Greetings to our Friends & Fellow Gardeners!

We’re sorry to keep you waiting so long, but here are the results of the wonderful 2014 TASTE of TOMATO event, where close to 100 gardeners contributed 64 different varieties of their home-grown tomatoes for all the participants to taste, evaluate and vote for their top 5 favorites.



All of our fall bulbs have now arrived, so now we have TULIPS! Beautiful, hardy, tough, early-blooming, naturalizing perennials, the Species Tulips we offer are the jewels of the early and mid-spring garden, including Xeriscapes and rock gardens. One example: Tulipa bakeri ‘Lilac Wonder’ is a graceful and free-blooming lavender-pink star with a sunny yellow center on stems up to 12” tall, hardy to USDA zone 3.

Other tulip varieties we offer are Little Gem and Little Princess, ‘waterlily’ tulips Early Harvest (orange) and Scarlet Baby, graceful ‘Lady’ tulips (T. clusiana ‘Cynthia’), brilliant T. griegii ‘Red Riding Hood’ and salmon T. griegii ‘Mary Ann’

We have also just received the elegant and fascinating bee-favorite Sicilian Honeybells, sky-blue Botanical Iris reticulata ‘Gordon’, and Brodeia ‘Queen Fabiola’, bringing umbels of stunning blue to the late-spring/early-summer garden.


Don’t forget – there are hardy bulbs that bloom in FALL, and they need to be planted NOW!  They look fantastic peaking up through groundcovers and fallen autumn leaves. We’re talking about purple Saffron Crocus (C. sativus), and violet-blue Crocus speciosus

And we still have LOTS of other bulbs:

Miniature and standard-sized Daffodils

Dutch crocus and super- early botanical crocus varieties

Deer/rodent-proof Red Crown Imperial,

Spectacular, drought-tolerant globe Alliums (ornamental onions),

Shade-loving lavender-blue Ipheion,

Blue Glory of the Snow,

Strong-growing and showy Large-cup and Trumpet Daffodils ‘Mount Hood’, ‘Dutch Master’, ‘Professor Einstein’, ‘Ice Follies’ and ‘Red Devon’,

and delightful, naturalizing, early-blooming Miniature Daffodils ‘Jetfire’, ‘Pipit’, ‘Tete a Tete’, and the fabulously fragrant jonquil ‘Geranium’.

Come in for bulbs while they last! It will soon be time to plant them!


We still have 3 great varieties of garlic for planting (or eating).  Garlic should be planted in mid to late October or early November (a little earlier at higher elevation).  2 varieties are certified organic, the third grown organically but not certified.


continues with 30% off our healthy, robust Neonicotinoid-Free Perennials, Vines, Grasses and Shrubs.


We have a wonderful selection of ornamental grasses, many native and most of them quite drought-tolerant. At 30% off, you can’t afford NOT to get these Neonic-free beauties that offer so much dynamic interest in the fall and winter garden, as well as wildlife support.

DID YOU KNOW that all ornamental grasses shipped into Colorado from any state where Japanese beetles are present (all states east and south of Colorado) are REQUIRED by the Dept. of Agriculture to receive a neonic pesticide drench before coming into Colorado?  This means that MANY of the ornamental grasses you will find for sale in Colorado garden centers are laden with neonics, which are toxic to bees, butterflies, soil organisms, many beneficial insects, hummingbirds, and seed-eating and insect-eating birds. We have been growing our own grasses and sourcing from local growers who we know are neonic-free.


Now is the BEST time to fertilize and top-dress garden beds and lawns. This is because in autumn, plants are directing most of their energy to growing strong root systems, which will strengthen plants through the winter and make them more robust next spring.  And it’s also because our Large Bagged FERTILIZERS and COMPOSTS are ON SALE for 30% OFF.  And Compost Tea is 50% OFF!


From October 1st through October 30th we will be OPEN EVERY DAY from 9am to 5 pm.

We will be CLOSED Oct. 31 though Nov. 27.

We will RE-OPEN for our HOLIDAY GIFT MARKET on FRIDAY Nov. 28th (Green Friday), and will be open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through December 21st.

If you can get to Loveland, a town FULL of artists, don’t miss their Open Studios tour, and be sure to visit the studio of Sheron Buchele Rowland, on of the fine artisans whose work is featured at our Holiday Gift Market.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Mikl & Eve Brawner and the wonderful staff at Harlequin’s Gardens