Blonde Ambition, Stipa pennata, Shenandoah Switchgrass, Sideoats Grama, Blue Grama, Pennisetum orientale, Karl Foerster, Giant Sacaton and Undaunted Muhly Grass
Neonic-free Grasses are hard-to-find: Ours will not attract insects and poison them

ROSES: Our proven, sustainable own-root roses will be 20% off the entire month of September. A huge selection of our premium plants

TREES: many varieties, container-grown have complete root systems and are easy to plant: Mt. Ash with white flowers and red berries-not affected by Emerald Ash Borer, Crab Apples, Hawthorns, Aspens, Chokecherry, Buffaloberry, Mayday Tree, Rocky Mt. Juniper, Oaks

Shrubs: both native and non-native, some in #2 pots are Harlequin-Grown in nutrient-rich soil mix with worm compost and mycorrhizae; economical & premium quality: Butterfly Bush, Rose of Sharon, Lead Plant, Currants, Fernbush, Spirea, Cotoneaster, Chilopsis

HUNDREDS OF PERENNIALS: like ‘Harlequin’s Silver’ Germander, Tuscan Honeymoon Dianthus, Russian Sage, Lamiastrum ‘Herman’s Pride’, Prairie Petunia, Yellow Columbine, Perky Sue, 10 varieties of Penstemon, Chocolate Flower, Ajuga ‘Catlin’s Giant’, Plumbago, Eriogonum allenii and others, Anemone robustissima, many great Hardy Geraniums, several Coral Bells, Agaves, several Goldenrods, Bergenia, Regal Lily, Salvias: ‘Windwalker’, daghestanica, grandiflora, East Friesland, Blue Hill, reptans etc; Scabiosa- Fama, Blue Butterfly, lucida; Oregano: Hopley’s Purple, Kent’s Beauty, Amethyst Falls, sipyleum, Wood’s Compact, many Dianthus, several Asters, Echium, Zauschneria, Moon Carrot, Tall Globemallow, Helianthemum, Harebell Campanula

Winter-hardy Cacti: Mt. Ball, Snow Leopard Cholla, Lloyd’s Hedgehog-orange, Claret Cup-red-orange, Fendler’s Hedgehog-purple, Pincushion Ball- deep pink & prickly pears

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Special Event August 29: don’t miss the 2015 Taste of Tomato: festival & tasting (see www.HarlequinsGardens.com for complete information)

Open: Daily 9-5 and Thursday 9-6 ; October: daily 9-5
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FALL SALE: We cannot offer our plants at deeper discounts, because our neonic-
free plants are hard to find and our Harlequin-grown plants are premium quality.
(You pay more for plants grown in poor soil with chemicals that struggle, die and/or poison our Earth)

MEMBERS SALE: Monday, August 24 thru August 30: for your special support, you are rewarded with first pick: 20% off all plants except Fruit Trees, and 25% off books (Membership is still $20, membership supports our demo gardens & has benefits)

FALL SALE begins for everybody: Monday, August 31 thru Sept. 6: 20% off most plants except veggies, berries, fruit trees and bulbs. The Deep Discount section will be opened with $1.75 perennials (were $3.95 & $4.95),$1.oo Hen and Chicks, $10 roses etc.

September 7 thru 13 enjoy 25% off perennials, shrubs & trees. And 20% off Roses, AND 20% off soil products in big bags and 20% off Compost Tea

Sept. 14 thru 20 take 25% off perennials, shrubs and trees; 20% off Roses and books; and 30% off soil products in big bags and 20% off Compost Tea

Sept. 21 thru 27 take 30% off perennials, shrubs and trees, and 30% off soil products in big bags, 20% off Roses and Books; Compost Tea- buy one, get one FREE!

Sept.28 thru Oct. 30 there will be a 30% discount off perennials and shrubs and trees. 20% OFF Roses and Books And 50% off soil products in big bags; 50% off Compost Tea

Reopening Nov. 27 for our Holiday Gift Market


Opens Green Friday Nov. 27-Dec. 24 every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10-5
Offering: exceptional local artisan goods: Eve’s gluten-free shortbread cookies, Engrid’s jams & preserves, local specialty foods, herbal body-care products, bees-wax candles, jewelry, clothing & accessories, gift certificates, books, CD’s, gardening tools, planting calendars, gloves, Mikl’s Aftershave, illuminated magnifiers, succulent plants, honey & bee-keeping supplies; MANY other great gifts. Door-prize drawings daily !!!

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