Fall 2013 Newsletter

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Fall 2013 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and Fellow Gardeners,

Welcome to Autumn and to Harlequin’s Gardens Fall Plant Sale.

This year’s gardening was a releaf after last year’s very hot and dry weather. If we can forgive Spring’s killing cold, we will remember her frequent drenching snows, and how the plants recovered and the reservoirs filled. We have to call it good, this Natural World, powered by the sun and nourished with water, even though we can’t purchase the natural conditions we would like.

We have enjoyed afternoon showers and cool temperatures. Now with the fresh, ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, beans and berries coming from our gardens, eating at home is way better than going out to a restaurant. And now strolling through the beauty in our gardens, we can taste the bittersweet flavor of fall. We see the harvest and know winter is coming; not yet, but certainly winter will come. So at this time of year, Harlequin’s Gardens holds our annual Fall Plant Sale.

September is a very successful time to establish plants. When plants prepare for winter they redistribute the nutrients from upper activities like growing and flowering into lower activities like growing roots and storing nutrients in their roots. Also with September come cooler temperatures and often more rain to help plants get established. This is why Fall is good for planting and why fall is the best time to fertilize our plants.

Our sale has graduated discounts that change and increase through September. Our discounts might not dive as rapidly or as deeply as some stores, because we are not dumping the dregs before they crash. Our plants are still strong and healthy. We choose our plants carefully, buy from the better suppliers, and we grow thousands of plants organically in nutritious potting mixes that we blend ourselves. Our soils are not the usual soilless mixes that must be frequently fertilized with chemical fertilizers. Our mixes feed the plants for a long time and contain beneficial mycorrhizae fungi that will multiply in your soils to help our plants get established. We go to great lengths to insure your planting success, and to support your organic methods. See below for Fall Sale schedule details.

Besides plants, our sale includes excellent composts, mulches, organic fertilizers and compost tea to feed the soil and strengthen the plants as they prepare for winter and make fruit buds for next year’s harvest. And we have seeds, and great books so you can cultivate your mind in the winter.

Available at the Fall Sale (no sale discount) 

We are again offering organic cool-season veggie starts: Piracicaba Broccoli, broccoli raab, lettuce (Romaine, Butterhead, Loose-leaf, Mesclun, Heirloom, and more), super-hardy spinach and arugula, kale (Red Russian, Black Tuscan/Lacinato, Dwf. Blue Curled, White Russian, Winterbor), swiss chard (Fordhook Giant, Ruby Red, Bright Lights mixed, Seafoam), mustard greens (India Red Giant, Senposai, Mizspoona), collards (Variegated, Georgia Southern), tatsoi, pak choy, Bull’s Blood beet greens, cilantro, winter/upland cress, and more!. These are available in 2 ½” pots and some also in 10” fiber planters. We also have Tulsi (Holy) basil plants (great medicinal and delicious tea) and rosemary plants you can continue to grow indoors when temperatures drop.

BULBS: (no discount)
This year we will offer a number of delightful new species and varieties as well as many reliable old favorites. Check our website under Plants/Bulbs for detailed descriptions and photos of this year’s selection. Buy bulbs in September, while the selection is best, and hold for planting in October & November.

FRUIT TREES and BERRY BUSHES: (no discount) excellent, hard-to-find varieties for good flavor and local success.

DEEP DISCOUNT AREA: Opens Sept. 2  Both pre-stressed and new plants for rock-bottom prices. Many customers have been thrilled with how quickly they grow and look beautiful. This area will contain perennials, roses, shrubs and trees. For example: 2 ½” pots only $1.25; 1 gallon beautiful John Davis Canadian Shrub/Climber reg.$22 now $10. Very xeric Hackberry trees reg.$70, now $35, super fragrant Hall’s Honeysuckle reg. $17 now $10; evergreen Euonymus vines reg $19 now $11

And before we lose you in the fall sale details, we want to be sure you see the announcement for our incomparable Holiday Gift Market, when we will be offering locally-made artisan goods & products.  You will want to print off a copy of the invitation ‘postcard’ as a reminder, and because it is also your entry form for a drawing for three $100 Harlequin’s Gift Certificates!  One entry per customer, please. Here’s the link: Printable Postcard

Here is a taste of some of the great plants available at our Fall Sale

NATIVES: Native plants are adapted to dramatic ups and downs of weather and drought. They support local pollinators & birds and help create a successful western landscape.

Golden Dome-Gutierrezia- a local native subshrub forming a 12”-16” dome of vivid green thin stems that bloom in fall a rich yellow. Very drought tolerant. Similar to Dwarf Rabbitbrush, but smaller. Use as a specimen, in a meadow or hell-strip. Shear after bloom.

Eriogonum ‘Kannah Creek’-one of the best Sulfur Flowers; evergreen foliage is low to the ground and turns burgundy in winter; drought tolerant, good in full sun or part shade, good soil or poor,  yellow pom-poms on 6” stems turn rusty, look good for a long time

Many-Flowered Puccoon-Lithospermum multiflorum-you won’t find this Boulder Co. native at other nurseries, 6”x10” mound with soft yellow bells; likes well-drained soil and is showier in part shade, even dry shade. Slow to develop but tough; from locally-collected seed.

Pitcher Sage-Salvia azurea: stunning blue flowers in summer on 6’ plants, lax growth is better with a buddy like big rabbitbrush which blooms yellow at the same time. Xeric

Wild Grape-powerful, cold-hardy grape that quickly covers anything, flowers are not showy but smell very grapey; the small fruits make a great pie and are excellent food for wildlife

Fernbush- 4’-6’ xeric shrub with short spikes of showy white, fragrant flowers blooming mid to late summer, very attractive to pollinators; ferny, aromatic leaves stay green most of the year. A very unusual and dense shrub that offers variety and smothers weeds.

Clove Currant-Ribes odoratum: spicy, very fragrant golden flowers, like Golden Currant, but has larger fruit and is more tolerant of dry conditions. A 4’-5’ shrub that turns red in the fall. These plants are seedlings from Crandall so should have loads of big, tasty fruit.

Littleleaf Mockorange- usually fragrant 4-petalled white flowers can be smelled from a distance,  3’-4’ shrub for rock garden, front of border or specimen, blooms over a long period if watered deeply once a week, likes growing next to a big rock

Hackberry Tree: the fastest-growing hardwood tree and most drought tolerant; very adaptable (moist is fine); grows to 50’; good for hot, windy western exposure to make shade from the late afternoon sun; attractive bark, strong branching; the gall is not a health issue

Plus: Pussytoes, Penstemons, Compass Plant, Gaillardia, Aster, Goldenrod, etc.

VINES: these plants can make a tall statement in a narrow space, cover a boring fence or wall, hide the neighbor’s junk car, create a sense of intimate space and be beautiful.

Hall’s Honeysuckle: powerfully fragrant white flowers age yellow, blooming all summer; nearly evergreen vine to 15’+, performs best with composted soil not too dry; intoxicating fragrance can be inhaled across the yard; not invasive in Colorado, sun or part shade

Baltic Ivy: very hardy evergreen vine to zone 4; more tolerant of sun and cold than English Ivy; great for groundcover in dry shade; low maintenance if by itself; prefers some compost; water in drought; can cling to walls & fences; a sustainable choice for a vertical garden

Wintercreeper Vines:

Euonymus fortunei: we love them because they are all tough, evergreen, water-thrifty, and can fulfill many functions.

Purpleleaf Wintercreeper-E. coloratus: the most drought tolerant; deep, glossy green leaves do turn purple in winter; must be trained but can be a 12” groundcover, a 3’-4’ shrub or hedge, or a 12’ vine.

E. Minima: small leaves, the most delicate; for a trellis in part to deep shade, to 10’

E. Vegeta: big woody stems make a strong vine and evergreen screen; heavy with orange berries in the fall; very cold hardy; to 20’.

And many Clematis, Honeysuckles, Wisteria, Trumpet Vines etc.

HERBS: True Lavender-Lavandula vera: the original Lavender and considered by Horizon Herbs to be “the best of all Lavenders”; fragrant, medicinal, graceful, 2’-3’; blue flowers.

And many other herbs, nearly all grown organically.

SHADE PLANTS: Palace Purple Coral Bells-metallic, coppery purple leaves, white flowers

Viola corsica-extremely long-blooming purple flowers; And many more for shade  


Giant Sacaton-7’ with the seed heads, low-water, big impact; And many more grasses.

ROSES: Our proven, sustainable own-root roses will be on sale 1) during the Members Sale and 2) Sept 9-15 when they will be 20% off.

TREES: many varieties, container grown have complete root systems and are easy to plant.

SHRUBS: both native and non-native, some in #2 pots are Harlequin-Grown in nutrient-rich soil mix with worm compost and mycorrhizae; economical and premium quality.

HUNDREDS OF PERENNIALS: like ‘Harlequin’s Silver’ Germander, Stiff Goldenrod, Tuscan Honeymoon Dianthus, Filligree Daisy (Anthemis marschalliana), Lemon Drops (Onosma)

Corn Gluten Meal-9% nitrogen winterizer for lawns that also acts as a Non-toxic pre-emergent herbicide, suppressing the germination of weed seeds. Apply in Sept/October and again in late February/March for significant weed control.

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Special Event September 7:  don’t miss the 2013 Taste of Tomato: festival & tasting (see www.HarlequinsGardens.com for complete information)

Harlequin’s Gardens is Open:

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Monday, August 26 through Sept 1:  MEMBERS SALE: for your special support, you are rewarded with first pick: 20% off all plants and 25% off books (Membership is still $20).

Sunday, Sept 2 thru 8, the Fall Sale begins for everybody: 20% off most plants except roses, berries and fruit trees.  10% off books & 10% off soil products in big bags. Also the Deep Discount section will be opened with perennials, roses, shrubs and trees.

September 9 thru 15 enjoy 25% off perennials, shrubs & trees THIS WEEK ONLY  20%  off most ROSES  And 10% off books and soil products in big bags; 20% off Compost Tea.

Sept. 16 thru 22 take 30% off perennials, shrubs and trees and 20% off soil  products in big bags; 10% off books. THIS WEEK ONLY: Eco-Econo $3 big bag Boulder Compost (local food and landscape wastes) You bag it in recycled burlap bags. This is local power.

Sept. 23 thru 29 take 35% off perennials, shrubs and trees, and 30% off soil products in big bags, 30% off Compost Tea, 10% off Books.

 Sept.30 thru Oct. 30 there will be a 40% discount off perennials and shrubs and trees.          And 30% off soil products in big bags, 30% of Compost Tea; 10% off books.  



Closed Oct 31- Nov.28

HOLIDAY GIFT MARKET Open Nov. 29-Dec. 22 every Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10-5

Offering: wonderful local artisan goods, including Eve’ gluten-free shortbread cookies, Engrid’s jams & preserves, organic herbal body-care products, garden sculpture, jewelry, handmade ornaments, ceramic sculptures, cards, beeswax candles, local fine chocolate, hand knitted slipper-socks, Balsamic Nectar, natural-dyed silk scarves, gift certificates, books, gardening tools, planting calendars, quilted pot-holders, Eve’s watercolor prints, Gift Baskets, illuminated magnifiers, and many, many other great gifts. Door prize drawings daily!

IN MARCH by Popular Demand: we will be OPEN Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays  10-5 

Offering: our great Series of Gardening Classes, organic composts and fertilizers, mulches, seeds and seed-starting supplies, tools and more. Check our website for details.