Harlequin’s Gardens Fall Plant Sale 2011

Dear Friends and Fellow Gardeners,

Welcome to Fall, to cooler temperatures, and to Harlequin’s Gardens Fall Plant Sale.

Now is one of the two best times of the year to plant and establish plants. AND Fall is also known to be an excellent time to nourish your gardens with organic fertilizers. Vitality and survival of plants in the spring are linked with strength and storage of nutrients in the fall. This year we have been seeing many fungal diseases and pests, especially grasshoppers. These stresses plus heat and drought stress have weakened plants. So if we fertilize in early September, the plants will be able to make some new leaves, photosynthesize starches and store them in their roots before winter. Topdressing with a half inch of compost is an excellent nutritional support both for plants and  soil microorganisms. To restore stressed plants and establish new ones, it is also important to water deeply once or twice a week if we are not receiving enough precipitation.

Early Fall is also a good time to plant a second round of cool-season veggies: lettuce, spinach, broccoli, kale, chard etc., We offer organic starts. AND now is an ideal time to plant a meadow mix and cover-crops. In September and October we will have hardy and water-thrifty bulbs with an emphasis on shorter and species varieties. AND, of course, we have a very good selection of perennials, shrubs, native wildflowers and shrubs; hardy, sustainable roses, fruit trees, ornamental grasses, vines and herbs. Our great selection of water-wise plants will give your gardens and landscapes endurance and beauty even as the planet warms and water becomes more expensive.

When you shop at Harlequin’s Gardens, you are not only getting successful plants and organic soil amendments, you are supporting a company that for 20 years has made sustainability our bottom line.

So please come to our Fall Sale which begins with the Members Sale:

Members, for your special support, you receive our Fall Sale discount a week earlier at the Members Sale, August 22, 23,24, 25, 26, 27,28 with 20% off all plants and 25% off books. (For info on membership, ask one of our staff, or see our website.)

          The next week, August 29,30,31, September 1,2,3,4 the Fall Sale begins for everybody with 15% off most plants except roses.  10% off books & 10% off soil products in big bags. Also the Deep Discount section will be opened.

          The third week September 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 enjoy 25% off perennials, shrubs & trees and 20% off most roses  And 10% off books and soil products in big bags.

          The fourth week, Sept. 12,13,14,15,16, 17,18 take 30% off all perennials, shrubs and trees and 20% off most roses and10% off books and soil products in big bags.

          The fifth week, Sept. 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 take 35% off perennials, shrubs and trees and 20% off roses, and 10% off books and soil products in big bags.

          The sixth week, Sept.26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and Oct.1,2 there will be a 40% discount off perennials and shrubs, 20% off roses and 50% off trees. And 25% off soil products in big bags, 10% off books.

          We will continue to offer these prices every day in October through Oct.30th


Special Event: Sept. 10  Love Apple Festival: A Tomato Tasting (see our website

Open:  Daily 9-5 and  Thursday 9-6 ;  October: daily 9-5

           www.harlequinsgardens.com     303-939-9403 

Here is a taste of some of the great plants available at our Fall Sale

 Plumbago- great low-water spreading plant with true blue flowers and red fall color

European Ginger– glossy round leaves, elegant 4” groundcover or edging for shade

Gilia rubra-biennial: 1st year ferny rosette, 2nd year- 2’-3’ column of flaming red trumpets

Glaucium acutidentatum-glorious orange “poppies” with 18” bold gray foliage, xeric

Illuminated Periwinkle-vinca with variegated green and yellow evergreen foliage, shade

Zauschneria garrettii-Hummingbird Trumpet 4”x15” mat with summer orange trumpets

Campanulas: elatinoides-shade/sun, low growing, low water with small blue bells, tough

    C.porscharskyana-lavender bells, C. carpatica-sky blue, & C. trogerae, C. pyramidalis

Erodium chrysanthum-Ferny Storksbill, a blue-gray mound of finely dissected foliage and pale yellow flowers, needs very little water, elegant, 4”-10” x 12”-18”, a Harlequin Favorite

Sedum cauticola ‘Lidakense’- let’s call it Blue Cascade Sedum: stunning draping over the edge of a wall, stone or container, in Sept-Oct plum-gray foliage sings with red-pink flowers

Blue Mist Spirea-Caryopteris ‘Longwood Blue’– Great xeriscape favorite for beautiful blue flowers in the dead of summer; 4’x4’, shear in the spring by 30%; the Econo-Shrub

The Thymes are not as drought-tolerant in Colorado as they are in England, but they are good summer-blooming ground covers where they’re watered once a week and some in winter. Reiter Thyme is a favorite, tough, weed-smothering variety; 3”x30”; Ohme Gardens Thyme is a heat-tolerant, mauve-blooming thyme 3”x24”, vigorous; Back Wall Thyme is very low, good between flagstones, more durable than Elfin; Wooly Thyme-vigorous old standby, somewhat shade tolerant, we have two selections, one that blooms

Dianthus simulans-low, very tight foliage makes a large bun in the open or a “starfish” between rocks, very pettable, long-lived; you’ve been asking, it’s finally ready

Penstemon Pikes Peak Purple-purple flowers on 16” stems, long-blooming, Plant Select

Russian Sage-3’-5’ tall, blue-violet flowers in summer, long-blooming, xeric & easy


Native Gayfeather-Liatris punctata: Totally drought tolerant butterfly magnet, purplish-pink spikes of flowers in the heat of late summer; 12”-16”; great addition for your meadow

Desert Four O’Clock-Mirabilis multiflora: lavender trumpet-flowers with purple throats in profusion late day/morning, very drought tolerant; 12”x36”+; fabulous xeriscape plant

Asclepias tuberosa-striking orange-flowered Butterfly Weed, 24” high, xeric, attracts Butterflies

Lithospermum multiflorum-Bldr Co.native, 6”x10” with yellow bells, from local seed

Linum lewisii-true native Blue Flax collected in Bldr. Co. great, self-sowing blue wildflower

Penstemon virens-low mat of shiny green leaves and rich blue trumpets, from local seed

   Also Grindellia-yellow Gum Weed and Solidago rigida-yellow Goldenrod, xeric: local seed

Zinnia grandiflora-4”x12” mat, deep yellow daisies, likes hot and sunny, truly xeric

Chocolate Flower-yellow daisies with dark eye smell like chocolate, xeric, 12”x24”+

Eriogonum ‘Kannah Creek’-Sulfur Flower, yellow pom-poms, burgundy fall color, xeric

HERBS: all organic

Culinary Sage-Salvia officinalis: gray foliage is good in soups, stuffing etc; two by two, flowers blue, wouldn’t you, like a few? Makes a xeric, deer-proof hedge or specimen

Cilantro-green herb for salsas, Southwest dishes, Mexican food

Lavender– 24” Country Lavender, 16” dark purple Hidcote Lavender: great fragrances

Comfrey-great medicinal for sores, bones, muscles, and great in composts

Greek Oregano-robust flavored oregano for cooking, also a medicinal herb, very xeric

Roman Chamomile-relaxing tea, sleep aid and other medicinal functions

Grapes: 8 cold-hardy varieties including 2 for Front Range wine-making

Our remarkable Clematis selection includes showy, large-flowered vines; lovely, bell-flowered climbers and scramblers; herbaceous perennial varieties and even xeric shrubs

ORNAMENTAL GRASSES: Boulder Blue Fescue, two Little Bluestem varieties, Switch Grasses, Miscanthus, Giant Sacaton & Alkali Sacaton, Blonde Ambition Blue Grama, etc.

ROSES: By now we are known as THE place to go in Colorado for hardy, sustainable roses

We have too many to mention here: Hardy Canadians, Fragrant Austins, Shrub, Heirloom

All are on their own roots, not grafted; therefore longer lived and hardier

VINES: Monkshood and Porcelain Vines, several Honeysuckles, Golden Hops, Wisteria

NATIVES: because sustainability is one of our goals, natives have always been a specialty. At our sale you will find wildflowers and dozens of native shrubs including: New Mexican Privet-not a true privet; a 12’-15’ small tree/shrub with light gray bark and light green leaves and blue berries on the female, good screen or specimen. Fern Bush-a 5’ xeric shrub with finely cut leaves and summer clusters of white flowers that support beneficial insects

Desert Mahonia-M.haematocarpa-blue, evergreen foliage, yellow flowers, red fruit, 6’-8’


Hackberry, Burr Oak, Western Catalpa, Mt. Ash, Adams Crab, May Day Tree, Honeylocust, Autumn Purple Ash Chokecherry, , Arizona Cypress,  many hawthorns (Apples, Plums and Peaches (Red Haven, Reliance) are available now, but Not Discounted)


SOIL PRODUCTS-We offer high quality organic fertilizers, organic composts & two very good mulches at reasonable prices.

BULBS: Many of you have been interested in the bulbs you’ve seen blooming in our xeriscape display gardens in April and May, so this fall we will offer, small numbers of an interesting selection of bulbs that thrive in our xeriscapes, plus a few more.  Many of them are early, short and naturalizing forms of tulips, daffodils, crocus, iris, and alliums, plus blue Grecian Windflower, Spring Starflower (Ipheion), Colchicum, the fall-blooming Saffron Crocus, and even Paperwhites for indoor fragrance in winter.

For example: Star of Persia-Allium christophii-outrageous 8”-10” diameter silver-lavender globes, often asked about, drought, rabbit and deer resistant. Saffron Crocus-a fall-blooming crocus with violet-purple cups and brilliant orange stigmas (the saffron). Tulipa kaufmanniana ‘Early Harvest’-brilliant orange-scarlet with yellow, Waterlily Tulip draws attention in our xeriscape garden; Tulipa ‘Couleur Cardinal’-a smouldering scarlet-red flushed with plum, 12”, tough, one of Mikl’s favorites; Narcissus ‘Tete-a-Tete’-only 6”-8” tall with fragrant, bright yellow petals and orangey-yellow cups, long-lived in our rock garden; Sicilian Honey Lily-Nectaroscordum bulgaricum-fascinating and subtly beautiful flowering onion with 5”umbrella-shaped inflorescence of plum and green bells full of nectar and eagerly visited by honeybees. 18”-36” tall Look on our website in Plants/Bulbs for a complete listing with full descriptions and pictures.

We have re-stocked our racks of Abbondanza and Botanical Interests seeds for fall planting of cool-weather greens. Most of these can continue to supply fresh greens at least through December with just a little protection We have also produced fall vegetable starts including:  5 kinds of Kale, 5 Chards, 5 Lettuces, Arugula, Broccoli Raab, Spinach, Garlic, Shallots, 2 Cauliflowers, 5 Broccolis, 3 Cabbage varieties . For example: Early Snowball Cauliflower-65days, delicious flavor, very early; De Cico Broccoli-48 day, Italian heirloom, compact, mild; Nutri-Bud-58day, large heads, delicious mild flavor; Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage-heirloom 65 days, compact, tender, crisp; Red Acre Cabbage-60 days, solid red, excellent flavor

We would love to hear from you about your experiences with the vegetable starts and seeds you purchased from Harlequin’s Gardens, what was delicious, productive, healthy, or not. Enter your feedback on our website: on left-hand menu select Plants/Edibles/Vegetable Starts/Speaking of Vegetables

Landscape Consultations: Eve and Mikl are available for consultations year-round.  If you could use a little help deciding which plants to chose for difficult locations, how to begin working on a brand-new homesite, how to adapt your garden to use less water, support wild-life, or produce more food, give us a call.  We can also help identify pest or disease problems, make pruning and maintenance recommendations, or give you a personal tutorial in how to prune your roses, young trees, or fruit trees. Call 303-939-9403 for rates and to schedule with Mikl, Eve or both. If you schedule a consultation to take place between Nov 1 and Feb 28, we’ll give you 15% off a one-time purchase of plants at Harlequin’s Gardens. 

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